The Three Letter Domain

As we were debating in our monday meeting yesterday about our brand, USV vs Union Square Ventures, I made the point that our URL is our brand and we use

I am a fan of the three letter domain. Two is too short for me. Four is too long for me. I like three.I feel the same way about kids, but I do digress.

My mind started to wander in our monday meeting and I started thinking about how many three letter .com domains there are. I thought 26^3 = 17,576. But what I missed what that you can't repeat, so the correct answer is 15,600.

In either case, there are a finite and relatively small number of three letter .com domains. And I own one of them ( and our firm owns one of them (

The story behind is about a team member taking initiative and doing an amazing thing without being asked to. Eric Friedman worked at USV for a few years at the tail end of the last decade. One monday he came in and told us that he had bought over the weekend for $10k. He didn't ask permission, he just did it. We were ecstatic and thought it was a steal. And it was. I have thanked Eric for that a few times, but I feel like thanking him again. Thanks Eric.

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