Fun Friday: Staying Cool

It's time for a fun friday again. I'm not sure when the last time we did this, but it's been a while.

I've been in europe all week where it has been warm. But I've heard that its been steamy in NYC where I am headed this evening.

So with that in mind, how do you keep cool when the temps reach 100 degrees and it feels like a sauna outside?

The obvious answer is air conditioning. But I am looking for other options.

I like to go for a bike ride in the early morning, like 6am, when its still bearable out, and I also like to take a walk along the hudson river in the evenings where there is often a breeze when there isn't one anywhere else in the city.

How do you stay cool when it gets hot outside?

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  1. Ciaran

    G&T, it’s the only way πŸ™‚

    1. fredwilson

      My dad and my daughter like gin but I don’t. I never warmed up to it

      1. Farhan Abbasi

        Pardon the pun

        1. fredwilson

          I wondered if I was going to get away with that

      2. Ciaran

        It came to me late (over 30) , but there is no better sun-downer. If you want to give it another go, try Hendricks – served with a slice of cucumber which, contrary to how it might sound, is amazing

        1. Brandon Marker

          Tanqueray 10 gets my vote – more floral notes, especially good in the summer πŸ™‚

        2. ShanaC

          we’re drinking death doors here. Looking for some new ones. Also, apparently it is easy to make your own

      3. jim

        Try cooling down to it rather than warming up to it! That’s the whole point of a GyT!

    2. mikenolan99

      Have you tried artisan tonic water? In Montreal had amazing G&T made with small batch tonic water, and a dash of Bitters. “Change your life” good. (My British Step Mom calls it ‘Pink Gin’)Locally I can find Fever Tree and Fentiman’s.(And, +1,000 on the Hendricks)…

    3. Donna Brewington White

      Does this work better than vodka and tonic? Or is it just a matter of taste?

      1. Ciaran

        I like both, but a G&T is much more refreshing

  2. Sheamus

    Keep the weight off and the bodyfat low. Flippancy aside, having lost 50 pounds in the past 12 months, the difference between how I felt last summer compared to this summer is unbelievable.

    1. fredwilson


    2. Dan Goldin

      Congrats. Since I’ve started running I’ve noticed that I start sweating a lot more though. I think my body believes that walking a block in this heat is equivalent to me starting a run..

    3. ShanaC

      congratulations. winters I found were too hard though

      1. Sheamus

        You might be right – will have to wait and see!

        1. ShanaC

          my joints and old injuries ached…

    4. LE

      “having lost 50 pounds in the past 12 months”Starbucks has their “drink receipt” going which gives you a “grande” cold beverage for $2.00.So after forgetting the receipt the first day and paying full price I remembered it the 2nd day but I ask for a “tall”. That’s all I wanted didn’t want more drink or calories than that. To much sugar.So the short heavy cashier barista (that knows me very well like the waitress at the place that JLM frequents probably knows him) tells me that I have to get a grande because that’s what the promotion is. And that if I get the smaller drink it will cost me more (think like 4.50 or something. I actually had to argue with her to get her to ring up a grande but give a tall cup to the barrista making it. I enjoy the argument it’s actually almost a sport and I always learn something from the experience (to much to share now on this has to do with race perhaps).The cashier said to me “just get the grande and don’t drink all of it”. Sorry not the way I operate. Apparently she doesn’t know the point of portion control it’s one of the “plastics” of weight management.

    5. jason wright

      how did you do it?

      1. Sheamus

        Switched to a highish protein, mostly gluten free, lowish carb diet. Cut out alcohol completely. Hit the gym 3-4 times per week (with no excuses). Drink 4+ litres of water each day. Friday 6pm-Sunday 8am I eat what I want (although stay gluten free when possible – gluten food is a real treat and has to be totally worth it as I’m sensitive to gluten), rest of the week I’m strict. First 6 months was experimentation to see what would work. Last 6 months I’ve taken it a lot more seriously (which includes the no-alcohol part) and seen probably 3x results. Made a huge difference to quality of life overall.

        1. LE

          Much more time effective if you can get exercise equipment to use at your house (rowing machine can fit anywhere suggest looks like nice furniture). Also would suggest 5 to 6 days per week you definitely should consider doing more than 3 if you want long term success. Also length of exercise. If you do to much you will have a hard time keeping it up over time. Also when you go to the gym there is a portal to portal loss of time for the travel. Congrats obviously.

        2. Donna Brewington White

          That’s inspiring — I am reading this just after a long morning hike and a firm resolve to get back to my fighting weight (and condition).Congratulations!

