Blip Enhance For The Internet

I keep thinking back to this comment left on AVC by Mike Nolan a few weeks ago:

How about Blip Enhance – a small piece of code that continuously sends false privacy data to Google…

Early naval combat in the post RADAR world took two approaches.
Minimize your return signal to the enemy, or exaggerate it. The first
proved to be a fool’s errand – as each side gets better at trying to
remain invisible, the other side gets better at detecting your

The second technology used to defeat enemy radar was to return a
bigger radar signature to the enemy…Blip Enhance – fool the enemy
radar into thinking you were much larger, and much more complex than you
really were.

Someone should release Blip Enhance technology for everyone on
the internet. Imagine everyone’s browsing history containing thousands
of random sessions. Cookies indicating a million online purchases. Tens
of thousands of Facebook posts, tweets and relationships.

In the confusion, no data can be trusted.