Please Spend Our Money

The AVC community has been very generous so far on the Brooklyn Castle project. 69 of you have contributed a total of $5,737 as of 6am on July 3rd. I really appreciate it and it is for a very good cause.

However, the Gotham Gal and I have promised a $10,000 match against the AVC community's gifts and so far that is only costing us $5,737. So there is another ~$4300 of the match to be spent. If you would like to spend a bit of your money to spend a bit of our money, you can do that here.

Once we get the full $10k of AVC community funding done, the project will be about half funded as these numbers don't include the value of our $10k match. There are some big name funders coming and we are going to start promoting this campaign broadly once the July 4th holiday is over.

So I think we'll get this project fully funded in the coming weeks, but I would sure like to see the AVC community provide the seed funding that gets the project off to a great start. Here's a picture of the kids this is going to help:

Is 318 team

#hacking education