          1. Sheamus


    6. Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto

      Congrats! Diet really does affect everything. I changed my lifestyle (particularly my diet) four years ago and I no longer have allergies. I keep gluten, but know when to scale back for a week or two.

  3. Matt A. Myers

    Any AVC’ers in Paris want to hangout? I just arrived. Friend I’m staying with hasn’t responded to yet … I arrived a few days early. I may hostel it tonight! :PWeather is beautiful here – not too hot. However, currently staying cool sitting in a McDonald’s using free wifi. πŸ˜‰

    1. Mac

      The Tour arrives there Sunday for it’s first night finish. Don’t miss it!

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Good to know! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    2. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

      alone in Paris…ho poor boy.

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Never alone.. Lots of people here. πŸ™‚ Made two new friends and other friend was working – he’s on his way now to meet me. πŸ™‚

        1. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

          I was talking about in-paris-without-girl-friend. :-)Enjoy your euro-trip…

          1. Matt A. Myers

            Ahh πŸ˜‰ Lots of beautiful women here… so many smoke though!

    3. Laurent Boncenne

      I’m in Paris, if you feel like hanging out with youngsters πŸ™‚

      1. Matt A. Myers

        I’m only just 30 myself. ;)Got a temporary number here – 06 20 14 47 25 – if you want to shoot me a text and/or call. Tomorrow would likely be a good time for me to get together.

    4. William Mougayar

      Have fun in Paris Matt.

  4. cfrerebeau

    What thing I always try to keep in mind is that heat and cold are always relative to each other. I can swim in the sea on Normandy’s seaside, while the water is usually at 62F (17C) because it’s not too hot outside.So even though cold water, cold AC sounds very good when you have them, it sometime easier to drink / have them warmer than usual so the temperature gap is not as big. Typically in New York by 100F (38C), if I don’t have kid in the apartment, I might set the AC around 79-82F (26-28C).In the early morning and late in the evening if it’s not too hot out I also always try to get a breeze going inside my home. I also double check if it’s getting cooler outside…so that I can stop the A/C… So easy to forget and run on AC all day long

    1. Laurent Boncenne

      pretty much the only way to survive hot weather, and hydrating too

    2. Anne Libby

      Windows open worked from 4:15 until around 6 this morning….@ece153befd649e090375387ac54acf88:disqus nailed it. I am not meant for this heat.

      1. Anne Libby

        That wasn’t @Guest, it was @JLM.

  5. Prashant Sachdev

    Following are some of the ideas- deep breathing specially early morning or late evening- late night walk near river or where there is breeze- avoid eating eggs, meat and meat products that makes u feel hot within- avoid food that makes u chew much such as italian pizza, breads, etc- prefer to eat cold salad, yogurt, cold milk and chaas (butter milk) as much as you can- have bath twice with cold water- drink as much water as you can- if mehndi is available (google to know whats that) feel free to apply on head / foot or palm as per ur preference- apply hair oil that feels cold inside similarly there are body powders that makes you feel cool

  6. Mac

    Go to Iceland

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Funny, one of our closest friends is Icelandic and he and his family are headed there shortly.

      1. Mac

        Now that is cool

        1. Donna Brewington White

          Thanks, Mac. I should have clarified that he lives in the U.S. and is going back to visit family in Iceland.

      2. Mac

        Donna, is Ragnar the close friend?

        1. Donna Brewington White


  7. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

    Traditionally Indian people drink a lot of tender-coconut water during summers and eat papaya fruit…this keeps the body cool…instead (can’t afford) of fighting directly with sun using Air-conditioner they prepare their body.personally my body is allergic to papaya so i keep myself HOT during summers and prefer to be remarked as ‘the hot guy ‘ … πŸ™‚

    1. William Mougayar

      I like coconut water…i put it in my smoothies; learned it from @awaldstein:disqus

  8. William Mougayar

    Wear linen. It is known to keep your body temp 3-4 C lower than wearing cotton.Sipping on a glass of white wine helps. Also, gazpacho soup will cool you & a ceviche right after, followed by ice cream & a coffee granita.

    1. panterosa,

      Linen rules, but you look like a rag by day’s end.Freeze grapes and eat as snacks after your ceviche and gazpacho.

      1. William Mougayar

        Frozen grapes is a great idea. I love linen despite the wrinkled look.

    2. ShanaC

      too afraid to do ceviche in my house – my kitchen is over 90*

      1. Techman

        I hope you’re computer isn’t enduring those temperatures. That’s particularly bad for the hardware.

