MBA Mondays: The Revenue Model Hackpad, Take Two

So I messed up bigtime yesterday.  I created a "final version" of the revenue model hackpad and locked it down so hard that nobody could even see it. 

What happened is I am using a product, hackpad, that I don't really know how to use correctly. I am learning how to use it in real-time. Which is how I learn to use everything. Screw the manual. Just turn it on and get going. That can work, but it results in fails like we had yesterday. The truth is I still don't know exactly what I am doing with this product, but I am figuring it out.

The "final version" is now fully public but locked down for moderation. Whatever that means. I think it means is we can continue to edit this "final version" but I get to approve all edits.

Anyway, here's a link to the final version. There were some edits to the initial version yesterday that I like a lot. The transaction processing section was re-organized in a nice way. And a few more revenue models were listed. I will work to merge the two but don't have time to do that this morning.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has been working on this list. Crowdsourcing information is messy but together we have built something that is way better than I could do on my own.

#MBA Mondays