Withings Scale

As I've gotten into my 50s, something has occurred that has never been an issue for me, I've put on some weight. Nothing earth shattering but enough to get me focused on my weight for the first time ever.

So in the spirit of "you can't manage what you can't measure", I decided to get a scale. And because my friend Naveen is such a fan of the Withings scale, I went for that.

The Withings scale is a thing of beauty. It is sleek and looks great in my closet.

The scale measures your weight, body fat %, pulse rate, temperature, and CO2 levels in your home.

It connects to the wifi in your home and communicates with the Withings app on your iPhone and Android. You never have to connect anything to anything. The data flows over the air from scale to phone. The app provides a timeline of your key stats and gives you goal settings for them.

It's geek and chic at the same time. I'm into it and thought that some of you might be as well. Like most things, it is available at Amazon.

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  1. John Frankel

    Been using one for years. Great to get the data (as with Nike+) and see what is going on.

  2. awaldstein

    I’m ordering one this morning. Very cool. Thanks!I approached this issue not only by paying attention and measuring (aka having a scale) but by totally rethinking diet, nutrition and exercise.We dug deep into nutrition and adopted a green and raw infusion into our lives. Lianna started her company around it. Pimping it a little (www.lulitonix.com) as market fit is most definitely there. And it so works.I know this post will go deep into monitoring and measurement. My nudge is that measuring means little unless you adjust your exercise and nutrition.We measure and iterate our companies. We should do the same with our bodies and our lives.

    1. fredwilson

      The Gotham Gal asserts that cutting out wine from my diet is the answer

      1. awaldstein

        Glad to have a bottle of wine with the two of you and argue that back;)In fact a bottle of no additives, no sulfur added, low alcohol and just amazing bottle of natural wine might be the proper one to set the scene.

        1. Donna Brewington White

          I’m in. I’ll walk there and back to make up for the calories.(not walk from LA to NYC mind you)

          1. CJ

            I was just thinking…Donna must really want that bottle of wine. LOL

          2. Donna Brewington White

            Well wine is always better with @awaldstein:disqus around. He’s got a gift.

          3. Aaron Klein

            This is true!

        2. fredwilson

          i agree. i’ve dropped six pounds in three days by just cutting out carbs. still drinking a glass of wine with dinner.

          1. JamesHRH

            Carbs are the enemy.

          2. awaldstein

            Wheat is the enemy more than carbs per se. Quinoa is a carb technically (think) buy way better for you and higher in protein.

          3. ShanaC

            it is a carb of sorts, it is a low carb carb

          4. awaldstein

            Agree. Too much of Quinoa is just too much as well but it is much healthier for you.

          5. LE

            “i agree. i’ve dropped six pounds in three days”My uncle used to say “with or without” (I’ll leave it up to you to figure that one out).Anyway your weight loss is to fast. The idea is to slowly cut back so your body acclimates and find a new set point (journal of what has worked for me all these years and what I have seen not work in other people).

          6. Pete Griffiths

            6 pounds in 3 days is a trick shot.

          7. CJ

            It’s water weight. Storing sugar takes a lot more water than storing fat. As you reduce your sugar intake your body converts its sugar stores back to energy and in the process you excrete the water that was used to store it. Because of this you can lose a lot of weight fast by reducing carbs.However as those stores are depleted and your body starts to burn fat for energy you don’t lose the weight as fast because fat takes considerably less water for the body to store it.

      2. CJ

        Less bread and/or sugar would probably do it. Or maybe more fat/protein so you eat less because you’re full more often.

        1. awaldstein

          That will help but you need to think not what you are cutting out but what you are doing to change how you eat.

          1. CJ

            True, it’s always a combined effort. Paleo is a good example of this. Even though the name causes a crapload of controversy, it really does encourage you to eat well by removing some things and adding others.

          2. awaldstein

            Yup…Paleo and what Lulitonix is about are very compatible. Certain exercise philosophies that have adopted Paleo will be adopting ours as well.

      3. William Mougayar

        Nooooooo. Don’t cut the wine. Cut the bread.

        1. awaldstein

          Cut out wheat and all allergenic products is a more precise approach.

          1. William Mougayar

            Ok. We can finesse this of course. – If you really want to burn most of what you eat, having 5 smaller portions per day instead of 3 is technically the better way. Some athletes do it. – stop eating before you are full. There’s a 20 min delay between your brain telling you you’re full & reality – count the calories at the end of the day & set a limit – don’t deprive yourself of anything. rather, have smaller portions that satisfy you.

          2. awaldstein

            Whatever works for each person is great.For myself, I’m living what Lianna sells.With a weekend of all family festivities coming, for the next two days I”m doing just blended greens during the day (3-4 16 oz bottles with approx 150 cal per bottle) and a non allergenic dinner. And since greens give you energy, I’ll do a short interval training every day as well.I’ll feel better. I’ll drop 2-3 pounds prob.As long as you are doing something that works, it is all goodness.

          3. William Mougayar

            I love the smoothie recipes from Lianna’s site. Unfortunately I only do them on the week-end.I lose some of the calories cutting stuff up to put in the smoothie. Side benefit πŸ™‚

          4. awaldstein

            Blended greens are now the category.It’s working. Merchandising via tshirts is in trial now.

          5. William Mougayar

            Is it correct that the blending improves the absorption into the body, as opposed to chewing?

          6. awaldstein

            This is a bit out of my pay grade honestly.Technically you should chew your greens.But blending of course brings the fiber but allows you to really create a product with taste, with mouthfeel, with layered flavors (sounds like wine!) without adding fruit sugars and calories.We should have the raw discussion some time and the controversy around the HPP process that many raw companies are doing (and LuLi is not) to extend shelf life (and kill the enzymes as a result) in the food.

          7. Richard

            What data do you have on HPP?

          8. awaldstein

            There is almost no information. All controversy.Most everyone does it. LuLi does not.It is BS to think that you can take a raw green beverage that is good for 4 days, magically pressurize it and it is good for 21-26 days without impacting the enzymes.Everyone does it cause you can’t be in distribution w/o it obviously.And as well, beside the health factor, green beverages do not taste the same 7 days out as they do 3-5. That’s a fact.People are choosing LuLi because it tastes better and is healthier. That is the business she wants.

          9. Dave Pinsen

            Maybe you can license the recipes/methods and have Whole Foods make branded LuLi smoothies on the spot around the country?

          10. awaldstein

            Not our model Dave.

          11. CJ

            The problem is that certain foods spike your blood sugar and cause you to be hungry not long after eating them, especially with our typical American way of eating.So, in order for smaller portion sizes to work, you have the change the composition of your diet towards fats, proteins, and veggies and away from carbs like breads, potatoes, and sweets.

          12. awaldstein

            Really well said.

          13. Donna Brewington White

            I’ve found that starting the day with protein helps.Omelette w/spinach & mushrooms FTW

          14. ShanaC

            or frittata – and yes it helps to some degree

          15. awaldstein

            Your body and x and your body post 50. Completely different Shana I can guarantee that.

          16. ShanaC

            i’m not even close to that age yet πŸ™‚

          17. CJ

            Totally. I start, middle, and end the day with fat and protein. πŸ™‚

          18. Dale Allyn

            Very true, Malcolm. I do precisely this, but also limit my fat intake somewhat. We need some fat, but the typical American diet can be excessive in it (at least for me). I prefer a lot of vegetables and rather lean protein.

          19. WA


          20. Elia Freedman

            I like this, although still ridiculously hard to do.

          21. Dale Allyn

            This process works for me, William. I don’t count calories, but I’m mindful of them. I am careful about fat intake (don’t like it much anyway), and also limit my carbs, simply by choice of menu. But small meals throughout the day is great for me.

          22. CJ

            I seek out fat for flavor and for the filling feeling. πŸ™‚ I am cognizant of WHICH fats I eat though.

          23. Dale Allyn

            Yes, understanding fats and what they contribute (good and bad) is worthwhile.

          24. ShanaC

            we’ve evolved to eat grain, and milk (i definitely have 0 bread or milk problems and feel fine eating them)

          25. awaldstein

            Whatever works, works.How I feel combined with a bunch of vital signs is what I use. Don’t need an app, just a lifestyle that works.

          26. CJ

            For me it’s not at all about evolution and more about keeping my blood sugar levels as steady as possible to reduce hunger and provide a steady supply of energy. Carbs cause a spike in blood sugar and the corresponding insulin response so after you eat you’re hungry again pretty quickly. That same reaction is also responsible for the sugar crash you get after eating a candy bar.

          27. fredwilson


          28. ShanaC

            Depends on the carbs – true of white flours, less true with whole grains.The problem is refinement. The more processed generally the less happy you will be.I’m the process of switching my bf over to eat more like me – already he’s lost a pants sizeWhy else would I be going nuts to find a whole wheat pate brisee (savory butter pie dough)

          29. CJ

            While I’ve seen that whole wheat is less bad than refined, especially in terms of nutrition. I haven’t seen much that indicates less of a impact on blood sugar spikes since the carbs still convert easily to energy for storage. I’ll look into it, could change the way I do things.