        1. ShanaC

          it is in the air conditioned room. And I know

      2. jason wright

        where’s my apricot cake?

        1. ShanaC

          no apricots in my csa box πŸ™‚ did do zucchini bread

    3. colmanstephenson

      I’m no doctor but I think if your body temperature varied 3-4C from 37C you would be feeling very unwell!But otherwise linen, white wine and gazpacho all rock.

      1. William Mougayar

        I think we’re talking about external body temperature…skin temperature.

    4. Donna Brewington White

      Interesting about the white wine. I typically drink red but begin craving white in summer and now I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something.

      1. awaldstein

        Drink what your mind and body want.The red/white summer/winter, meat/fish stuff is just mythos.

      2. William Mougayar

        It’s just that the white being cooler keeps your body cool. You will get a burst of body heat if you have red wine while it’s hot outside.No matter what you drink, remember:”Wine improves with age, but you improve with wine.”

        1. Donna Brewington White

          Haha. I am convinced that this is true. In fact, I think I will go improve myself right this minute. πŸ˜‰

    5. pointsnfigures

      If you check my instagram, you will see my white linen suit I wore today. All I need is a pink crustacean.

      1. William Mougayar

        Well, your daughter and I Liked it. So, you’re cool. But you look a bit mafioso in it πŸ™‚

  9. awaldstein

    Being healthy matters big time.Nothing like a movie in the middle of the day on a super hot day if you can swing it.For libations–chilled Jura reds, an Albarino maybe, Rose from Loire is beckoning. Maybe even a Pet Nat.

    1. Cam MacRae

      Big fan of a Marsanne from a freezer chilled glass.

      1. awaldstein

        You and I both!

    2. Tracey Jackson

      Agree with all of the above….Add a dip in the pool if you are near one and ducking into a department store for several hours works wonders.

      1. LE

        Market street philly stores that cater to lower class types keep their front door open and the a/c blasting in order to lure in shoppers trying to escape the heat. You could feel the blast of cold air while passing by.

      2. awaldstein

        Add a stop over in the museum if you can get there with sweltering through the subways!

  10. jason wright

    pay your sedan chair wallahs on time.

  11. Yalim K. Gerger

    Stay cool? I was born cool.

  12. Barry Nolan

    Live in Ireland. Sorted.

  13. Tom Labus

    find lots of trees

  14. JLM

    .In the ATX, where we know heat and 100F is not even remarkable, we go to Barton Springs and Deep Eddy to swim in the 65F natural spring water.If you have never been swimming in Barton Springs or Deep Eddy, then your life is not even close to complete.One summer I resolved to swim a mile every day for the whole summer.I used to drive a 1966 GTO convertible. I would arrive with the top down and sweating.I would swim my mile.I would go home refreshed and wrung out like a noodle. I froze on the way home though it was 100F outside. I was cold in the house for hours as my core body temp was so comfortable.I slept like a dead person.Rinse and repeat for the whole summer.You call this heat? You call this freakin’ heat? You can’t handle real heat!JLM.

    1. Mac

      Does BRC know about the 66 GTO?

      1. JLM

        .BRC and the Goat used to be stable mates. Got along very well.I changed out the points to an electronic ignition and had some carburetor work done on both of them.Took the Goat out on a Spring evening. Top down, great ride. The Goat coughs. Dies on the bridge over Town Lake on MoPac in Austin.I get out and walk to call AAA and a kid driving a pickup hits it going 70 MPH. Poor kid was distraught and the DPS gave him Hell for pulling off the highway.He was talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone, eating a cheeseburger and driving — maybe a hand short at the time. Who am I to judge?The frame was wracked from front to back. Every single panel was bent. Damn shame.I had to put the Goat down. Bullet to the head.JLM.

        1. Mac

          Ummmm. Tough way to go. Had to do the same thing with my 65 LeSabre fastback (Ole Yeller). A hard shot to take, but a lot of great memories. It had a fine GM A/C system for keeping everyone cool. Miss that car. RIP Goat

