Only Once - The Book

My friend and USV portfolio CEO Matt Blumberg has a popular blog called Only Once on which he posts about the challenges and joys of being a CEO (for the first time, thus the name).

Matt should be familiar to AVC regulars because I have written about him and his company Return Path many times and he has done several guest posts here as well.

For the past six months, Matt has been writing a book about the CEO job in a business that is scaling. I like the way he described the book in an email to me the other day:

The Lean Startup movement is great, but this book starts where most of those books end and takes you through the ‘so you have a product that works in-market – now what?’ questions

Matt has finished the book and now it is available for pre-order on Amazon (Kindle, Print). The book will ship on September 3rd. If you are looking for a how to guide on the CEO job of a rapidly scaling company, this book is probably for you.