          30. LE

            “the corresponding insulin response so after you eat you’re hungry again pretty quickly”Agree. But would add that the amount of sleep someone gets also factors into this response. Also other factors such as your engagement in whatever you are doing currently which can override that reaction.

          31. Matt A. Myers

            Most people really haven’t … have you tried not eating those ever for a prolonged period?

          32. ShanaC

            Yes to the dairy and eggs, no to the wheat.I was forced when I was younger to give up all dairy, red meat, and eggs as when I started to go through puberty, my cholesterol spiked to over 200.* I was a normal teen weight (a little chubby, not a lot) though I didn’t exercise a lot beyond walking about 2 miles from school on a regular basis home. I would be eating dairy about once every 6 months and I ended up having the nickname the rabbit through middle school since I kept bringing in whole leafs of lettuce and carrot sticks since I wasn’t allowed to eat many things.My weight did not drop as I was still relatively low on protein.Dropping my wheat intake as I got older did help/switching to whole grains did help me drop weight – that being said if I cut it out completely I ended up being only slightly less bitchy as I used to be in college an hour after eating a pint of icecream for dinner. πŸ™‚

          33. Matt A. Myers

            You might have other allergies or sensitivities that you could explore causing irritation to your body/mind/nervous system.You might be addicted to wheat too – which you’ll go through a withdrawl period (being bitchy) too. Could be addicted to sugar too – most of us are..

          34. ShanaC

            conceptually that is weird-how do you get addicted to wheat?and no – it is overall low blood sugar. I seem to process sugar relatively quickly from an in the blood stream pov – too little and I just get noticeably cranky and my friends tend to try feeding me

          35. Matt A. Myers

            For estimated 20% of the population, the brain uses wheat like a morphine-like substance. The book Wheat Belly talks about it I believe.Sugar can sometimes act as distraction from feeling and/or help as a comfort relating to undealt with emotional issues – something interesting, and to think about – and so if sugar is low, then the feelings start to surface. It could be a number of other things, though that’s why I go on sugar binges at time – why a lot of people binge on food in general, stress, and other emotions.

          36. LE

            I believe this is known as “emotional eating”:http://www.webmd.com/diet/f…Highlights:”Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger,” says Jane Jakubczak, a registered dietitian at the University of Maryland. “Instead of the physical symptom of hunger initiating the eating,an emotion triggers the eating.”1. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly; physical hunger occurs gradually.2. When you are eating to fill a void that isn’t related to an empty stomach, you crave a specific food, such as pizza or ice cream, and only that food will meet your need. When you eat because you are actually hungry, you’re open to options.3. Emotional hunger feels like it needs to be satisfied instantly with the food you crave; physical hunger can wait.4. Even when you are full, if you’re eating to satisfy an emotional need, you’re more likely to keep eating. When you’re eating because you’re hungry, you’re more likely to stop when you’re full.5. Emotional eating can leave behind feelings of guilt; eating when you are physically hungry does not.

          37. Matt A. Myers

            I want to eat boxes of cookies right now. I probably haven’t eaten enough, and I’m in a bad mood.

          38. LE

            Matt, I’ve mentioned this before. I want you to “flip” the reward system. I want you to not eat the cookies and then I want you to look back on the accomplishment of doing that. You will get a reward that will in the end make you feel better without all the guilt.Same as when you do yoga or any difficult thing. Keep it up it works. You get the pleasure from not eating.By the way there should be no boxes. If you need to eat something only portion controlled things are acceptable. A box even challenges my super duper extraordinary will power. Portion control makes it so much easier.

          39. Matt A. Myers

            You win today / tonight – but tomorrow is a new day …..

          40. Matt A. Myers

            I apologized to an automatic door this morning for bumping into it with my umbrella. I am going to attribute that to not enough sugar for my brain to use…Trying to let praise myself / feel rewarded for not buying or eating any cookies last night. πŸ™‚ Thanks for jumping in

          41. LE

            Keep in mind that the next step is not total denial. Try to take a portion of what you ate before and limit yourself to that. It doesn’t have to be do it or fall off the wagon every time.In more advanced theory I also have what I call “the promise”.With that what you do is instead of eating the cookies NOW you simply tell yourself that you will wait a bit and see if you still want the cookies later. (That works really well with dessert by the way). Many times later you find that you don’t want the cookies.In any case what’s important is not to do extremes my feeling is that’s where people end up failing on stuff like this.

          42. Matt A. Myers

            I ate the warmed wheat-free spelt-flour blueberry pie that I ordered after a delicious haddock. I told myself beforehand that I would – mostly as a treat for getting to a yoga class, which I hadn’t been to in ~5 days prior.I have used “the promise” before – it works, it takes mental focus and concentration – can lead to decision fatigue though I find, well, if I’m not resting enough – working myself too hard, but I do that.Those are two simple ideas to follow – “flip” the reward and “the promise.”

          43. CJ

            Sugar addiction is fucking real and most people aren’t aware. There is 3 day minimum withdrawal period after eliminating sugar where the carb cravings kick your ass. My first time through it lasted almost a week. Crazy.

          44. Matt A. Myers

            Yup … so I just keep consuming it … for now anyway.

          45. Matt A. Myers

            I think this is why fasting evolved in different religions / cultures.

          46. Donna Brewington White

            So true, Malcolm. I didn’t let my kids have sugar added to anything until they were two in the hope that it would lessen their chance of addiction. Not sure it worked. But as the child of two adult onset Type 2 diabetics I am so on top of this.And it is hard because I love sweets. Especially cake. Ah, cake.

          47. Donna Brewington White

            @mlloyd:disqus — speaking of which, I read somewhere in the comments about birthday cake (birthday cake is the best) — Happy (belated) Birthday!

          48. Matt A. Myers

            I wish we could be better buds. I don’t drink wine. But I like to eat well… I need to move to NYC. I wish it wasn’t so expensive though – just can’t afford that until startup has capital, and even then NYC doesn’t necessarily make sense for costs — though probably more developer talent / bigger pool size – I could be mistaken though with competition existing.

          49. awaldstein

            Buds we are Matt.This lamenting of ‘wish I could’ falls hard. You are young and smart, do what you want. Time waits not a all!

          50. LE

            Agree. Interesting we both grew up in an era (you are a bit older though) where the sphere of influence was quite small. Today young people have wisdom, information and advice coming from every angle.That said only some of them will act on it. Others will just remain in podunk so they can keep close to their family and go to a barbecue a couple of times per year. There is absolutely no problem with that of course. But then don’t complain and wonder years later why your life is what it is.To me the benefit of being in NYC wouldn’t be developers which are in short supply but in the associations and contacts that you can make.

          51. Matt A. Myers

            There are a lot of negatives to it too, in part is why I hope I can somehow pull off having two work locations. I’m a dreamer.

          52. Donna Brewington White

            I’m aiming for something like that as well. Being bi-coastal (or partially bi-coastal) is very appealing and my kids are at the age where they could benefit from this.

          53. Cam MacRae

            We have something like that except over 3 continents. You need to manage it well or you’ll end up “visiting” your husband. I have to confess we’ve got one foot in that trap.

          54. Donna Brewington White

            Three continents, wow. Hopefully, by seeing the potential problem you have time/insight to address it?I take the caution to heart and think we could manage it — we just had our 20th so have hit a stride. Although, should it worry me that my husband actually likes the idea?

          55. Cam MacRae

            It’s a very good idea. Work is usually portable, so why not?!

          56. Matt A. Myers

            I want an excuse to travel too..

          57. awaldstein

            Be in NYC cause you love it.Be in NYC cause it is the best sandbox on the planet for building solutions that are at the intersection of mobile and dense communities of people.

          58. LE

            But doesn’t that sandbox density perhaps skew perspective for what works with “normals”, people in fly over country or even where I live and work? In the same way college students tend to think of everything as “my friends and socialization” as opposed to what happens when you are out of that mode?I mean if you develop a product that works on a college campus there are plenty of college campuses to expand to. But NYC is unique (perhaps also LA maybe same way in some respects.)Foursquare is an example. Where I’m at (outside of Philly in a nice community) slim picking, no critical mass. Even in zip 19106 (old city) not much going on. Not NYC density.

          59. awaldstein

            Build for your market is as old as true a statement as there is.

          60. Pete Griffiths

            “normals” ?Are there really such people?

          61. Matt A. Myers

            I’m just being a lonely entrepreneur today, it seems. Un-fun day.

          62. Richard

            Im looking for no alcohol or very low alcoholic table wine.

          63. awaldstein

            Generally natural wines are lower in alcohol as they don’t add sugar.The mass market and climate change are both equally increasing the alcohol level in wines generally:Alcohol rising… http://awe.sm/s1nEvIn NYC there are many places to get great, natural and low alcohol wines.

      4. btrautsc

        Only a Sith deals in absolutes…

      5. John Revay

        ……well known Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson said,β€œThe three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.”