        2. sigmaalgebra

          I still have my old 1969 Camaro 396 Turbo 400, yes, with a 2.56 rear axle; so, the red line of 5000 RPM means 60 MPH in first and 100 MPH in second. Never tried 5000 RPM in third!The engine is all, block and heads, cast iron and heavy. But an all-aluminum Chevy big block weighs less than an all cast iron Chevy small block which you may have in yourBRC. Last I checked, an all aluminum big block is available from Chevy as a crate motor.Of course now there are other options based just on recent versions of the small block, e.g., the Eaton roots (positive displacement) supercharged, intercooled engine used in, as I recall, both a Corvette and a Cadillac. Use a suitable, recent automatic transmission, and have a nice, closer to up to date car.If my business works (last of the software development, all easy, slowed by exogenous events independent of the project), then I’ll do some similar restore and/or upgrade of my old Camaro.Nice thing about such an old car is that it’s a street and EPA legal place to put nearly any engine you want! There’s plenty of room under the hood, and otherwise the car is quite simple mechanically. And Brembo might have a carbon rotor brake upgrade kit for you! You should be able to get some suspension bushings, springs, and shocks that will give you more precise handling, and Recaro might have some nice seats for you!Nice thing about my Camaro is the variable ratio recirculating ball power steering! Recirculating ball nearly never wears out and, still, has a lash adjustment. Variable ratio means okay steering on the highway but really fast steering in parking lots, just flick your wrist to make a sharp turn — it’s just 2.3 turns lock to lock.The Camaro fuel economy is not so bad: Once I drove from home in MD to FedEx in Memphis, 90+ MPH on the Interstates, drove around in Memphis for two weeks, and drove back for 17.96 MPG for the trip! An up to date small block with about 550 HP and a transmission with some ‘tall’ overdrive should provide both better acceleration and better fuel economy.That Camaro with an all cast iron six cylinder engine weighed a little less than 3000 pounds. With an all aluminum small block, should still be able to stay under 3000 pounds. Save some more weight with an aluminum radiator, aluminum wheels, and Brembo brakes. So, 500+ HP, good gearing, and 3000- pounds, should have nice acceleration!Texas hot weather? I suspect that Memphis is, generally, worse because it is both hot and humid. As a child, on some nights, before we got an attic fan before we got air conditioning (ah, TVA power!), I went to sleep with 100 F and nearly 100% humidity. Also I like Memphis chopped, picnic pork shoulder BBQ a little better than Texas beef brisket BBQ!I did yard work for spending money (customers were eager and thrilled, and I had a nice opportunity for a nice little business but then didn’t understand business well enough to see and take the opportunity — my father had a Masters and a good job as an employee and was not thinking about entrepreneurship).A lot of people in Memphis were thinking about entrepreneurship with a few of them doing quite well at it. On Sunday, Second Presbyterian church, in a newer area of development, looked like the lot of the local Cadillac/Buick dealership. They put up a nice, traditional sanctuary with a 20 year mortgage but paid it off in 12 months.One home close by was by a guy who married the daughter of a successful local retail tire store. The interior of the house looked like the best of the local high end furniture stores.They had a hedge separating their property from a neighbor next door. The hedge formed a ‘line’ that went nearly to the street, and they wanted the hedge to look nice. I had talent at geometry, and Dad had taught me how to use poles and chalk line to cut a ‘box’ hedge that would be a nice version of a perfect geometrical rectangular parallelepiped. I’d practiced on a hedge about 1 foot by 18 inches by 30 feet in the front of our house and that Mom liked to show off in front of the neighbors (it occurs to me only now that the challenge of the geometry of that hedge likely intimidated some of the neighbors!). So, I got the job of cutting that neighbor’s hedge. The customers were thrilled with my work. I could have charged more as the unique source of the best box hedges in the neighborhood — ah, to understand selling status and prestige in business!Then the same neighbor wanted me to cut back a big hedge along their back property line. So, I’m out there in the Memphis summer heat, with no shirt, my favorite super-duty, manual hedge shears, a rake, some chalk line and poles to help make a ‘box’ hedge, and a step ladder for the highest parts and working away. Then two girls, each about 13, cousins of the wife of the house, both little, pretty, and cute but acting ‘prissy’ and totally uninterested in me, decide to set up two chairs and a card table with lemonade and watch me work. They were uninterested in me but wanted hot weather lessons in hedge cutting? Something’s incongruous here!There was no pool; otherwise I would have been tempted to have picked up one of the girls and jumped in. As it was I couldn’t think of anything to do with the girls that would be appropriate for a vendor in business!Just what it was about 13 year old girls that motivated them to set up their little sports seats as I worked instead of just being inside, in the very nicely decorated house, with air conditioning is a good exercise in ‘Girls 101 for Dummies (i.e., Boys)’!

          1. Mac

            Be good to that ’69 Camaro turbo. And, give it a name.

    2. panterosa,

      Water here is just above 65 now, and bracing. I swam in a VT quarry once below that and was afraid for my brain it was so cold.

