Headed Home

#Blogging On The Road

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  1. Donna Brewington White

    Have a great trip. Let us know if all the jet lag advice helps on this leg of the journey. Hopefully it will but if there is no riveting New Year’s Day post we will understand.

    1. fredwilson

      I’m going east and the flight is delayed almost three hours turning it into a classic red eye. That will help me a lot

  2. EmilSt

    Have a safe flight…

  3. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

    Cool picture … I took almost exact same view of an aircraft to show my 8-year old (then .. now 10 and had 2-flying experience) how an aircraft works and how people get in and out of it.btw, if you can… listen to “Country Roads” by John Denver … i do that all the time when i am headed home… at least twice…that song sounds really different in the heading home situation. Though the song is about west Virginia there is always something similar near our home as well….enjoy your flight back.

    1. jason wright

      to listen to John Denver when flying is to tempt fate, if one believes in fate.

    2. LE

      “Now wait a minute” – Try the “Toots & the Maytals” version of CR (available on itunes):http://www.youtube.com/watc

      1. raycote

        WOW!So good I had to listen to it numerous times !

    3. Wavelengths

      When I was in Ranau, Sabah, Borneo, the four Japanese golfing tourists fired up the karaoke in the hotel. They insisted that the americans get up and sing Country Roads. Wild applause.I use the term “hotel” loosely. Think six or eight rooms in a building by the side of the road, but each room had a balcony in the back that looked over a canyon into the jungle. Awesome.

  4. David Roman

    Safe trip home! I’m not going to lie Fred, due to the time difference I kind of enjoyed receiving your posts at these new times. I read every post but normally by the time I get to it the community for the most part is deeply immersed in the conversation, if the exchange hasn’t already ended– so it’s rare I contribute. But, as of late i’ve managed to catch them early and felt much more compelled to add to the discussion. It was nice. And I hope you don’t take offense to this– but I’m feeling kind of bittersweet this is coming to an end. I’m happy you’re coming back to NY– we need you here, but at the same time i’m bitter that I no longer will be able to contribute during peak engagement hours. Around what times do you see the most engagement? Maybe i’m making the wrong assumption…….

    1. LE

      Summary: You stay out late partying so change the post time.Actually you are correct and I agree with this. And there are also people in other time zones that are disadvantaged. I think there are probably many people that don’t contribute and that early posts have the most chance of getting commented or upvoted or end up being discussion changers.I think disqus could fix this possibly by floating comments to the top that aren’t either new by date (for that sort) or “best” by votes to at least give new comments later in the day a chance to be seen. Otherwise you are correct if you make a comment later it isn’t going to be seen by many people and discussed. I’m not sure what the default sort is on disqus. It might be “best”. Maybe the default should be “newest”. Maybe even create a box to display randomized comments at the top. (HN has a system where a new comment automatically appears at the top for a few minutes it seems so that others have a chance to see it before moving it further down the line by votes. This results in frequent “how can the top comment be …” by people who don’t realize this is happening.)By the way, you’d be a dead ringer for fidel in that avatar if you had a cigar and got rid of the glasses.

      1. David Roman

        Summary: the quality of my thoughts are much greater during late hours when i’m not easily distracted and am able to focus on my work and extract the most value from content consumption– so change the post time.LOL– obviously I don’t expect the post time to be changed, but some insight on the peak engagement time frames would be nice.I’m not so sure this is a problem that Disqus can solve– but is however worth considering. What you proposed would definitely help the matter but I’m sure their best bet to reach a viable solution would be to evaluate the data. It’s such a difficult problem to tackle while keeping in tact the quality of the comments and ultimately the integrity of the community.I wish I was a morning person– i’ve tried it and it didn’t work. Maybe one day it will, but I am not hopeful. Until I am, I will just continue to blame the internet for my inability to sustain such a lifestyle.When you’re 23 with such huge aspirations and incredible discipline– once your priorities are aligned, i’ve found time to party is non-existant. I function as if there will come a time for all of that, but that time isn’t now.I could add a cigar but if I got rid of the glasses I wouldn’t be able to see 🙂

  5. Mac

    Airport sushi? Never tried that. Nice looking facilities. Low 20’s on east coast this morning. Stay warm.

  6. scottythebody

    Safe flight!

  7. baba12

    That is the old Northwest Airlines 747-400. Cool, as the Immigration & Customs will say to you ” Welcome Home”…Have a wonderful 2013 and maybe I get to have a drink with you …

  8. Laurie Barlev

    Happy New Year. I hope the flight is not so bad.

  9. Richard

    The message of 2012 from 30,000 feet: innovation keeps the world young: Market Cap of Apple 658B, Market Cap of the Combined Equity Markets of Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal 617B.

  10. Luke Chamberlin

    You will get to celebrate New Year’s twice!

  11. ShanaC

    🙂 Two news years (though unfortunately, more jetlag)

    1. William Mougayar

      are you sure? I think they’re flying against the time zones. they left at 3pm local time and the flight is 12.5 hrs long.

  12. William Mougayar

    Good thing the flight back is a bit shorter than the outgoing one.Welcome home!

  13. raycote

    Speaking of Japanhttp://www.youtube.com/watc…

    1. raycote


      1. raycote

        oops squared!

  14. Wavelengths

    Happy New Year from Texas! Welcome back to the Wilson family, and the best wishes for this coming year to everyone in this great community!May our ongoing conversations continue to spark discussion and creativity, and may it all translate into better things for us and those around us, and the societies that we also affect.Best to all!