        1. fredwilson

          what people don’t realize is i did not say that. i ganked that quote from Nassim Taleb for a talk I gave and attributed it to him in the talk and slides. but ever since it is attributed to me. it should not be.http://www.goodreads.com/qu

          1. takingpitches

            another great talebism -β€œTo bankrupt a fool, give him information.”

          2. William Mougayar

            He’s big on no-carbs, but he will devour a Tiramisu. For some things, you have to give in.Put a freshly made tarte tatin in front of me and i might eat all of it.

          3. ShanaC

            You and a lot of people (I devoured half a pie over the weekend – at least I made it πŸ™‚ )

          4. William Mougayar

            apple tarts are my weakness. (not pies, but Tarts)

          5. ShanaC

            i make many many baked goods, and come fall, there shall be tart tartin in my house (will vanilla tea in it, ala the mariage freres in house recipe)And you are welcome to share if you are around πŸ™‚

          6. William Mougayar

            Nice…send me a pic at least. thank you. what types of apples do u use.

          7. ShanaC

            haven’t done it yet – i’m probably going to do a mashup up dorie greensxpan’s recipe and smitten kitchen. I’m hoping that I can get good baking apples on the cheap from the greenmarket :)Though my last pie is on instagram

          8. Donna Brewington White

            We have an apple tree. I would offer to ship some of them to you but the California-confused tree is already bearing fruit in the late spring instead of waiting until autumn.

          9. ShanaC

            I would totally eat them/bake them into pie but the shipping costs would be crazy

          10. awaldstein

            You make mandel brauch Shana?

          11. ShanaC

            nope, never developed a taste for them, though I could figure out a recipe if I needed. I do make killer biscotti, which is in the same cookie family

          12. Donna Brewington White

            Tarts are your weakness? Be careful where you say this Mougayar.

          13. Cam MacRae

            Yes, it means something very different to me!

          14. Donna Brewington White

            Of course it does, Cam. πŸ˜‰

          15. William Mougayar

            Not any place where it might lead to a misunderstanding πŸ™‚

          16. Dave Pinsen

            Tiramisu made well is worth it.

          17. John Revay

            Still a great quote – thank you for clarifying who coined it. i have used it before while giving FW credit

      6. Donna Brewington White

        If cutting out wine is the answer, then you need to rephrase the question. Just sayin…

      7. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

        cutting OUT is a bad word to use … cutting down may be the right one.Again…good to watch where our body is going…but cutting the favorite things ‘OUT’ is not right.

        1. fredwilson

          i agree. my mom taught me at a young age that “moderation in everything, not abstinence”

          1. LE

            Your work life, your work schedule (from what I can tell I apologize if I’m off on this) is not moderation. You’re here. You’re there. You travel. You have meetings. You have lunch meetings dinner meeting (I think?). That part of your lifestyle is not moderation. You’re up early. You almost certainly don’t get enough sleep despite the fact that you think you do. [1] And it factors into weight control.[1] While bags under someone’s eyes can be caused by heredity and other factors you plain look like someone who doesn’t get enough sleep and has to much stress “to much”, “not enough”. Forget all the other nonsense. Correct that and you will see results.

          2. fredwilson

            how do i sleep more?

          3. LE

            (Note: Everyone’s sleep requirement is different.)Well I go on the following.The three most important things in order to maintain life and health (all important so the order is arbitrary) is:1) Sleep2) Stress3) Money [2]So the equation you are solving is to make every decision with respect to the above. We can take money out for you since you have money.Dealing with sleep and stress you simply have to be selfish with every choice you make. And only grant exceptions in exceptional circumstances. Selfish. It’s all about you and what is needed to maintain your health. You draw a line in the sand.For example my wife wants me to go to a “shiva” tonight. (Actually she would have wanted me there last night as well.) My answer is that I will only go if it fits into my schedule with respect to work (a stress reliever for me) and my exercise schedule (which I do after coming home from work). And that’s that. She knows that. I factored her acceptance into things like this when we got married. [1]Someone wants to have an appointment? Fine as long as it doesn’t mess up my sleep, exercise etc. When I used to travel and all the other people would fly in early eat on the run and have a 7am meeting? Not me didn’t schedule anything until 10:00am so I could have a breakfast and unwind. This is unheard of. But that’s the way I roll. I don’t eat in cars and I always read when I eat. (I have dozens of things like this that I do to many to mention). I don’t mess with what works.I have a habit of waking up sometimes maybe 4 or 5am. No problem pull out the smartphone and read for 30 to 40 minutes and fall back to sleep. Not worried about having to be in the office for a meeting or at a set time. That immediately takes all the stress out of waking up. When you know you don’t have to be anywhere in the AM.I have perfect appetite and weight control. For the last 15 or 16 years. The only time I don’t is when I’ve had to vary from the above.[1] Wife (and many women) has a terrible time with weight control. It’s obvious why. She makes the kids a priority with all their sports and school stuff and has little time to exercise. So she has made that choice. Soccer and baseball are that important! She sits in the bleachers watching the games. I don’t. I don’t ever do that (call me a bad step dad!) Same with sleep. She doesn’t get enough sleep.[2] Money gives you flexibility to reduce stress. You should be using the money that you have to reduce stress. For example when we travel we always get a 2nd room for the young kids. I don’t stuff myself into one room with all the noise and commotion.

          4. fredwilson

            falling back to sleep once i’ve started work is impossible for mei am at my best right after i wake up and i get really into it

          5. LE

            But I’m not going to bed until 12:30 to 1:00pm you go to bed much earlier iirc.Also my wife has to be at her job really early. So my schedule is arranged so that when she wakes up I’m already on my 2nd sleep and it doesn’t bother me that she gets up. All part of planning around this type of thing.

          6. Dave Pinsen

            Quality counts as well as quantity when it comes to sleep. You ever have a sleep study? You can start with the take home version, then if results warrant, you get the fully wired-up, sleepover study.

          7. Anne Libby

            A few articles/resources on sleep: http://bit.ly/17XZPv0(“Sleep” is the topic for this issue of my bi-weeklyish news digest, this time around…)

          8. Pete Griffiths

            I think rampant excess is the way to go. Worked for Winston Churchill and countless sybaritic artists.

      8. ShanaC

        i’m not sold on that – how about refined carbs (still trying to cut those out more – anyone seen brown arborio rice)

        1. fredwilson

          that’s my number one way to lose weight. cut out bread, pasta, and other carbs. it works for me every time.

        2. William Mougayar

          The conventional wisdom around that is to have more complex carbs than simple carbshttp://www.fitday.com/fitne…

          1. ShanaC

            hence why I am looking for brown arborio rice and a bakery in nyc that makes whole wheat baguettes

      9. Matt A. Myers

        Wine has a lot of sugar, though you can still balance that out with your diet. The issue usually is people just drink late at night, before bed, without being active afterward to burn off the calories …Solution? Either “get busy” after drinking wine — or start drinking it throughout the day. πŸ˜‰

        1. CJ

          Wine is the second best spirit to drink in terms of sugar, the best is hard liquor which contains no sugar at all.

          1. Matt A. Myers


          2. CJ

            I think I left out the part where it leaves you leaning on walls trying to get the room to stop spinning but hey, it’s a feature, not a bug.

          3. Matt A. Myers

            And then the next day usually isn’t fun, depending on how much you drank..

      10. Elia Freedman

        If you cut out food you’ll lose a lot of weight. πŸ˜‰

        1. Donna Brewington White

          It’s called the ELF diet.Eat. Less. Food.

        2. fredwilson


        3. Matt A. Myers

          More important is cutting out empty carbs – such as things with not many nutrients. Big big salads that fill you, and are hard to finish all of, that have protein in them, tell your brain that you’ve gotten what you need – and you get the full signal too, and it’s not a bad “I’m stuffed” because most of salad and veggies in it is water.

          1. Elia Freedman

            I was kidding, of course. I’ve been focusing more on diet and exercise the past two years, but more the exercise part. I know diet will be next.

          2. Matt A. Myers

            I know, just was adding some Matt’s-in-a-bad-mood seriousness.

          3. CJ

            I prefer a medium salad with a ton of meat and cheese but either way. πŸ™‚

          4. Matt A. Myers

            I found that if I eat too much meat in one sitting then I get lethargic.

      11. RichardF

        that is def not the answer!!I thoroughly recommend 45 minutes three times a week on a spinning bike. You can drink as much wine as you like, I am living proof (at the moment)

        1. fredwilson

          i spin in the winter and ride outside in the summeri get out on the bike three times a week when the weather is good (like it has been lately)

          1. RichardF

            you ain’t spinning hard enough Freddy boy if you are putting weight on πŸ˜‰

          2. LE

            He shouldn’t have to work that hard if everything else is in sync. If you are one of those people that is constantly killing yourself with exercise/diet in order to maintain weight either you’re operating below your set point (and have to accept it like Oprah) or there is something else that needs to be fixed to put you back on the dartboard.