    3. ShanaC

      it is the humidity, and the fact that it has no where to go. and the fact that we have too many asphalt roofs

    4. LE

      “I used to drive a 1966 GTO”I’m not a lover of old I’m a lover of new. (I can fully appreciate your love for this it’s just not me). I’ve never even bought a used car ever. Always new. Bought a 2011 car which was completely redone in 2012 and I had to have it. So I traded in the 2011, took the hit, and got the 2012. [1] Because it was a new model (with a 7 speed manual instead of 6 and a host of nice features and a new design that kicked ass) there was a defect in the transmission. They had to fly a new one in by Fedex from Germany (imagine the cost of that). I never even got that new car thrill (couldn’t easily shift into 2nd gear from first). Then the mechanic installs the transmission but forgets to bind some clip and the transmission fails on 295s. I had to be towed back they called the mechanic in from home and he fixed it that night.Of course I know never to buy the first cars out on a new model year. But then again you know that driving a ’66 isn’t exactly a rational move either, right?What ever your “art” is though it’s nice to have an appreciation of something like this.

  15. William Mougayar

    Look for one of these street carts (from The New Yorker).

    1. pointsnfigures

      Bloomberg got rid of them. Weren’t organic.

      1. William Mougayar

        πŸ™‚ One size fits all. No super sizing ice cubes.

  16. pointsnfigures

    Lake Michigan. The Big Air Conditioner.

    1. William Mougayar

      Muskegon? I was there once. Beautiful.

      1. pointsnfigures

        Chicaga. Oak Street Beach.

        1. William Mougayar

          Is that today? wow

    2. ShanaC


  17. Brandon Marker

    Its not really ‘hot’ right now in Texas. I embrace the heat, though. A short, 3-6 mi run at sunset (about 95 degrees) is a good cleanse. Cold shower, and then a cold local brew.Coolest start to summer in Texas in several years. I’ve been wearing pants to walk my dog in the morning! These mid-70s mornings are a bit chilly…

  18. LIAD

    wanna keep cool when the sun comes out? this is how you do it.

    1. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

      That is not ‘cool’ that is ‘nude’

    2. ShanaC


  19. LIAD

    pic I took in London.Sun comes out people go loco.screw hats. cardboard boxes are where it’s at.

  20. btrautsc

    Ex officio boxers.may seem ridiculous, but they are the best boxers I’ve ever used to armor my body against heat. (… )And it has been stunningly beautiful and disgustingly hot in Chattanooga, TN recently.6 AM walks when its warm-but-not-scorching seem to help prime the body as well.

    1. Dave Pinsen

      I remember reading about an engineering officer on the US Navy ship accidentally hit by an Iraqi Exocet missile in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war. IIRC he was sleeping in his underwear at the time. The ship was in fire, darkness, and chaos, but he had to turn some key valves or something, so he soaked his t-shirt in seawater and put it over his face, and felt along the exposed pipes in the darkness with the back of his hands to navigate to the valves. He helped save the ship. He was wearing synthetic undershorts though, which melted onto his body.

  21. Vineeth Kariappa

    in Dubai, snowboarding.

  22. reece

    if you haven’t tried Del’s Lemonade yet, their truck just started in NYC this summer…it’s a staple from RI

    1. panterosa,

      Great news on the truck! I love Del’s from school days. Never got into coffee milk though.

    2. ShanaC

      where are you finding it

  23. Guest

    Also, cold beers. And add lemon.

  24. Richard

    Mariano Rivera – Definition of staying cool in the Heat of Summer.

  25. feargallkenny

    this might help in a few years – a plan for a floating pool in the hudson on kickstarter

  26. markslater

    i stepped out on Charles river country club yesterday…..roasting…..put ice under my hat….drove buggy from shady spot to shady spot……shot 40 on the front…..but eventually the heat won… 16 i just wanted my mummy….

  27. Jeff

    Fred — NYC was 86 (“feels like 92”) at 6am today and was still 100 degrees last night at sunset. There has been no escaping the heat outdoors in the city this week, just pain management.And that “trick” people talk about, having a hot drink on a hot day to cool you off…. total BS.

  28. Vanessa Pestritto

    I have been wearing a big summer hat or biking for short trips to feel a breeze. To stay hydrated and healthy, I drink chia seeds in the morning:

  29. bsaitz

    go see a movie or 3

  30. Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto

    I have been wearing a big summer hat, biking for short trips during the week just to feel a breeze and going to the movies. To stay hydrated, I drink chia seeds in the morning:

  31. Naman

    Nothing beats wrapping up the workday with a swim. For vain pleasure, include toughing the floor of the deep end.

