Peer Progress and Regulation 2.0

As some of you know, we have had an activist in residence at USV for the past year. His name is Nick Grossman and he has helped us to understand the public policy implications of the rise of networks that we are so actively investing in. The idea of a VC firm having an activist in residence has also produced outrage among those who dismiss the power of peer networks in our society.

One of the topics we have been thinking about and working on with Nick is the idea of regulation 2.0, a lighter weight regulatory paradigm than what we currently have. On thursday, Nick went down to Princeton and gave a talk about Regulation 2.0. His blog post with a video of his talk is here.

I think the slides will give you a good sense of what we are thinking about under the Regulation 2.0 framework.

I am excited about the possibilites of a more transparent world with less permission seeking and more innovation.