We quietly rolled something out on a few weeks ago and Brian (who led the effort to build it) announced it on yesterday.

It is a timeline view of all the initial investments we have made at USV since we started investing in the fall of 2004. It looks like this:

Timeline view

I would encourage you to click on this link and check it out because it is a highly interactive experience.

We built this because entrepreneurs really want to know things like "does USV do seed investments?" or "does USV still do ad:tech?". The answers to those questions are yes and no and you can see that live on You can also see what seed investments we have made and what ad:tech investment we have made. And much more.

I would also encourage you to read Brian's post where he explains how he and his colleagues built this:

Zach, our hacker-in-residence and I developed the timeline using an open-source project, TimelineJS. The theme view arranges our portfolio into six investment areas:Advertising technology, Developer tools, Education, Enterprise, Marketplaces, andSocial & Search. The stage view organizes our investments by the stage (Seed, Series A, Series B, or later) of our initial investment. We will continue to improve and update the timeline as we invest in more companies.


I am pleased that we have the talent inside of USV that can take open source projects, hack them a bit, and put up valuable tools on our website that make USV easier to understand. We are going to do more of this.

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