          3. RichardF

            I was kidding with Fred, LE I know my sense of humour maybe a bit too British for this blog but hopefully the bartender has known me long enough to get that.Of course a holistic is the best approach, having said that sometimes when it comes to resetting the dial if you have been eating and drinking perhaps more than you should I find a bit of hard work gets you back to where you want to be.

          4. LE

            I think you had said that you work out at the gym?To me that’s a waste of time if you have space for some equipment where you live (and you probably do if you decide it’s a priority and give up something less important) you will pick up the portal to portal time that you waste to and from the gym.So for example if my workout is 1 hour per day the fact that I have everything in my house saves me considerable time.Not only that but having it at your house allows you to always squeeze in even 20 minutes because it’s so convenient (if you are running late or have some other issue).You also have less of a chance of catching something from others. And you always get the equipment you want.Last thing you need to be exercising 7 days or at least 6. Even if a few of those days is at less intensity.As far as riding the bike outside depends on the intensity/speed. I used to ride my bike on the canal path at high intensity when I lived near one (it was awesome). and I was single and had more time. Simply riding at a normal pace, or maybe the way you might near the river isn’t enough intensity to move the needle or get your heart up generally.Most important thing I have learned over the years is to keep everything consistent. That way your body gets used to a certain activity, sleep, food intake etc.That’s tough for you to do given the way your life is I would think.

      12. Dale Allyn

        Alcohol has a big impact on weight management. I’m rather slim and never had an issue until later in life. Now, like you, I need to pay more attention. When I decided that I needed to get back to my “good ol’ self” I took a four month hiatus from all alcohol as a sort of detox and things got right back to “normal”.Alcohol changes the way our body metabolizes fat, so it can be a contributing fact to wait gain (adding fat). An occasional “detox” works for me… followed by a “retox”. πŸ˜‰

        1. LE

          How much alcohol were you drinking? And what type of alcohol?

          1. Dale Allyn

            To clarify, I did not do this particularly for weight control. I don’t have difficulty controlling my weight, but I did want to trim a few pounds since I had been working marathon sessions on a new project; 7 days a week, 12 to 16 hours per day at my desk. I sipped red wine in the evening as I coded, essentially to help sleep, since I’d otherwise lie down at 2:00 a.m. and keep coding in my head. I enjoyed the cessation period, but I like wines and enjoy some spirits as well.My reference to alcohol having an impact on metabolization of fat was a general physiology/chemistry remark.

      13. bernardlunn

        I also live with a wonderful diet and fitness adviser, but on some issues such as this one, I take that advice to the committee and then…ignore it.

        1. Pete Griffiths

          Living with a diet and fitness advisor is taking things a bit far. And it isn’t scaleable. But I like the ‘ignore it’ part.

      14. LE

        “the answer”No “answer”. It’s a bunch of things.That’s why it’s so difficult. Like an engine many things have to work well at the same time.Ntim, but I drink wine pretty much every day for dinner. A glass or two. Nothing fancy just $10 a bottle stuff.We never drank in our house growing up as I’ve mentioned. My father never drank. I wish he did have a drink though it would have taken the edge off him and he would have been more approachable.

      15. daryn

        That is terrible advice from the Gotham Gal.

      16. Anne Libby


      17. Pete Griffiths

        She’s right. Unfortunately, it results in a life not worth living.Surely millions of overweight happy Frenchmen (who also engorge themselves with pate de foie gras) outlive Americans) can’t be wrong?

      18. Jordan Michael Rushing

        You don’t have to cut out wine. Have a glass or two of red wine a night. Just make sure the sugar intake is lower. That’s the big key factor. Don’t worry about fat intake (it’s good to intake fat).

    2. WA

      The most Amazing tool I have come across to keep this under control is MyFitnessPal. The concept is simple, you have a discipline and you track yourself. The amount of weight you want to lose the amount of exercise you need to do everything netting your calories out. And full nutritional tracking of nutrients and vitamins in your foods.Competition with yourself kind of like nutritional golf. But it feels good in more ways than one! I’m sure there’s many apps out there To help achieve the goal and the important thing is to find a tool that works for each of us

      1. awaldstein

        Thanks….We don’t use any apps. We’ve just changed the way we eat. Not diet but an approach. And lots of blended greens.And not painful. At home, nothing wheat or allergenic or dairy. But we live in NYC so a few times weekly we do ‘bad’ food at the very best restaurants. When I want wheat and cheese, I have a farm egg pizza at ABC Kitchen.As long as you find a way that works, its a win!

      2. CJ

        I like MyFitnessPal but I don’t use it often, only to spot check foods. My theory is that as soon as you make your diet primarily about counting calories and maintaining the discipline not to eat when you’re hungry then you’re doomed to fail.

        1. ShanaC

          Did this. You’re right, it made me upset, and I didn’t lose weight

          1. CJ

            I always think it’s crazy when you tell someone to go from 4k cals a day to 1500 and then just ignore the fact that you’re hungry. Oh, and increase your exercise too, I know that will make you even hungrier, but just suck it up. What?!?It’s telling about our understanding of nutrition that even though this doesn’t work, it keeps getting pushed as the best way to lose weight. *mind-boggling*

          2. ShanaC

            because that has been the conventional wisdom since the 50s where we started eating much more processed food

          3. CJ

            Well, follow the money and you can see why it hasn’t changed too. But follow the weight and you can see that it obviously isn’t working.

      3. fredwilson


    3. jason wright

      Precisely.Eric Ries, Lean Startup.

      1. Donna Brewington White

        Lean startup! Ha!How do you think of these things so fast?

        1. jason wright

          i’ve always had the feeling that it’s better not to know such things, not to probe too deeply the source of any talent, for fear of losing it.my book, never to be released, working title ‘The Lean Upstart and the Fat VC’ (copyright asserted). it’s the perfect combination.

          1. Donna Brewington White

            snorting out my tea

          2. William Mougayar

            You stayed on East coast time? It’s 5:30 am PST!!!

          3. Donna Brewington White

            Slept on the plane. Wide awake and raring to go!

          4. Donna Brewington White

            BTW @wmoug:disqus thanks for your responses on 4sq, made my airport ordeals less lonely out there

          5. William Mougayar

            LOL. I’ve been there a few times πŸ™‚

          6. Aaron Klein

            I do that once in a while for trips. One time, I had just one meeting and it started at noon. I flew in the night before, stayed up until 3am (12pt), got up at 9am (6pt) and arrived at the meeting at noon (9pt). Wish I could do that every trip.

          7. jason wright

            intravenous works best

  3. Adam

    Can it post to Facebook?

    1. fredwilson

      I bet it can!

    2. William Mougayar

      That and share to the whole world.”Sharing options – Choose to keep your readings private, send them to your doctor via email, or share your results via social media (Facebook and Twitter).”

  4. CJ

    Fred Wilson decides to buy a scale. Buys the most epic scale ever.

  5. jason wright

    54.7 Kg is not that heavy……

  6. WA

    Awesome. Adding to the Fab Fifty musts.

  7. William Mougayar

    I also recommend cutting bread. I saw you once go through a bread basket :)Seriously, limiting portions of breads & pastas will go a long way.

    1. CJ

      Which sucks because they are both SOOOO good. But I agree, reducing carbs is the cheapest (in effort) way to lose weight.

      1. William Mougayar

        I make exception to a really good french baguette (sourdough/a l’ancienne style) or neapolitan pizza. You’re right, some things are damn too good to cut out.

        1. CJ

          80/20 William. That’s what I love about the Paleo mindset. Three cheat meals a week if you want them. How cool is that? I love spaghetti, no way I could ever cut it out so now I just limit it to no more than once a week.

      2. ShanaC

        start making your own and learn to make it whole grain styleI have a fully whole grain challah recipe for a reason**though it is too dense for whole wheat challah french toast. sorry

        1. CJ

          I’ve thought it about it but it would encourage me to eat too much. I’ve had success reducing it, and don’t miss it too often – only when eating in fancy places where they bring it to the table. I miss pasta more.

          1. ShanaC

            maybe switch to whole grain pasta?

    2. jason wright

      and gluten free, and organic too.

      1. Donna Brewington White

        At first going gluten free and cutting carbs meant almost the same thing — except now there are gluten free breads and pastas that are really good and I had to fight the temptation at a whole new level.With or without gluten, simple carbs are simple carbs and “the enemy of the people” — except in fruit, perhaps.

        1. awaldstein

          You are into this Donna.I feel really stongly that with a lot of luck, LA will be the next Lulitonix market.

          1. Donna Brewington White

            I am so ready. Bring it.

    3. fredwilson

      that’s my go to move when i want to moderate intake and lose some weight.

      1. William Mougayar

        Another trick at restaurants is to order 2 or 3 appetizers instead of a full course. Chefs hate it because it disturbs their kitchen flow, but c’est la vie.The north american main course portions are huge compared to the european standards anyways. Restaurants should change their habits too.

        1. ShanaC

          some of the finer american ones are much more european in their portion standards – probably because they serve a more international crowd

          1. William Mougayar

            exactly. the upper end restos will have smaller portions by default.

        2. Dale Allyn

          In Thailand it’s commonplace to order several generally smaller dishes from which everyone shares. I love that style of dining. Much more interesting to have six tasty foods than a big plate of one.And my wife and I love to order a few appetizers for dinner for a similar reason. It’s fun and interesting (and healthy if done right).

          1. William Mougayar

            Yup…it’s called Mezza in mediterranean food, and a 7-course meal in France. But it takes such a long time to eat. Although mind you, they are smaller portions, and you start to digest the first parts while you’re still eating the second half because of the breaks in between.

          2. Dale Allyn

            In Thailand it doesn’t take much longer to eat this way, but in the European form it seems to.I’m a fan of Mediterranean food as well, and recent studies are suggesting that a Mediterranean diet improves cognition.

        3. Donna Brewington White

          They will change their habits if we train them to do so — by how we order.

  8. btrautsc

    I have been putting off a similar purchase for a while now. In the 2.5 years I’ve been working for startups, my weight and health has fluctuated greatly. I’m interested if any others have good strategies for balancing not only the work/ life harmony…. but also harmony of the body/ health.a cofounder and i have been crossfitting, but attendance can be difficult. love to hear any suggestions

    1. awaldstein

      Just do it!That’s the only strategy for health and exercise.

      1. btrautsc

        Arnold – that is the best advice out there. I read that in this voice, the legendary Art Williams speech, http://youtu.be/7R9c0RAz678… (i actually just got lost watching about 10 minutes of… truly amazing)Here is the whole speech – it is from 1987, pre-internet, and has so much incredible startup/ founder/ business advice…http://youtu.be/7R9c0RAz678

    2. CJ

      Try Paleo if getting to the gym is problematic. It’s really just about changing the way you eat. I’m starting to feel like I’m a Paleo nut in this thread, so I’m going to slow down. LOL But really, I’ve never felt better since I’ve started it AND it allows for cheating. How cool is that? I’ve lost 20lbs in 2 months and haven’t hit a gym once.

      1. Donna Brewington White

        I just looked it up and this is pretty much how I eat. But I haven’t lost 20 lbs. I guess you could argue that I’d be 20 lbs heavier otherwise.So looks like I have to paleo AND exercise.I’ve probably got a good 10 years on you which may explain it.

        1. CJ

          Nah, I think I just had a lot more to work with to start. πŸ™‚ It’s slowed down a bit since the beginning, but also because I cheated for a week last week (gotta have birthday cake!).Though some of the results I’ve seen professed with both Paleo & exercise have been nothing short of awesome.

    3. ShanaC

      Do you like crossfit – find exercises that you like doing – also, make sure you are passively and not actively tracking what you do.My big regret from last night’s run was checking my phone – caused a long disturbance in my run that I couldn’t get over the hump about.

      1. btrautsc

        love crossfit… good advice, thanks

  9. jason wright

    does it hover?

    1. fredwilson

      oooh. feature request!!

    2. Matt A. Myers

      With someone on it or off?

      1. jason wright

        on πŸ™‚

        1. Matt A. Myers

          That will have some neat specs..

    3. takingpitches

      haha.scale and drone in one

  10. Jan Schultink

    We need a standard human vital signs storage DB with APIs that devices and sleep pattern, other apps can access (input for data such as weight, glucose, heart rate, anything you can measure, and output for specialised analysis apps).Today, each device/application is trying to design its own clever analysis app. The power will be in combining data from different devices, therapeutical areas

    1. awaldstein

      I wonder if we need all that data.Normal data on health and blood analysis, how you feel and how your clothes fit really tell the story.What else do you really need?

      1. Jan Schultink

        I am thinking of specialised niche medical applications or even just your GP that could tap into the basic vital signs.The medical records and data readily in your pocket idea has been around since the 2000s but has not been realised.

        1. awaldstein

          Makes sense.Medical data access is a sink hole.Even finding great doctors who are technically and scientifically astute, but holistic and nutritional smart is a challenge.

          1. pointsnfigures

            It’s there for the attorneys

    2. Patrick Robertson

      Interestingly enough, the Withings scale connects to the Runkeeper Health Graph: http://developer.runkeeper…. and that helps to centralize some data.I’m using it for running data (both GPS and HR data), the scale based data (weight, body fat%, reseting HR), and I have the withings BP cuff in office and occasionally take measurements with that.Unfortunately, it seems like my fitbit has no intention of pushing/pulling data into health graph :(. So I’m losing sleep data, food intake data, and step counts for the day.

      1. Jan Schultink

        My guess is that one of these apps will be strong enough to claim a standard data storage platform

    3. ShanaC

      Yes – but this is difficult without standcardization and the fact that we still don’t know what to track on the cheap.Still, if someone said they wanted to test on me nanodes that would track my health from my blood stream day to day, I’d be game

      1. Jan Schultink

        You would start with a standard DB format, and worry about apps and sensors to become available later

  11. Shoe On Head

    i try to avoid things that make me fat, like scales, mirrors, photographs and the whole mobile health movement :/(i’ll take super skinny fries with that)(shoe on head)

    1. fredwilson

      me too, but aging has brought change to my body and mind

      1. WA

        Yep. Is what it is. Now we do what we need to.

      2. Dave Pinsen

        Are you going to join Fitocracy now?

        1. fredwilson

          Not sure. I hear its focused on hard core workout types

          1. Brian Wang

            While hardcore types are on there, nearly half its users self identify as beginners. There’s a wide range of experience and commitment levels on Fitocracy, which is very useful for knowledge and motivation spread throughout the network. Happy to dive in more with you.

    2. Matt A. Myers

      Never heard that one. Hilarious.

  12. jason wright

    disqus future feature request/ demand time please.i want avatars to indicate ‘presence’ (with the option to disable).

  13. JimHirshfield

    If you’re not watching your weight, now the NSA can do it for you.

    1. ShanaC

      badaboom bing!

      1. pointsnfigures

        if not them, The IRS as they enforce Obamacare.

    2. Sean Hull

      lol. As if they don’t have too much data already!

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Might as well make it as easy as possible..

    3. takingpitches

      haha. just the metadata, nothing to worry about. πŸ™‚

    4. juegos para

      nothing to worry about

  14. Girish Mehta

    I use a basic Omron scale, it breaks out subcutaneous and visceral fat as well…which I am sure this does, considering everything else it does :-). The issue with all bioelectrical impedance scales is consistent accuracy – can vary a fair bit based on hydration level when you measure (which is logical since the premise of the fat % readout is that water present in lean mass and fat is very different…measured by the weak electric current). I use it as a guide – measuring at a consistent time every day can give a useful trendline over time. Thanks.

  15. andyswan

    Great scale, horrible advice.Keep the wine, keep the bread. Denying yourself that which brings you enjoyment is the opposite of living.Don’t cut anything. Add something. I strongly suggest 10-15 minutes of squats, pushup and pull ups..Leave diets to the sewing circle. Get stronger.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      You are like the guy whose doctor gave him a list of things to cut out so that he would live longer and the guy said “without these things who wants to live?”But the thing is, is that enjoyment can be deceiving.

      1. andyswan

        I have no intention of going into the casket in mint condition.

        1. Donna Brewington White

          I imagine you will be well “preserved.”

        2. Aaron Klein

          That ship sailed for me a while ago.

        3. fredwilson

          oh snap. that’s an attitude to which i can sign on to. but would prefer to go into the casket a long time from now.

        4. CJ

          I prefer to modify the old quote to “Live fast, die old, leave a good looking corpse.”

        5. ShanaC

          not even to see your great grandchildren born?

      2. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

        I don’t see any thing wrong with what he said πŸ™‚

      3. Chas Ballew

        That joke is one of my favorites.A man goes into his doctor’s office for a checkup. He says, “Doc, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t eat red meat, I don’t spend too much time in the sun, I don’t gamble, I don’t drive fast cars, and I don’t mess around with women. Will I live to be 100?”The doc says, “Why?!?”

        1. Donna Brewington White

          That’s probably the joke I was trying to tell. Love it!

    2. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

      ha…was expecting this comment.+1.

    3. kidmercury

      i believe for 90%+ people interested in losing weight, they will get more bang for the buck with diet changes than with exercise changes.

      1. awaldstein

        Yes, but there is no reason to do just part of it.

        1. kidmercury

          sure, although i think most people who exercise but don’t change their diet will be disappointed with their results. although of course doing both will yield best results.

          1. awaldstein

            No question.Nutritional information is honestly hard to come by. Doctors do not study it in med school. Completely wacky.

          2. ShanaC

            and nutritionists aren’t fun

          3. awaldstein

            The most interesting stuff is happening by people building food businesses based on their knowledge and beliefs.One of New York’s big local successes is Blue Print Cleanse. Two women, not nutritionists but bartenders working in the LES, who just did it!Created real wealth. Did it their own way. Made a real difference to a lot of people. They deserve every additional millions of dollars they make.

          4. CJ

            I just can’t get on the Cleanse bandwagon. One, I like my veggies whole and on a plate not in a cup. Two, from my understanding of anyone who had done it, you stay hungry and gain the weight back after you stop the program.

