Feature Friday: Zemanta Thumbnails

At the tail end of yesterday's blog post was this set of related posts:

Zemanta thumbnails

A few folks asked me what was generating that set of links so I figured I would blog about it today.

I have used Zemanta's recommended links service on my blog for something like four or five years now. It works like a spell checker. As I write the post, Zemanta understands what I am writing about and recommends in text links (hyperlinks), related images to add to the post, and related links at the end of the post.

After using Zemanta for a while, USV became an investor and I joined the board in the summer of 2008. The company has grown a lot in the past four years and has turned into a nice business serving the content marketing community.

Sometime this summer, Zemanta added the ability to use thumbnails in the related links at the bottom of the post. I recently turned the feature on and that's why you are seeing these thumbnails from time to time at the end of the post.

If have a blog and want to use Zemanta, you can sign up here.

If you are wondering why linking out is a good thing, watch this video: