At the top of this blog, in the nav header, you will see "TV". This is new. When you click on it, you will go to This is also new. is a linear feed of videos that are pulled from AVC,, and my twitter feed and shown in reverse chronological order (from when I posted them). You can click on the play button and start watching/listening. They will keep playing until you've had enough. You can click on the arrows on the far left and far right to fast forward or rewind. If you move the mouse, the controls will come up from the bottom and you will get info on what is playing, where it came from, and what is next. is powered by At the bottom of the shelby homepage, it says "create your own TV network". If you want something like this for your .tv page, shelby can power yours too.

I would like to thank Reece, Dan, and the entire shelby team for building this. I've been mentoring the shelby team since they landed in techstars a couple years ago. I've hung out with them, the Gotham Gal and I have had dinner with them, and in general I've tried to help them when and how I can. They are an awesome group of people and I am proud to be hosting on their platform.

In a lot of ways, is continuing the tradition of (you get to that from the Radio link on the nav bar). was launched four or five years ago on the streampad technology built by Dan Kantor and sold to AOL. Sadly is borked and has been for the past week. I am trying to find a good replacement for streampad which seems broken and I can't get any response from AOL when I email them for help. If anyone has any good ideas for, I am all ears.


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  1. falicon

    Awesome – I have been a big fan of the Shelby team going all the way back to thier teamhomefield days…been fun to watch them execute and evolve πŸ™‚

    1. reece

      thanks Kevin!

  2. awaldstein

    Been a fan of Shelby since day 1 and was waiting for them to resurface.As usual, their presentation is hip, clean, beautiful.Smart play to wire stuff together with us all in the middle of our own worlds at our URLs.Do I define myself by what I watch and share it like a blog roll? Don’t know. Video sucks time to watch. It’s also hard to personalize.Love the idea, unsure of the market.

    1. reece

      thanks Arnoldvideo is does take time to consume, but it’s becoming more and more a part of our world, and a part of our online identitywe’re trying to make that consumption more efficient (watch all ‘your’ video in one place/in one session), then allow you to take that time spent and easily turn it into your .tv

      1. awaldstein

        As a personal cue, behaviorally makes sense.Video is a lean back experience. More and more, it’s a couch activity as more and more, I want to work, then relax.If you can make the cue creation, building, and sharing better, you will have a user here.

        1. reece

          noted. are you in the current private beta?if not, email [email protected] and we’ll hook it up

    2. bsoist

      >waiting for them to resurfacesame here.

  3. Avi Deitcher

    Very interesting. Different than the “broadcast yourself” model that Mogulus (now livestream) and its competitors touted.The hard part for me? Video is a linear experience: you essentially need to watch it 1 sec to get 1 sec of value out of it, 1 min to get 1 min, etc. Audio is the same, but can be in the background, e.g. I can listen to Steve Blank’s brilliant Secret History of Silicon Valley of an hour while working. Reading is a quick scan, and I can absorb a huge amount faster than video.Do people here have time to watch? I wish I did.

    1. JimHirshfield

      Agreed, watching is hard. I can’t even listen to an audio lecture or podcast and * truly* get anything else done; attention is not divisible.

      1. Avi Deitcher

        Funny, I always believed I was good at multitasking. And I still think I am, relatively, but with experience, I have realized that unitasking (is there such a word?) is so much better.When I go onsite at a client for a few days, I will often do gathering of data, interviews, brainstorm, and then lock myself in my hotel room for a day to focus on analysis and results.

        1. JamesHRH

          SIngle tasking. And Stanfrod researchers have proven that the perception of multitasking efficiency is exactly that – a perception.

        2. Donna Brewington White

          For some of us, I think it depends on the task.I half-joke that I may not always be able to multitask, but that I can multi-life.

      2. Donna Brewington White

        Accidentally hit “post” mid-comment so deleted and trying it again.

      3. Donna Brewington White

        I actually can listen and multitask, but watching is harder. But maybe your emphasis on *truly* is key. Maybe I’m not completing a task as well as I would with a more singular focus, but I find that I often have to combine listening to something with doing something else in order to make the time to do it.But then I was also the kid that could repeat back to the teacher everything he or she had said when I was caught talking in class during a lecture. I was a little snot at times.

        1. JimHirshfield

          Funny story.

    2. heuristocrat

      I think that is a big issue with video and audio. If there are powerful visual elements then a video makes sense. Otherwise it’s an inefficient way to get information. As an exercise a few years ago I took a two or three day conference, I think O’Reilly Web 2.0, and summarized every presentation with good fidelity in writing. You could “consume” the two or three days of information in an hour of reading. Of course there’s all the networking and all that but for content the video method can be tedious.

      1. Avi Deitcher

        Can you think of a term other than “linear” or “inefficient”? I have been struggling to define what that is, how audio and video are 1:1 and text is n:1.Reminds me of the last time I took analog tapes (audio and video) and digitized them. It had to run at 1:1; but the next transcoding I did ran at many multiples n:1.Maybe video and audio are “analog” consumption methods and text is “digital”? I should write about this…

        1. heuristocrat

          I think the analogy is probably a different one. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is parsing and pattern matching versus reading. Another space this occurs in is chess where a master sees the board and pieces in “chunks” and processes the information much differently than the brute force approach used by novice players like me.When I think about something like the old Sunday Times newspaper it would take a day to really read it and probably two days if you had to listen to someone read it. But you can scan it and absorb all the relevant information in an hour just by looking at headlines, first and last sentences of paragraphs and scanning the rest.As we get experienced we come to “know” what is said or written without actually listening or reading the content word for word. We are listening for something surprising or different.I don’t process quarterly earnings calls much anymore but we used to have to listen to them (about an hour) and then came transcripts which you could process in 10 minutes. You can skip all the boilerplate and pablum and look for anything new and take the measure of the Q&A.The brain works fast and needs to if there is any hope of keeping up with the torrent of information. There is something in that chunking, scanning and pattern matching approach though. It’s perhaps a start.

          1. Avi Deitcher

            So the language you would use is parallel vs serial? Reading an entire Sunday Times, watching a video, listening to audio, these are all serial activities, one bit at a time. Scanning, chunking, pattern matching are all parallel activities, allow you to absorb different kinds of information at the same time and relate them.Isn’t there some research I read that shows the brain to essentially be a massive parallel processing engine?

          2. heuristocrat

            The brain is parallel to be sure and content like talking and video is painfully linear. That’s why everyone has their laptops open and working at conferences.So parallel may be a good way to think about it. If the brain is using multiple processing methods on the information to process it then audio and video are just way to slow. It could also be thought of as free or associative access rather than sequential.That brings up one thing I do find useful with video is if there are slides and clips indexed to a transcript so I can navigate all three it delivers nice fidelity without compromising speed of processing. More to think about.

          3. Avi Deitcher

            Very good point. I like the transcript+video+slides together.

          4. Donna Brewington White

            Very interesting.

    3. reece

      i hear you Avi – video is a full bandwidth mediumbut that’s exactly why we’re building for its own experience. consuming a video in the middle of your Tumblr dashboard or Twitter feed is jarring… you’re scanning 140 characters and then suddenly have to stop to watch this one videoShelby is the place where all that video is collected for you – to watch when you’re ready

      1. Richard

        I always found video the be superior to audio for content. Video doesn’t mean you are glued to it like a movie but more like a baseball game where you listen for the time to watch.

      2. Avi Deitcher

        That is an interesting concept. You trade context for focus. You are 100% right: if I see video in the middle of a Twitter feed – or even a post here – I just ignore it, I have no time. If I could view it later, but somehow keep the context, that may be interesting.

        1. reece

          context is super importantour experience proves that people watch the stuff that their friends (or tastemakers) watchvideo is infinite. having context is the key to find signal among the noise

        2. bsoist

          >I just ignore it. I usually resort to that because it seems like too much work to fit it in when I can later.For a small subset of the videos shared by friends, I find myself saving them based on where/when I might want to watch them. A video of 8-15 min get slotted so I can watch during a quick lunch at home. A video I think my family might enjoy watching with me, I’ll queue up for evening watching with them.I do the same for audio clips shared by friends – short ones are for my early morning dog walking, longer ones for our afternoon walk.It’s too much work to keep in all in context.

          1. Avi Deitcher

            Yeah. If I could somehow be aware of a video as part of my reading, recognize that it might be interesting because of the context *and* the length, and then save it for later under that context, I might get closer to a 30% hit rate on actually watching, over the 3-5% I am doing now.

      3. Donna Brewington White

        “to watch when you’re ready”And that is of great value.

    4. Aaron Klein

      Unless you play audio on a 2x speed. It sounds like the chipmunks are talking to you, but it can work… πŸ˜‰

      1. Avi Deitcher

        LOL! Would that be Aaron and the Chipmunks? πŸ™‚

        1. Aaron Klein

          Works for me πŸ™‚

    5. Donna Brewington White

      I’m with you on the linear experience, which is one of the reasons that this product is great because I can now go back to those videos that Fred has shared that I didn’t have time to watch. I often go back later and find them when I finally have time and am always glad that I did, but it will be so much more convenient to have these as a collection.Do you ever just listen to a video in the background when the visual is not an essential feature?

      1. Avi Deitcher

        All the time!

  4. SΓ©rgio Rebelo

    I like the idea of repackaging the content we’re already producing such as curation of videos from different sources put into a one new publication like this new “.TV network”. I already loved the idea of by Voicebunny. It’s a way to get to new audiences with the same base content and effort.Services like ifttt, zapier, cloudwork and we-wired web already allow us to customize and repackage some things but I see more focused repackaging services coming in shortly making it even easier.

  5. Alex Bangash

    This is amazing Fred…Thank you so much. Now we can watch and listen to you. Soundcloud has a great version of Stanford talks…. It would be great to have your talks on soundcloud too.… has great music selection.

  6. Humberto

    love it. wonder if works in an Apple TV

    1. reece

      if you’re running Mountain Lion, you can mirror Shelby to your Apple TVour iPad app (when we release it) will also have a great mirroring mode for Apple TV, that we call “TouchPlay.” check out a demo here: term though, we think Apple will open up that ecosystem

      1. Humberto

        thanks! is your last name Pacheco? is that of portuguese origin?

        1. reece

          yupmother is direct from the AzoresDad’s family is from the mainland

          1. Humberto

            nice. there must great food on the table then! i was on the USA for a while, LA, Boston & NY, but had to come back. so much nicer in Portugal (Porto). bursting startup community in here!anyways, nice to see a portuguese startup CEO making news! will follow

  7. JimHirshfield

    .tv .fm .vc .com …..You’re the King of All Media! Wasn’t that Howard Stern’s moniker? Eat your heart out Howard, Fred’s got an HBO special coming up…uh, I mean a Netflix special coming soon.

    1. LE

      Stern is out of sight out of mind and no longer yields the influence that he did when was on the air for free. I hardly ever hear anything about him.

      1. JamesHRH

        his schtick is very, very, very, very, very tired.Once you make ‘your life & you’ the main content of a radio show, you run out of interesting things to say. Fast.

    2. fredwilson

      i don’t own i sometimes think about making a play for it. but i haven’t done that.

      1. JamesHRH

        That’ll be expensive – those guys will jack you up for sure.

      2. Fred Hutchison

        I own You could always change your last name…

      3. kidmercury

        can you buy it without them realizing you’re a successful venture capitalist and charging you accordingly? hopefully you got some broke ass friends you can use as agents here.personally i don’t think it is worth it unless you want the domain for fashion purposes. you dominate the search results for your name already.

        1. fredwilson

          that’s how i have been thinking about iti would not buy a domain these days without using LE. he’s the man!

          1. William Mougayar

            LE could even buy the ice domain for the Eskimos.

  8. jason wright

    shelby – never heard of ’ can never have too much of a good thingi sense that aol will now be in touch quite soon

    1. RichardF

      then you may hear about them again when they repurchase Shelby from AOL for a fraction of what they received at the “pay window”

      1. reece


  9. Tom Labus

    I like this idea a LOT. Possibilities are endless for the AVC community and your blog.

    1. Chris Kurdziel

      Tom, would love to hear from you and others here about what else you’re interested in seeing on the community front. I think there’s a ton of opportunity there – if TV was the hearth in the home of the last generation, I see the potential for an experience like this to be a “digital hearth” for the AVC community.

      1. Tom Labus

        guest posts, for days like that incredible occupy wall street Sunday, comments, stuff we haven’t even considered yet

        1. Chris Kurdziel

          Awesome – we believe there’s a ton of value in participatory content and commentary that comes from this community (and all communities around the internet). Right now Fred is the only curator, but finding a way to make this community an active participant in the video that shows up on is really important to us.

  10. RichardF

    I think I really like what they are doing but without signing up I’m not sure. That’s not to say I wouldn’t sign up just that it seems to be the “in vogue” thing to have a website without an open FAQ or explanation about what a service does or how the service works But then maybe I’m just too ‘old skool’

    1. reece

      haha nothing cool about it, just need to allow ourselves time to build and iterate properly before launching to the whole worldhappy to hook you up with an invite

      1. RichardF

        thanks Reece, I’d love an invite, it wasn’t a dig at all. Its just when I look at the home page of many new web services they don’t tell you what they do I think Twitter is a good example of this.

  11. kirklove

    Reece is a punk.(that’s a big compliment)

    1. reece

      punk and proud, buddy

    2. fredwilson

      bigtime compliment from kirk

  12. Mac

    Look out Google and Apple TV, here comes FredVision. As the FredMaster of the MBA Mondays School, you’re beginning to scale seamlessly. Nice work Reece. Excited to see all that is happening with Shelby.

    1. reece

      thanks Mac!

  13. Chris Kurdziel

    Fred, super excited to be powering this for you. Looking forward to hearing how the community here likes it and how we can make it even better for them. πŸ™‚

    1. fredwilson

      thanks for making it Chris

  14. William Mougayar

    We’re all publishers! Video is a great complement to the written word. Congrats to Reece on this re-purposed direction for Shelby. It makes a lot of sense.I’m going to be integrating it with my newly launched personal blog

    1. reece

      “We’re all publishers!” >> exactlythanks William. excited to get you on board as well!

    2. awaldstein

      Of course, that is not true ;)We can all be publishers, that’s the beauty and power of it all. The numbers that are, are significant.% of people online who blog/tweet/microblog. % of people who comment. Even % of people who do more than like on Facebook? Small.I’m with you but lately feeling that the coolaid of the web is the confusing the possibilities of democratic expression with the adoption of it as a mass market force.The power is there. The reality is there. But human nature breaks into leaders and followers, publishers and readers. That’s just how it is and how communities are layered.Biz models that ignore that or overemphasize the bounds of nature, run into walls at varying heights. Successful models embrace this and build on tiered expression as the norm.

      1. Dave Pinsen

        Good, nuanced response.

        1. awaldstein

          Thnx….I believe in niche. I’m a believer in Shelby as well. I just think that you can build a model that can indeed win by understanding the layers of social adoption and usage rather than a one size fits all.Almost no one gets everyone. Many get more than enough within a context that is coherent.

      2. andrewdever

        What about Instagram? Is the act of taking a photo and sharing it defined as publishing?Are there Instagram users who only follow and don’t ‘publish’ photos? Vice versa?It seems like on a platform like this every user is part publisher / part follower even though there exists different tiers of expression and engagement.

        1. awaldstein

          I’m with you on the power of the web, no question. Instagram is a great example.But to state that everyone is a publisher and a leader is not correct. If maybe 3% of those in the community comment, are all 100% publishers. No…but all are part of the community.

  15. Brandon Burns

    well done, team.

    1. reece

      thanks Brandon

  16. Patrick Campi


  17. John Best

    Nice work, Shelby team!

    1. reece


  18. rich caccappolo

    Exciting product, determined, hard-working team, and a great example of how a mentor can really help bring about success – congratulations to all

    1. Chris Kurdziel

      Thanks Rich

    2. reece

      thanks @rcaccappolo:disqus. really appreciate that. been too long.. hope all is well

    3. fredwilson

      i should not get any credit for their work. i have just helped them out a bit here and there.

      1. reece

        spoken like a true mentor

      2. ShanaC


  19. whitneymcn

    Pretty awesome — I’ve been playing with Shelby for a little while, and despite my not being a very video-focused person, it’s gotten me watching more. Reece and crew are doing nice work (though it seems like they’ve been slacking off at the climbing gym recently…).Regarding, seems like it should be possible to build something out using Tomahawk. The obvious answer is to recreate the Tumblr -> playlist functionality, but I wonder if there isn’t something else interesting to be done. Need to think a little.

    1. Chris Kurdziel

      Hey now – I’ve been climbing a little these days. ;)Really glad you’re liking Shelby and thanks for the complement, Whitney! Be on the lookout for more good stuff coming soon.

    2. whitneymcn

      Oh, also: looks like I’ve got three invitations for — if anyone wants one, just let me know.

    3. reece

      thanks @whitneymcn:disqusdef slacking in the climbing department…

  20. Anton Gaenko

    Fred, cool! we are working on using lean-back social networking too. But we provide seamless stream from videos and PICTURES. Everybody can watch his Facebook and Twitter news lean-back with us in rich TV-like format. (and i every day watch my Twitter on iPad and your news too :))Now on iPad only, what’s your opinion?Thanks!

  21. takingpitches

    Very nice team. I am a big fan of curation to build both real-time community stored value on a network. Seems like a pinterest of video and that you can also plug into other sites.

  22. Daniel Weisman

    Saw the Shelby team debut this at the NYTM last night. Great demo and a great product!

    1. Chris Kurdziel

      Thanks Daniel!

  23. LE

    “I am trying to find a good replacement for streampad which seems broken and I can’t get any response from AOL when I email them for help.”There is a business opportunity here: “can’t get any response from AOL”.Online companies, particularly those which offer free services, have a big problem in this area. It’s a total titanic situation. (Every man for himself).Our customers run into this with gmail when gmail blocks a particular IP address for receipt of email. Gmail is free and there is simply no way to get anyone’s attention if something goes wrong. You are stuck unless you have inside contacts. In the old days you would call the switchboard but that was with bricks and mortar companies it doesn’t work that way anymore with online companies.I think there is a business opportunity here.Some kind of monthly fee that people pay who use free services that acts as a choke point and filter to the free services practically non-existent help desks – more or less the CSR front end. The CSR front end is the conduit between the service user and the free service. It acts to help the end user stay happy by resolving their problems. [1][2]I haven’t done the napkin on what the monthly fee would be but intuitively this can work. All it takes is one bad aggravating situation for someone to see the value in paying a monthly fee to avoid future aggravation.[1] I’ve often wondered why the free services don’t have any paid support other than the traditional paid tier for their service. Even if it’s a “per occurrence” basis.[2] Obviously this service would have to have contracts with the free providers and be able to state the services that they help with in order to get customers with “more being added every day”. The benefits to the free service are clear so I don’t see that as a hard sales job.

    1. fredwilson

      i heard back from them as a result of this post. the customer support email hasn’t been replied to yet though.

  24. daryn

    Daryn’s tumblr music widget 2.0? Haha…Maybe Dan’s got an exfm widget though, or we can figure out where it is breaking right now and come up with a hackaround.

    1. reece

      yeah, we need to figure out somethingthe .fm was throwing errors at us all day yesterday that we had to work around

      1. daryn

        for some reason the player is trying the load all the URLs as relative, so it’s getting 404s.I didn’t look closely, but might be b/c the entire url string is encoded, so the browser isn’t seeing the ://……

        1. fredwilson

          daryn – do you think the problem in on streampad’s side or tumblr’s? the mp3s are in the tumblr rss feed

          1. reece

            Spinosa’s got some input here. he’ll be emailing you

          2. daryn

            hmm, don’t see my last response here. I thought it was streampad’s fault at first, but looking closer, I think it was a change w/ tumblr.Basically, the v1 tumblr api that streampad is using returns a block of html which is the embed code for their flash audio player. Streampad extracts the URL for the actual mp3 file from that. That URL appears to be URL-encoded now, where it wasn’t before. Didn’t break my old player, but I think that’s what’s breaking streampad. The v2 tumblr api returns the audio url as a separate variable now – really, that’s what streampad should be using.Not sure the license / legality, but technically it’s easy enough to hack the streampad javascript to fix this… :)proof of concept:

