Feature Friday: Kickstarter Goes International

Lost in the crazy week that we are having in NYC is that fact that Kickstarter went international this past week. On Wednesday, Kickstarter announced that projects in the UK were now live on the site.

Folks from around the world have always been able to back Kickstarter projects, but until this week project creators had to be US residents. This is largely a payments issue, but there were a few other factors at work.

The good news is now that Kickstarter has gotten a payment system of its own live in the UK, it can more quickly roll out project creation status to other parts of the world. Payments is not something that you can do globally all at once. It is something you have to roll out country by country.

Here are a bunch of open projects from London. Maybe you'll find one to back. I backed this one because I'm a fan of time travel fiction.