          5. awaldstein

            I personally don’t cleanse.As I mentioned what I’m doing this week is an assortment of LuLi products during the day, high intensity workouts (Intervals) and super clean dinners. We’ve considered teaming up with some vegan chefs to package this.This works for me and I felt I needed something extra. I’ve reduced my working weight by 18 pounds from when we started this over a year ago. I never vary more than 3-4 pounds even when I’m traveling overseas.A lot of the customers do the same although the home/office delivery 1-3 cleanse business is a solid one for the company.

          6. CJ

            I think it’s a solid product and will make money. People love this stuff. Eating low carb though, I don’t feel the need for a boost. A cup of coffee in the AM keeps me full until lunch, if I keep that fairly clean, I’m good until a late dinner. Maybe some nuts in there or a piece of fruit occasionally. I can typically recite everything I’ve eaten per day for a week now. It’s crazy and I’m down 20lbs in 2 months.But honestly, screw the weight. The best benefit is the boundless energy. I can keep up…well I’m not too far behind my kids now, it’s awesome. πŸ™‚ I’m awake until midnight, up at 6 with no problem. I’ve been a ‘sleep at 8’ guy my ENTIRE life, even as a baby. I was looking at special lights as I self-diagnosed advance-phase sleep disorder. All it took was to remove some carbs. Astonishing.Damn, I sound like an infomercial. LOL There is one other benefit, my wife will have to attest to that one though. πŸ™‚

          7. awaldstein

            ;)The thing I like about the blended green (besides the fiber and the quite amazing taste) is the muscle energy that comes with it.I was hyperactive at birth, still am!

          8. ShanaC

            It is really hard to eat that many vegetables in a day

          9. CJ

            Not if you reduce other things. I’ve reduced bread, sugars, starches, etc. So it’s down to basically meat, veggies, nuts, and fruit. A few other things but that’s the main makeup.For example, a taco is now a lettuce wrap. Added a veggie, removed a carb.

          10. ShanaC

            I know, and the juices tasted excellent because they were food people

          11. LE

            http://blueprintcleanse.com/Hmm. Also this, please don’t forget:”a background in P.R.” (from their about page).Makes total sense.Not to take anything away from what you are doing with lulutonix but this to me is more of a luxury product tied to marketing bullshit. It’s totally over the top.The website http://blueprintcleanse.com/ doesn’t tell me why I should buy this. (Or maybe I didn’t see it? Is it there?)lulitonix has this:http://lulitonix.com/produc…LuliTonix creates super-charged raw blended greens packed with insane amounts of diverse leafy greens –hardcore enough to satisfy the most bad-@ss green junkie, but crave-worthy enough to seduce even the most processed of fast food fans.We use organic ingredients, and source locally whenever possible….which links from “why lulitonix”. That’s good. Nice message.Their product screams bullshit which is probably why it works so well.I wish I could think on that “level”. But I just have a hard time pulling the wool over people’s eyes like that. As in “who would believe this stuff”. I’d make so much more money if I could go to that level.

          12. awaldstein

            I’lll tell Lianna what you said as this is her company, her vision, her writing. I’m the support team (and a bit more) ;)Don’t personally agree about Blueprint. Really good product, really well marketed and they created this market in a lot of ways.Strong community and a lot of love for it so I don’t read BS, I read smart as the quality of the product is really good.Now…I also feel that things are changing and there will be a next wave and potentially the super healthy, super raw (non-HPP) and incredible yummy will replace it. And at least for LuLi (which is growing very nicely in a really short time) this is not about dieting, cleansing as much as nutrition as part of life.

          13. LE

            Tell her she also needs lulutonix.com I keep typing that by mistake. I’m a canary in the coal mine with these things.As far as blueprint I acknowledge the popularity of the product and how it is great in legitimizing and enlarging the market. No question. Aids social acceptance.The “cleanse” part of blueprint bothers me in addition to the over the top presentation. “Bothers me” is not the same as “doesn’t work” or “not good business”. I think beer ads are bs as is much advertising but obviously I see the value.Ok I just found this in response to “why am I doing BluePrintCleanse again”?A: Because you’re obviously smart and know that the most obvious answer is usually the right one: eating whole, unadulterated food that’s packed with enzymes will allow your body to cleanse itself. And, the only potentially severe side effect of this program is finally fitting into your ‘skinny’ jeans.You know what I use to cleanse (I guess this is what they mean). Metamucil. Works great.Anyway to me that’s like trying to sell a Porsche by telling someone that (well you get the point). Or “drink our wine it shows the level of your sophistication”. The ads say that of course but they don’t “say” that.I mean even the Viagra ads are more subtle. [1] They show a boomer with a younger chick. They don’t shout “take viagra and you will get a younger chick”.[1] They are works of art I’ve studied them frame by frame.

          14. awaldstein

            You crack me up!Analyzing positioning without putting yourself in the market you are selling to is bound to leave it sounds wrong.You may not be the market obviously and don’t have skinny jeans but to belittle that as potential motivation for hundreds of millions of people is a bit wacko.

          15. LE

            Well if we are going to get into “wacko” there are probably more people who believe that stuff is at least slightly wacko (which by the way wasn’t what I was stating in the above comment) than there are people that believe in it.But once again that wasn’t my point anyway. I simply gave my take on how I personally respond to their marketing. (see my paragraph 3 which clearly states this.)Skinny jeans? My waist is 31″ by the way.This is what the mayo clinic says about cleansing:http://www.mayoclinic.com/h…(appeal to authority)

          16. awaldstein

            You are great and enjoy these comments. Predictably yourself is a complement.To end–this is a really sizable market and growing, no exploding! If you can make good money and do some good, life is as it should be!

          17. Dave Pinsen

            Interesting. Had never heard of them. Looks like they have an nutritionist on staff now though.

          18. awaldstein

            We need to get you some of LuLi’s products. Order some the next time you are in the city and we will deliver.

          19. Dave Pinsen

            Sure, would love to try it.

          20. CJ

            and they often aren’t correct either.

          21. Donna Brewington White

            It is abysmal how little nutrition plays into medical diagnosis and treatment.

          22. Girish Mehta

            “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates, 400 B.C.

          23. Donna Brewington White

            Why didn’t that catch on?

          24. Girish Mehta

            Hi Donna, Food serves two roles in our lives which I would broadly categorize as – Nutrition/sustenance and Entertainment/Gratification. Entertainment/Gratification can be a positive…not just the act of eating, but also cooking can be a very creative and gratifying experience. And there are other aspects – the emotional eating/instant gratification/addictive aspects.Each of us chooses where we’d like to fall on the continuum on this dual role of Food.The thing though is – Hippocrates also said “Prium non Nocere” – First, Do no Harm. And I don’t think these two statements – “First, Do No Harm” and “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food” can be viewed independently.One of the dual modes of food can cause harm over time. Our bodies are amazingly adaptive, so the harm builds up very slowly over time. Switching to ‘food as medicine’ at that point does not produce instant cures – its like asking Hippocrates to prove one statement while disregarding the other.I am talking about the ‘demand’ side above.Its difficult to talk about the ‘supply’ side without sounding negative, I’ll avoid it. Its usually about Non-rigorous Thinking + Follow the Money. Thanks.

          25. Donna Brewington White

            I really love and appreciate this response. Thank you, Girish. I am now following you on Disqus because I want to hear more of what you have to say.

          26. Girish Mehta

            Thanks Donna.

          27. LE

            Not the purpose of medical school. Deals primarily with fixing what is wrong. Nutrition is a separate issue best dealt with by another person dedicated to this. You don’t want to detract from limited brain power with info that (as any Physician will probably tell you) patients won’t listen to anyway. If it were that simple people wouldn’t be smoking or doing many things that they already know are wrong. And this assumes there is a definitive answer to the questions, when there isn’t.

          28. Richard

            There consequences of a poor diet are more than your waistline, Alzheimer’s will soon be one of this countries most expensive diseases.

          29. kidmercury

            alzheimer’s is definitely a huge problem that is sure to grow, as are other neurodegenerative diseases, though the economics of that issue are less related to diet than they are to misguided legislation.

          30. William Mougayar

            It’s tough to correlate anything to Alzh. Every week a conflicting study comes out on what prevents it or accelerates it. I would say that heart disease has a stronger correlation to the types of foods we eat.

          31. CJ

            Yes, but not the parts of the diet that most think. Fat has little to no correlation to heart disease apparently, though most believe the opposite.

          32. CJ

            “i think most people who exercise but don’t change their diet will be disappointed with their results.”Quoted for Truth.

      2. andyswan

        I agree, but I’m challenging the idea that ‘losing weight’ should be the goal in the first place.Why get smaller? Get stronger.

        1. awaldstein

          This is smart.The new vernacular of ‘skinny fat’ in the anti diet world speaks to exactly this point.