  32. baba12

    i can’t seem to accept air-conditioning as I feel that it is unfair that I consume that much energy. My way of keeping cool is simple, eat spicy food, drink hot tea, soak my shirt/shorts in water, wring and then wear it. All of these activities lead to cooling by evaporation and it uses less energy for me.Go to public libraries, enjoy the air conditioning there, avoid expending more energy just cuz you can afford it.If you eat less meat, eat more veggies and have them as salads if possible you get more bang for the buck.If you are going to make a real effort to decelerate the progress of climate change, then you have to be willing to make real sacrifices.I would suggest that Mr.Wilson (Fred) can use his blog to lead by showing his buddies how to make real sacrifices now not what they shall be doing in 25 years as the the major per capita energy consumers of the world through their elected leadership tell the rest of the world.But I don’t think that will happen as I believe the climate change problem affects primarily the poor and for now nature’s actions seem to only affect the poor, but it shall soon be affecting the rich and by that time it may be too late.

    1. LE

      “i can’t seem to accept air-conditioning as I feel that it is unfair that I consume that much energy.”Unfair? Or does it simply make you feel better as a person to consume less energy (flip the reward as I’ve said) much as I feel better from consuming less food or by suffering to do exercise? (I never would say the reason I do this has any greater purpose.) [1]I like to be comfortable. I don’t even feel a need to justify it or make excuses about it.”I would suggest that Mr.Wilson (Fred) can use his blog to lead”Otoh I’m pushing for Fred to spend his money on private jets which would consume more energy and resources.[1] I do lots of shit that keeps me healthy because it’s good for me the side benefit is also that I consume practically no health care resources while paying in tons of money. I don’t do this for any reason but for me or feel I need to justify why I do what I do for the greater good.

      1. baba12

        Yes I feel guilty for using energy when I can manage effectively. I don’t know your background of growing up, I come from the land where it is not the land of plenty. Knowing that gives me a different perspective and I don’t want to abuse what I have been able to get for myself due to just luck and some work.However you choose to go about it, do it for yourself or do it for the greater good, it does not matter. What matters is that if you just act selfishly, just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.Remember that the 6 Billion people who don’t have what you have aspire and want everything you have and the resources needed to make that happen are not there, thus something has to give and if might is right is the mantra then we shall see how much of a blood bath we are willing to accept as humans.If not then those who consume more today will have to be willing to do things for the greater good or because it makes them feel good, results are what will matter.I can be extremely selfish and give a damn as I have no kids, won’t have kids and so I don’t care if the weather changes makes life miserable for all those who live beyond me. I am choosing to do otherwise not to feel good, for that I can

  33. andyswan

    Beer cart girl

  34. scottythebody

    What I learned living in the Deep South with no AC:1. Front porches and trees2. move as little and as slowly as possible3. As the sun is going down, combine 1 & 2 with a glass of ice into which one splashes a tiny bit of Maker’s Mark. Enjoy it slowly and chat with the neighbors.

    1. pointsnfigures


  35. Paul Sanwald

    I go for a run pretty consistently at 6am a lot of mornings and there are WAY MORE people out for a run in NYC at this hour in the summer, than in winter :), particularly this favorite cool off activity is lap swimming at red hook pool. they have an early bird swim as well as an evening swim which is really cool.second favorite beat the heat activity is an afternoon nap.

  36. sbmiller5

    Swimming Laps.

  37. panterosa,

    My crazy trick in the city is the toilet, which has very cold water. Water cools 25x faster than air. When you’ve been out walking, stick your feet in the toilet while you run your wrists under cold water. Works quickly, even if it sounds quite mad. Just keep the loo clean!!When out at the beach, I swim 2x a day, but the pool out here is hot, 86 right now. The sea is 68 and you have to be hot to get in. It was 64 in June.Cold soups, like curried zucchini for lunch, sliced melon in the fridge.

  38. meredithcollinz

    A bit of biofreeze on your neck not only relaxes your muscles but also makes you feel like there’s a cool breeze even when there isn’t one.

  39. Brandon Burns

    People seem to go out to eat less when it’s a sauna outside. Not sure why, but it leads to quickly getting tables in places you normally wouldn’t.Tertulia (W4th and 6th) last night, a homey Spanish small plate restaurant, was practically empty and amaaaaazing.I also go to movies when its hot. Fruitvale Station got my money last night. I don’t think its as amazing as everyone is saying, but its definitely worth a look-see. I think more so if you’re not a minority. It’s bound to shock you more than it did me.

