Fun Friday: Photos

Photosharing is one of the killer apps of the Internet.

Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram have all been built on this one simple, but killer, feature.

So I figured we'd have some fun today and take advantage of a cool Disqus feature at the same time.

I will start out by sharing a photo that I took that I am proud of.

And then all of you can share a photo with me and everyone else in the comments. For those who aren't Disqus regulars, you do that by clicking on this button in the comment box.


Afse computer lab
This is the computer lab at The Academy For Software Engingeering, which opened yesterday. I was there to welcome the students and I was just so inspired when I walked into this room that I took out my Android and snapped this photo and posted it to Instagram, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Now I am posting it here.

#Photo of the Day