          1. LE

            That’s one of what I call “white men now say”.Everyone is so sure they have it figured out. Until someone else comes along and says “oh we were wrong 10 years ago when we swore that…. we now feel ……”.Here is something on “skinny fat” that I just found (had never heard of that expression).Tell tale signs including critique of common wisdom and noting a single Jama journal study:”The common wisdom” then “the shocking news from a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association is that nearly 1 in 4 skinny people have pre-diabetes and are “metabolically obese.””What a surprise:”It is the subject of my latest book, The Blood Sugar Solution.”He’s writing a book. No bias there.Not a criticism of you. Just a dislike of the new new thing or way of thinking and “we’ve got it all figured out here’s the answer”.

          2. awaldstein

            Criticize away honestly.Slang vernacular for skinnyfat is actually nothing like that. People can be thin but not in shape is what it refers to.

          3. LE

            Link I forgot above on “skinny fat”http://www.huffingtonpost.c…

    4. awaldstein

      Perfect philosophy as long as you are healthy of course ;)I’m in awe at the people who say f…ck you to cancer and heart disease and just beat it by changing their lives and how they eat and exercise.I hope I don’t have to manifest that fortitude. Lucky so far.

      1. ShanaC

        Doesn’t work like that. Also reminds me I need to see my doctor, because even though I do exercise, am a member of a csa who have been delivering me many green vegetables, I’m still at risk.If you are really high risk, even if you do it right, you still may get cancer (and I am part of a facebook group that talks about this extesively). I’ve also seen post-chemo patients run marathons. It isn’t an either or.

        1. awaldstein

          There are no absolutes but yes, it can work. Not for everyone. Not in every case but it is indeed a path for some. The lucky ones.

          1. ShanaC

            You’re generally ultra-lucky if this is the case. As a general rule, once you’ve mutated a cancer form, you’re diet is not going to help you unmutate. it will help you recover and deal better with chemo, it will help slow down your mutation process if you are at risk.Granted, cancer is really complicated. Basically you should have a vague idea what your baseline risk is and eat around that – but it will not drop your risk level if you are like angelina jolie and you are born with an 80% risk for cancer development

      2. andyswan


    5. fredwilson

      i’ve dropped six pounds in 3-4 days by exercising more (every day) and being a bit more careful about eating. i am not a fan of cutting stuff out. i am a fan of moderating intake.

    6. CJ

      How many calories will he burn in 15mins and how many can he avoid by reducing bread and sugar? This is a math lesson. I thought like you too…and then I proved it wrong. *shrug*You’re advice is good though, I’d just recommend it in addition to, not instead of.

      1. andyswan

        If you add muscle, you burn extra calories all day long. I’m not a fan of people getting smaller (unless they’re obese)…. the focus should be on getting stronger.You’d be amazed how many “thin” or average guys will obsess over their gluten/carb/fat/paleo nonsense….but can’t even do a single pull-up!

        1. CJ

          Agreed, stronger over thinner. Weight is not the only metric to be concerned with, but if you are trying to lose weight reducing carbs is a quick win.Diet and exercise shouldn’t be exclusive, they’re married and don’t do so well apart. I’ve found shunning one for the other only gets you half healthy.

    7. jason wright

      do you up vote your own comments, or is it a disqus glitch?

      1. andyswan

        1. CJ

          Actual laughter was produced. Thanks for that. LOL

    8. Pete Griffiths

      Manly advice. πŸ™‚

  16. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

    Good to watch where the body is going…but don’t cut on anything…especially wine. Life is not worth living if we can’t eat what we like.30-40-minutes swimming at least 5-days a week can make you loose weight within 3-months….and yes you can start having little more wine as well:-)

    1. ShanaC

      swimming in nyc is complicated. If I could do that I would – I like swimming!

      1. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

        Swimming is a great exercise and fun. Why u don’t have pools in NYC? I had beenusing one of those fitness center swimming pool in Philly.(that was way back 1997-99).btw, i was reading an article in techcrunch and the writer says he talked to a Shana …was that you by any chancehttp://techcrunch.com/2013/…

        1. ShanaC

          nope, not me.There are pools in ny (including one on a boat) (http://www.nycgovparks.org/… ). There just aren’t many public pools compared to the size of the population, and they are very spread out.There are also some private pools, but again, they are private, and the gyms/hotels/clubs they are part of tend to be expensive to join.

  17. matjen

    Another excellent alternative in this space is fitbit. fitbit.com Scale and monitor integrate. I don’t have the scale yet but the monitor is interesting…especially the social media aspects where your buddies compete infomrally thereby pushing you a bit.

  18. Tom Labus

    As someone who is a few steps ahead age wise and noticed the same thing long ago, I can only suggest more activity and mix it up too. I tried the minus bread and wine route but it’s not fun.The Farmers Market and a veggie garden at home works well.

  19. pointsnfigures

    I had a similar problem. On a 6’5″ frame, I can hide it a little. When I was in my twenties, I weighed around 200-210. At 50 I hit an all time high of 250.I had two shorter friends that had lost a ton of weight. One was half the man he used to be! They told me about the gym they went to.I went to citywidesuperslow.com. It is a very different kind of weight training. Hyper intense, and fatigues the muscle to the core. I work out 20-30 min a week. Otherwise, I don’t do anything-walk a lot. I ride a bike for a few months in the summer to get ready for a 100 mile ride in August. Otherwise, nothing.I downloaded Loseit.com to my phone and kept very honest track of everything. Lost 30 pounds and I manage to keep it off. We eat at home a lot-eating out puts weight on. We also don’t eat simple carbos, and eat a lot of fat. Leaf lard, goose fat, duck fat. My cholesterol dropped huge and I don’t take any drugs for it.the work out increased my muscle mass. I burn more calories to recover, and I burn more calories at rest. I have a bad back, and over time, those issues have subsided. It’s pretty intense. I will leg press 3x-4x my weight for two minutes, with a hold at the end that is a killer. They load weights on you like crazy. Tough to pick up a coffee cup when you get out of there.I had to take all my clothes and have the altered. Nothing fit. I lost 4 inches on my waist.On another note, if you need to lose weight with some help, check out retrofitme.com

    1. fredwilson

      i agree about eating out vs eating at home. home cooked meals the past three days and i’m down six pounds in no time.

      1. ShanaC

        some of that is water wieght, but yes, eating at home means losing weight

    2. William Mougayar

      You’re doing it the right way. Thanks for these links.

  20. kidmercury

    as everybody else here suggested, cutting the bread will do wonders. i would recommend adding a fruit/veggie smoothie as one of your meals, though that can create enjoyment issues for some.i’d also like to diss that scale. i don’t like carbon tracking stuff, breeds an anti-energy, anti-human mentality. the scale doesn’t seem to be doing anything especially fancy or important either. i also prefer anti-fashion when it comes to scales.

  21. Guest

    Anyone would be inspired to be slim, chic and smart if they own this scale, lol!I’m going to get one and cut out ho fun noodles and bread.

  22. vijay

    How is this compared to the fitbit? Also how accurate is the body fat vs caliper / displacement-based measurements?

    1. ShanaC

      calipers are always much more accurate. I don’t trust the body fat percentages in scales…

      1. Daniel Reeves

        Yeah, scales that purport to measure body fat are so inaccurate that they’re almost useless. See http://blog.beeminder.com/w

  23. Guest


  24. kenberger

    Withings has such a scalable business.

    1. ShanaC

      oy πŸ™‚

    2. fredwilson


    3. Donna Brewington White

      I don’t know, Ken. Their customers have a lot to lose.

      1. kenberger

        glad you weighed in on that.

  25. Richard

    Fred, check out the menu at quintessence in the east village. This is the diet you should aim for. Not only will you get back to your ideal weight, you’ll find the food irresistible.

    1. fredwilson

      thanks for the suggestion

    2. William Mougayar

      Wow. I love their menu and approach. Smart.

  26. Matt A. Myers

    Are you keeping up with yoga? What styles are you doing? Perhaps need more yin to de-stress / lower your baseline stress level? Stress causes you to produce cortisone, cortisone levels determine how much body fat your body will store.

    1. fredwilson

      did it todayhttps://foursquare.com/fred… andhttp://instagram.com/p/asyw…

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Yay! I’ve been slacking off lately, with travel and beautiful weather in Halifax, though going to a noon class.P.S. Foursquare link page not found – maybe logged-in users only?

        1. ShanaC

          me too.

          1. Matt A. Myers

            Keeping up with yoga, or can’t see page? πŸ™‚

          2. ShanaC

            not keeping up with yoga the way I should be

          3. Matt A. Myers

            Oh, I didn’t even see you were replying to that specific comment — I am out of it today..

    2. Girish Mehta

      Yup. Short-term acute stress can help the body, chronic stress hurts. A wonderful book on this subject was – Why Zebras don’t get ulcers. The exercise component of most paleo/primal thinking operates off this basic principle. Time of day affects cortisol – cortisol levels spike by 50% upon awakening (also why heart attacks peak at dawn). The “IF” approach to skipping breakfast for fat loss plays off this point. Thanks.

      1. Matt A. Myers

        I like you more with every comment you make. :)Please say you have a blog and Twitter to follow?