  40. ShanaC

    1) Siestas (when I can)2) Cold Brew Iced Coffee (note to self, get bigger french press for this at home3) Water on the skin4) Homemade salads (made a german cucumber dill salad last night5)Trying to swim in the morning at least 2 days a week (and trying to swim this evening as well)6) Drinking more fluids7) Wearing pale colors when I can (reflects light)8) wear my awesome hat9) Lambic beer and cold whites. Maybe will try that gin thingthings i should do:1) Cut my hair into my summer cut (I have big, dark curly hair and it traps heat on my head)2) Drink more water (I feel like I can never drink enough)3) go to library on not in office days (free airconditioning and books)4) Stop scheduling things for the heat of the day

    1. William Mougayar

      what is lambic beer

  41. andrewparker

    Go to the movies! Before A/C was standard in homes, this was the best way to stay cool on a grossly hot summer day when I was growing up.

  42. andyidsinga

    beer fridge

  43. andrewmaguire

    I think you’ll find this New Yorker article interesting about NYC before AC:

  44. Dan T

    bikram yoga – 105 degrees for 90 minutes of 26 poses. After you leave, everything else seems cool.

  45. Matthew Zadrozny

    Tie a wet bandanna around your neck.At night, if you happen to be without AC / dislike it, put some towel-wrapped frozen bottles in your bed. A Japanese woman taught me that trick, and it’s saved me from many a sleepless night over the years.

  46. LE

    For baba’s sake (who I gave a hard time to below) I will offer this energy saving tip when using a/c. That I figured out a long time ago based on what I picked up talking to hvac guys, repairmen and general mechanical principles. Before the internet.A/C blows at a constant temperature it is either on or off (some systems say in cars work a bit differently as do other special systems but this covers the majority which readers here will care about [1]).In my office right now, measured with an infrared sensor (handy to have btw.) the temperature at one particular air diffuser is 60o F. When a particular set temperature is reached the system shuts off (compressor) and the fan goes a bit to kick out the remaining cool air. Then when the temperature rises it kicks in again. A/C is sized to go on and off and over sizing it kills the way it takes care of the humidity.You can’t just blow cold air into a room you also have to remove humidity.So if the system is over sized you won’t cycle on long enough (because you will achieve temperature to quickly) and the air will be more humid.Make sense? It’s not just cold air it’s cold air and lower humidity. Important part of the process. That’s why you need to find a place for the water that is removed from the air to go and why you may have the air handler inside but the compressor is either outside or vented to the outside or drained or whatever.Anyway, in my office, after running a bit it seems the office is only able to get down as low as, say 72o F when it’s 100 outside.Consequently keeping the temperature set at 70o will keep the system running all the time it won’t shut down and it will never achieve that temperature anyway.And I will waste energy but more importantly I will be throwing money out the window. So what I do is set the thermostat at, say, 73o (because I’ve determined that’s 1o above the best I can do by running non-stop once all surfaces have cooled down (important factor btw.) and that way the system will cycle on and off and you will save money. (Cool down is same concept when you buy a new refrig and you need to run it for a day.)All this depends on the outside temperature of course. In 100o heat I’m able to do about 73o when it’s not 100 I can get lower temperatures if I want.[1] This is my “don’t rebut what I’m saying with the outliers” caveat.

    1. Vasudev Ram

      a/c is bad for health. full stop. i’m not taking any arguments on this.

      1. LE

        What are you talking about?

          1. LE

            Your kidding right? That’s the compelling case you are going to present to back up your statement that A/C is bad for health? and Harvard Public Health have nothing on this.

          2. Vasudev Ram

            >Your kidding right?See this:…No, not kidding.That’s the compelling case _you_ are going to present to back up your statement? and Harvard Public Health? (And yeah, I know what both of those are.)I mentioned my own experience and that of others, apart from the links I gave.Did you bother to read those links? They include results from Louisiana State Medical Center and a talk at the European Respiratory Society. What makes you think that and Harvard data/results is better than theirs? Are you an expert in the field yourself?If you want to get into arguing, the ultimate result will be that no one can prove anything beyond doubt, i.e conclusively. I can always question your logic or proofs or links and you can question mine, unless we are both in the same room and showing each other concrete proofs. And who is to say what proofs are concrete, anyway?

          3. LE

            Ok you mean this (for anyone paying attention to this discussion):Researchers at Louisiana State Medical Center found eight types of mould (sic) living inside 22 out of 25 cars tested. Air conditioners are also known to circulate air-borne diseases such as Legionairre’s Disease1) I only drive new cars so anything I’m driving I’m not worrying about “mould” (sic). Documented by apparently one study at that. I know what Legionairre’s is as well. I drive by myself. So also not an issue.2) “Your” vs. “You’re”. A typo. Luckily I’m the boss. And made it through an Ivy League school. And can afford air conditioning.

