A Blog Post Written On The Mobile Web

That was a great discussion yesterday. It was everything that makes this blog and community so helpful to me.

Brandon’s comment which got up voted something like 100 times and is now permanently anchored at the top of the thread makes the excellent counterpoint that mobile is just a channel and suggests that desktop/web will remain the dominant UI for many things on the Internet.

I would like to challenge that notion mostly to think out of the box. Could and will mobile be good enough for everything we do on the web?

My gut tells me it will and I am trying to live a mobile first web second existence as much as possible to test that instinct.

I am writing this post in the chrome browser on my Nexus 4. It works fine for writing but as you can see hyperlinking is nearly impossible in typepad’s mobile web app. I would imagine WordPress has a native mobile app that works a lot better.

As Paul Graham says if you work in the startup world you should live in the future and see what is missing. I think that is great advice.