          3. Dan Spinosa

            What I had to hack around was this widget:…It redefines the native Array.prototype.push which causes issues.Who owns this? I’d love to get it fixed and happy to dive deeper technically: [email protected]

          4. daryn

            Interesting – that sounds like a different issue than what I saw. I have no ownership, just a stake that I like listening to Fred’s music πŸ™‚

          5. fredwilson

            i am dialoging with the aol folks now. i just shared your diagnosis with them daryn

          6. Dan Kantor

            Hey Fred, just catching up with this convo. Thanks for the shout out. Tumblr changed something small in their API last week causing this. We fixed the exfm player immediately. I wouldn’t hold my breath on AOL updating Streampad. You can grab the exfm player here (and have it spread across the whole bottom of your site like I have on my blog)

          7. Dan Kantor

            Just catching up to this now. Thanks for the shout out Fred. Tumblr changed something slightly in their API. We updated exfm immediately. I wouldn’t hold my breath on a Streampad fix from AOL. You can grab the exfm player here (and customize it to fit full bottom the way I have on my site)

          8. daryn

            The audio_url returned from the tumblr api looks fine to me (assuming that’s what Streampad is using).I don’t know for certain that things didn’t change on the tumblr side, but I’m pointing my finger at AOL.

  25. matthughes

    Very cool.Congratulations to the Shelby team.

    1. reece

      thanks Matt

  26. LE

    Reece – the site looks great I hadn’t been there in some time.How did you come up with the name “shelby”?

    1. reece

      Shelby = human. personal. easy to say. easy to spell. domain was available..oh and it’s a cool fuckin’ car, too…

      1. LE

        Suggest link or mention at bottom, saying that, like you just explained.”Why Shelby?” -> “human. personal. easy to say. easy to spell. domain was available. *”* oh and it’s a cool fuckin’ car, too.

        1. reece


  27. Joe Yevoli

    These guys are OK… I guess πŸ˜‰

    1. reece


      1. Joe Yevoli


    2. ShanaC

      ha. I still love the team homefield product though

      1. Joe Yevoli

        Thanks @ShanaC:disqus! We’re growing our team and advancing the product quickly. 2013 is gonna be a big year for!

    3. fredwilson


  28. Mark Essel

    Will definitely mess around with it, always enjoy checking out what Reece, Dan, Chris and the Shelby crew are cooking up. Only visited Cyberdyne HQ briefly but it had a high energy vibe.Signed up for the beta.

    1. reece

      thanks Mark! will get you in soon

  29. markslater

    good luck reece! – we share the same investors – hopefully we get to meet one day.

    1. reece

      nice! would be great to meet up sometime. Avalon is fantastic

      1. markslater

        i’ll be in NY next week . If you are around and wanna grab a coffee – just ping me at mark at ping up dot com

  30. David Semeria

    This is a cool idea Fred.BTW, you may want to add the video of your Milan talk over Skype.Here’s the link:

    1. fredwilson

      i have that in my queue for video of the week

  31. Pete Griffiths

    Very cool.

  32. Richard

    Very cool. Love it.I’d consider seriously consider decluttering the UI though.

    1. reece

      fair feedback. thanks

  33. ShanaC

    A) Congrats Reece!While I get why I would want my own personal tv station, why would I want another avenue to share it? Am I missing something?

    1. reece

      thanks Shanasome people just love to share. love to curate. love to creatively mix up different content… it’s fun to see

  34. LE

    I find myself sometimes sharing things on AVC video wise that I like.What I’d like to see is a way if I were to setup a channel on shelby that I can have a pop over and can put exactly what I like about the video or some notes and reason why I think it’s worth watching.Integrating disqus comments would also help so people could give their opinion or thoughts on the video.Attached is something recently as an example.By the way perfect execution @falicon on (I think) a comment that I made as far as default search being modified to show other options since the default it to not search comments.