        1. Girish Mehta

          Thanks…Nope (I only follow on Twitter and blogs.)

  27. DCTech

    Read Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman

    1. Tom Labus

      we use a lot of his recipes

  28. markslater

    best thing is – i know when my wife climbs on …. and my children…..

    1. Matt A. Myers

      Set these sensors up under floor tiles … security alerts! Plus you know how big the trespasser is – or if they’re stealing your fridge!

  29. markslater

    they also have an amazing baby monitor. you can see your child from your iphone at work and you are able to pan and tilt the camera – program lullaby music and even turn on ambient light…..the sync is a touch klugy but other than that – the product is absolutely awesome….

    1. fredwilson

      i remember the baby monitors circa 1991. they have come a long way since then!

  30. taylorwc

    Dude it’s time for a Fitbit too! Or Up or Fuelband or whatever your favorite flavor is (but really, go with Fitbit.)

    1. fredwilson

      i ordered a fitbit flex but its backordered on amazon

      1. taylorwc

        Excellent choice. Fitbit has nailed their product experience, from package to portal, and their customer service is impeccable. I love mine.

        1. Jeff Judge

          I definitely agree. It’s so nice that the Fitbit syncs with your phone via bluetooth rather than having to plug it in like the Jawbone Up. I ordered a Flex for my wife too but it’s backordered for so long that picked up a Jawbone Up for her to use. There the kind of devices that you’re happy to give to other folks too…just gave an Up to my father-in-law for father’s day.

  31. Vasya Pupkin

    have you tried retrofithttp://www.retrofitme.com/

  32. ShanaC

    I’m actually shocked by the amounts of differing advice people are giving here.A) Stop going out so much, and when you do, make it an amazing night out. Make it something you savor.B) Help the gotham gal out in the kitchen. She’s a fabulous chef (I steal the occassional recipe from her) – but you wil have a better sense of your food and what you can tolerate if you help her cookI’m a big believer in variations of the michael pollan way of eating, which is similar to your mothershttp://www.webmd.com/food-r…

    1. fredwilson

      i stay out of the kitchen when she cooksshe stays out of the kitchen when i cleanit has worked out well. happily married for 26 years on wednesday and happily living together for 32 years last month

      1. ShanaC

        an early mazel tov on your 26th :)My BF and I are a bit like you and the gotham gal (albiet with the roles switched and the fact that I tend to bake/cook occasionally)Still, I think it might be helpful for you to switch rolls because it will get you a better feeling for the food you eat

      2. kidmercury

        hot damn. i’ve only been alive a few more months than you’ve been co-habitating with gotham gal. congrats!

  33. ShanaC

    Also, in other news – trying to get back to techAre we investing in the right sorts of tracking technology – basically, if you are generally healthy, does your weight matter? Does the amount of steps you take in a day after a point matter?And if it doesn’t – why are we tracking it? Why are we building an internet of things that is tracking the wrong thing.

    1. CJ

      It’s typically been one part, the easiest part, to track overall fitness but that’s been disputed and debunked(?) now I think. Emphasis is more on other metrics now with weight being a small portion. If you’re asking why? Well because we always have. You know that goes. Conventional wisdom takes a long time to fade away.

  34. bernardlunn

    Moderation in all things….including moderation.

    1. fredwilson


    2. kidmercury

      if you’re moderate about ALL things including moderation, are you really moderate?

  35. Paul Sanwald

    fred, you should start boxing. weight will come right off :). seriously, I think moderation in intake is best. you can’t train your way out of a bad diet.

  36. matthughes

    Thanks for the tip on the scale — that’s exactly what I’ve been needing.

  37. Jay Haddix

    Fred, If you don’t already have one, try a Treadmill Desk. They are amazing!

  38. daryn

    I’ve had one of these for a few years – I love it. While I don’t actively obsess over my weight (though looking at the numbers maybe I should!), it is cool to look back over the data and try and spot trends, and nice that you can use the app to set goals. And all I have to do is stand on the scale for a few seconds every morning. That’s the best part.Are you sporting any fitbit/fuelband/up/etc? I’ve played with a few, but they all broke or were too much of a hassle. I do love that I get a CSV of my spin class performance though.

  39. Brad

    My wife could prescribe a micro-nutrient (fancy word for vegetables) diet for you that is appealing and delicious. Go watch a show called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. My wife does an incredible amount of consulting with people to change their diets and improve their health. Fortunately for the them, she never charges….

  40. LE

    I’ll share this little tidbit that I learned as far as the difference between running as far as weight control vs. other forms of less aerobic exercise.I had been running 30 minutes per day and walking 20 minutes for about 15 years. Able to maintain perfect weight and appetite control. Never varied the routine didn’t do races didn’t increase speed didn’t mess with what worked. Was routinely asked why I didn’t “push myself” or try to do a marathon or 5k etc. Part of the plan was to not get injured the theory being that if I got injured I would be knocked out of orbit and the “system” would fail to work.Well one day instead of running 7.8 on the treadmill I increased to 8.2. No problem heart wise. Pulled a muscle. Now when you are older and you pull a muscle it takes a long time to heal. (I also found this when I was 32 and I used to sprint at the end of a run and one time I sprinted and pulled something. Ok forget the sprint at the end no more of that…)So knowing that I went out and bought a recumbant bike. That was BS, hardly did anything for me (heart rate wise). So a few days later I went out and bought a waterrower.com (nice wood rowing machine). Great machine and I highly recommend it but same thing. Not as good as running for me at least.Anyway I had to do literally twice the exercise on these two machines that I did when running to maintain the same weight. (Actually gained a few pounds but I’m still under the charts.).Maybe 7 months later muscle has healed and I’m back to running. And just like that it’s back to where I was (although I’m running much slower to prevent reinjury).This basically proved out one of my theories over the years that it was really important to not get injured. Otherwise you mess with a system that works. I also found this when I pulled a muscle doing to many pull ups. The pulled muscle prevented me from rolling over when sleeping and that messed another part of the “system”. Until it healed. Which took a long long time. So I no longer do pull ups. Not worth the gamble because of the sleep impact.If you work with machinery you will realize that each part of the machine serves a function and messing with any part has other consequences. Health and weight are no different.(Matt might want to keep that in mind before he moves to NYC.)

  41. wiwa

    Why didnt you use an associate tag on the amazon link! you could make at least $8 off this post

  42. John Revay

    Dennis Crowley’s Withings – tweets his weight out peridocially

  43. Carl Rahn Griffith

    I’m on the austerity diet. It’s not very sybaritic, but it’s bloody effective! πŸ˜‰

  44. rich caccappolo

    Good tip. I’m always scrambling for gift ideas so this is a good option to pull out next time I can’t think of what to buy someone…that said, not every recipient will accept a scale with the positive intentions intended…

  45. Jeff Judge

    I love my Withings. I’ve been using one for the last few years and now have the whole family (wife, 4yo, 2yo and 7mo) setup with user profiles. They don’t always use it but I try to make sure they all jump it once a month so we can look at changes over time. It’s been especially interesting watching the similarities with my wife’s weight changes surrounding each pregnancy. We’re both know using a band to tracking walking (me the Fitbit Flex, her the Jawbone Up). Collecting all this data has now has me excited to build an app/service to tie it all together.I find tracking what I eat to help me think more critically about what’s going into my body.

  46. ShanaC

    i’m sort of terried by the amount of comments on this page today and almost none of them are about the tech and instead are about weight. Jeez.

  47. Christophe from Withings

    Hi Fred! Great to hear! πŸ™‚ Here are a few tips to help you achieve your weight goal: http://blog.withings.com/en… And here’s an article showing you how you can super-charge your Withings experience: http://blog.withings.com/en… #TurnOnYourWellBeing

    1. fredwilson

      Withings in the comments!!! That’s awesome

    2. ShanaC

      Hi Guys! Thanks for the how to use post!

      1. Christophe from Withings

        You’re very welcome Shana! πŸ˜‰

  48. John Rorick

    Read this – http://www.amazon.com/It-St…. That read along with a few other whole food concept books has completely altered the way I eat. That said, I strike an 80/20 balance. Gotta live a little. My one realization – There truly is not one beneficial/meaningful carbohydrate out there. There just isn’t. Of course I still eat some… πŸ™‚

  49. Ghorwood

    The Jawbone has integrated the scale into UP so you can get your activity and weight in one dashboard. I’ve noticed a correlation. No surprise. And I haven’t had to give up wine.

  50. David Robinson

    A good friend of mine is a pediatric cardiologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, he found Withings Scale while searching online and asked me if I knew anyone there so he could get a couple to run a test with heart-sick babies that they send home. I don’t know anyone there but I made an introduction via Twitter ~ Withings got in touch and within days, sent my friend at LCPH a scale to try and so far it’s been an amazing success. 2 companies that earn a lifetime net promoter score of 1000% from me.

    1. William Mougayar

      Wow. What a nice & touching story.

    2. fredwilson

      that is a fantastic story. sounds like a really good company

  51. vijay

    How does this compare to the Fitbit scale? – love a comparison…