Bitcoin Bits

Bitcoin has been stable for the past few months after its big spike and fall in early April:

Bitcoin chart

Meanwhile Gold (yesterday's Bitcoin) is falling and has been for a few months:

Gold chart

That was a bit of a joke about "yesterday's bitcoin" and probably wishful thinking on my part but I can't help but think there is a bit of a sea change going on in investors minds out there.

On Monday afternoon, I attended the weekly Bitcoin meetup in "Satoshi Square" which is next to the Abe Lincoln statue in the north side of NYC's Union Square Park. Here's a photo of Charlie Shrem coming to greet me as I arrived.

Charlie at satoshi square

It is truly an "open air market". Folks were buying and selling Bitcoin for cash. You'd hand someone the cash and they would take out their phone and send you the Bitcoin in a mobile wallet to mobile wallet transaction. I also bought a Bitcoin t-shirt using Bitcoin sent from my mobile wallet.

I left the t-shirt draped over a chair in my office and Brian captured the moment on Instagram

Bitcoin tshirt

There is something real and tangible about an open air market where the only currency allowed is Bitcoin. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more about Bitcoin to attend this meetup. It's every Monday from 5-7 pm at Abe Lincoln statue at the north end of Union Square Park.

It is still very early days for Bitcoin and digital currency in general but I like what I am seeing. I think this could be very real.

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