    1. reece

      you can add a comment when you ‘roll’ a video on Shelby. pretty straightforwardwe had a commenting system (our own) but kiled it as we felt it distracted from the videoemail [email protected] and i can invite you to see for yourself

      1. Donna Brewington White

        I love that there is an [email protected]. BTW, congrats Reece and team. A picture is worth a thousand words — it wasn’t until I actually went over to the page that I began to understand the exciting possibilities that this opens up.

        1. reece


    2. falicon

      Thanks and +100 πŸ˜€

  35. Abdallah Al-Hakim

    Not to sound naive but how is that different from having a YouTube channel. What are the advantages of Shelby tv when compared to YouTube or vimeo

    1. reece

      totally fair questionShelby is:== cross platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, DailyMotion, Blip…)== focused on the content you curate (not trying to walk you around to other videos/channels etc)== plays with data a little differently (we’ve built what we call the ‘social video graph’ which is a recommendation engine designed with explicit sharing actions in mind)== focused on curators and tools for curators to deliver a TV experience across mult screens== better overall UX for videoand overall, we think the fragmentation of video players is a good thing. we’re trying to embrace that

      1. Abdallah Al-Hakim

        Thanks for the answer. Are most of your users consumers or do you have some b2b users as well. By the way, the website looks nice.

        1. reece

          thankswe’re in a private beta, so it’s pretty locked down but mostly consumerpotential for us b2b and/or b2b2c eventually

          1. Donna Brewington White

            So, if I had a website where I offered information and education on recruiting, could I have a page (named something else) to provide a collection of videos that the user could access? Is this the type of use that fits into your model?

          2. reece

            totally… you’d curate it on Shelby and you’d then have to link to, and eventually an embeddable player that you could put on your site need an invite?

          3. Donna Brewington White

            Thanks Reece. I haven’t yet built this particular site (actually part of a product that I’m dreaming up) but it occurs to me that I could begin collecting videos at any time that I could in the meantime reference from my blog, Tumblr, etc. with a link.[email deleted subsequently]Thanks!

          4. reece

            yup… your could be a great way to bootstrap content in the early days

          5. Donna Brewington White

            Got it. Thanks, Reece. I’m using donnawhite as a user name. Can the user name be changed later to match the name of the site I am linking it to — which would be the same as the product name? No worries if not.

  36. NYC Events

    Smart move & great choice.NYC Activities

  37. Complex Media




  39. Donna Brewington White

    Useful, beautiful product and even more meaningful because I’ve often been inspired by the reflections and lessons learned that @reecepacheco:disqus has shared while building the team and the product.I’ve looked at a couple of pages and didn’t know exactly where to start. For instance, I didn’t know why the larger, more prominent video is in that position. Seems like it would be helpful to have some sort of explanation or guideline to help the user navigate. Just a thought. Or maybe this shows that I am not a net native. πŸ˜‰ My kids would probably be fine with the UI just as it is.

  40. John Revay – I always liked the branding – the avatar w/ the antenna w / the radio signal. Maybe for the FW.TV you will need a new avatar

  41. pointsnfigures

    I think I’d like this site better if they added a feature where I could use it to search for vids from all over the internet and then embed them back into my blog. If that feature is there, it’s hard to find.

    1. Chris Kurdziel

      Shelby does have search functionality at (though we don’t embed it onto sites like If you’re interested in being a curator and/or a site like Fred has, please hit me up at chris [at] shelby [dot] tv

  42. Guest

    @fredwilson:disqus Really enjoyed the talk with Startup Milan. The support you show for entrepreneurs is motivating.

  43. Andrew

    Four days late, but here’s an alternative to Streampad. You can start up a secondary exfm account, and then put a widget on the page that plays songs “loved” by the account. Then just go through every once in a while and love the songs you post using the exfm account. Not as elegant and easy as the Streampad option, I know… I’m still hoping exfm replicates the way Streampad works.

    1. fredwilson

      i am thinking about moving to ex.fmthe same person built both of them, Dan Kantor

  44. reece

    thanks @ccrystle:disqus!

  45. ShanaC

    i thought i caught that