The Sequester

This won't be a long post because I'm still not feeling 100%. But I thought I'd share some quick thoughts on the sequester:

1) it is not the most elegant way to make cuts and does feel a bit like taking a sledgehammer to government instead of a knife

2) but cut we must and i'd rather see any cuts than no cuts

3) the defense budget in this country is way too large and full of pork. it is about time we started to cut defense spending. let's hope the pentagon does it intelligently. i think they will.

4) the cuts don't touch entitlements which are our biggest problem. until we tackle them, we won't get anywhere near a balanced budget.

5) i really like the GOP's standing tough here. it earns them a lot of points with me.

6) Obama is acting like chicken little running around the country claiming the sky is falling. he doesn't need to earn points with me or anyone anymore. he's done running for office. it is time to start leading instead of stirring up fear.

In summary, I very much like that we are raising revenues and cutting spending. We have to. Sure it will impact the economy. It's going to at some point. Might as well start taking our medicine now.