A Table Of Contents for MBA Mondays

For the past few years, I've been using a third party service called Pandamian to power a table of contents for MBA Mondays. They've been awesome to work with but the honest truth is I would prefer to have this thing run natively on AVC and point to MBA Mondays posts on AVC.

What I want is something that I expect others might want as well. I want a cloud based solution that crawls my blog regularly and looks for posts that are tagged MBA Mondays (and tagged other things) and then generates the front end code  to render a real-time table of contents on my blog that links to the actual posts on my blog.

The main reason I want this is to power the table of contents for MBA Mondays, but it would also be awesome to power a table of contents for a bunch of other categories on AVC. These table of contents pages would be great to put behind the "topics" links on the AVC Archives page.

I suspect the answer is that there are a number of WordPress plugins that do this but nothing for folks like me who are on Typepad. Which is yet another reason to consider switching to WordPress. But I really don't have time in my life for yet another project right now.

So if anyone has any good ideas how I can get a tool to power this table of contents for MBA Mondays, I am all ears.

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