          4. Vasudev Ram

            >Ok you mean this. …Don’t put words in my mouth.If by “mould (sic)”, you meant that it should be “mold”, ever heard of British vs. American English spelling? And it was not my spelling anyway, it was of the article I quoted.>1) I only drive new cars. …. I know what Legionairre … I drive by myself.I, I, I. You’re only showing that a/c doesn’t affect you. Not others. Might as well not dispute me if that’s all you have to say.>Luckily I’m the boss.Of yourself, sure.>And made it through an Ivy League school. And can afford air conditioning.Fine and dandy, but using so-called “class” or wealth is not an argument, and shows your class. I can afford air conditioning too but prefer not to, if I can help it.

          5. Vasudev Ram

            >(for anyone paying attention to this discussion)Trying to play it down?IMO, your (lack of rational) arguments and (il)logic, as seen in this thread between us, are pathetic, Ivy League or not. I’m dropping out of this discussion.

  47. mikenolan99

    Sleep under a park bench with a 5 gallon pail on your head.Witnessed in Curacao – my wife pointed out that he still has a better zip code than we do.

    1. LE

      I’ve told the story of the bellhop that moved from Cleveland to Orlando to be a bellhop.Instead of shlepping bags in a hot city he’s in a resort community with generally great weather. I was really impressed with that. While the job is not viewed with any importance the fact that he moved to a nice place to do it is very impressive.I to would rather be under a park bench Curacao than in Philly or NYC, right.

  48. awaldstein

    I’ve been downing these for the last two hours!Amazingly refreshing.Funny–Lianna started a Beach Pack for people to get delivered on Friday early to take to the beach for the weekend and Instagram is filling up with pics of these really healthy beverages in Greenies (Green version of Bloody Marys), Mimosas with Lifetonic.Have a great weekend!

  49. Jamyn

    Last night, I raided my freezer for the Koolit ice packs that @Plated pack in every delivery box and lay down with them over my torso, like a naked sushi server (much less enticing). I’d always admonished the waste of so many un-recycleble Koolit packs, but last night I thanked the heavens for them. It’s still steamy here, so I suggest you stay in the UK. πŸ™‚

  50. Techman

    If I’m trying to stay cool. I typically stay stationary and strip what I can, which usually is just me without a shirt on. I also have a desk fan that I use to keep my face cool, which surprisingly works. For some reason if my face feels cool, then “I” feel cool.

  51. Guest

    Eventually you just get used to the heat. Dallas, TX is the hottest non-desert city in the country during the summer. The combination of latitude, inland geography, and humidity make it very hot. But I’d take that over the winters up north.Deserts are technically hotter but they are a dry heat. So your body is able to cool itself through perspiration (which doesn’t help when it’s humid).EDIT: Drinking water helps. Just water, and lots of it.

  52. george

    Have a few more popsicles – it’s a summertime favorite.

  53. Michael Son

    ZTech Stay Cool Towel – you soak it in water and place on your neck. It’s made of super absorbent material that feels dry when wet. I’ve used in golfing in high heat and I imagine it’d work well for hot summer days in NYC.

  54. Ruth BT

    I spent a few years in the Australian Outback where the temps in summer are all above 100 for months (min temps that is) and there is no cold water in the pipes. I found that the best way to stay cool without air on was to run a bath and regularly get in it fully clothed. Within the hour you would be bone dry again. After a few years you get used to the heat and you stay inside from 10-6 and do your living outside these times. Also drink lots of water and manage the temps in the house by opening and closing windows and blinds depending in the time of day. Finally as bizarre as it sounds you also need to revel in the heat and then it seems to affect you less. I now live in the tropics and the same methods apply.

  55. Steve

    Come home from work after an hour commute and go for a swim before dinner. Our solar-heated backyard pool is about 80 degrees for 7 months of the year (Bay Area). Perfect temperature for cooling off in the evening or for staying warm in an early morning (5 am) swim — my favorite time.

  56. Dee Baig

    br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}I’m more of the adventurous kind of a person and when it comes to Friday I’d rather be out with friends than slog at home. As far as the issue of staying cool is concerned I think the best answer to that would be to hit a nice restaurant or club at night. What’s better than having a blast on a Friday night! =)

  57. LAE

    cooling shirt. they work well, especially on bikes, golf courses, etc.