Feature Friday: Gifting Bitcoins

When our kids were born, some of our friends and family gave them savings bonds. I think we still have those savings bonds somewhere in a file in my office. I should check on them.

What are this century's savings bonds? Bitcoins, of course. I have a friend who gives Bitcoin at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I love that move. I plan to do it myself.

So how does one give Bitcoins? Via our portfolio company Coinbase of course.

It's this simple.

1) Go to Coinbase and open an account

2) Connect your checking account to your Coinbase account like you do at Paypal

3) Buy Bitcoin and store them in your Coinbase account

4) When its time to give Bitcoin, you just send the Bitcoin via email to the lucky recipient. They click on the email and claim the Bitcoin in a their very own Coinbase account. 

Of course this lends itself to regifting without worrying that you are regifting something back to the person who originally gifted it to you. I have a friend who actually did that. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

#hacking finance