Video of the Week: My Slovenian TV Interview

Last month I made a brief visit to Slovenia and while I was there I did an interview with RTV Slovenia. I have tried for the past twenty minutest to figure out how to embed the video on this blog but I cannot figure it out. 

So if you want to watch a five minute interview with me on Slovenian television, click here.

If any of you are brighter than me and can figure out how to embed the video here, let me know in the comments and I will do that.

Update: Tom Sella hacked this player together for us so now this video is embedded here at AVC. Thanks Tom! 


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  1. Anne Libby

    Here’s what the link returns for me (iPad):

    1. Anne Libby

      and oops, where’s my screen capture? will try that again

      1. William Mougayar

        On mobile? I got the same. But it should work on desktop.

        1. tsella

          Yes, its pretty badly done.. One would be inclined to check their JWPlayer playlist and figure if its something usage in video tags, allowing for playback in up to date browsers and environment, sans the swf player.I’ll might look at it tomorrow if nobody else does.

          1. vruz

            I looked into the playlist, it references an mp4 video delivered over rtsmp. You need to capture the stream using rtsmpdump or something like that. Even using such a tool, it’s difficult to get the stream to download smoothly. Maybe we can snatch it tonight when everybody is asleep in Slovenia.

          2. tsella

            Oh — I already grabbed it. Info above.

          3. vruz

            The video stream is still being pulled from RTV SLO’s horrendous website, if I understand this well you’re only pulling the playlist in that embed code.I managed to grab half of the video here:…Which should work on mobile, and everywhere else YouTube can play just fine.With a little luck we may be able to grab the rest later.

          4. tsella

            Nope. I grabbed the whole thing. But my comment is in moderation queue (I guess because of the multiple URLs in the explanation).

          5. vruz

            Very cool! Thanks for your work.I can’t see your comment on this end, have you uploaded it to YouTube too?Maybe the Zemanta folks can add subtitles if you upload it there.

      2. Rosemary Tice

        Screen capture on mobile ?? How you do that ??

        1. Guest

          On the iPad/IPhone, hit the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously — it snaps a photo you’ll find on the camera roll!

  2. Adam

    Ljubljana is such a beautiful city. Hope you had the chance to go out to Bled, just stunningly beautiful.

    1. fredwilson

      Not yet. But I will.

  3. leigh

    nice shoes 🙂

    1. fredwilson


      1. leigh

        there’s clearly a backstory going on in the interview with regards to some politics and Zemanta — did you write about it already and i missed it?

        1. fredwilson

          No. I don’t know what that is

          1. leigh

            thought the employment conversation and the gov’t not letting in some engineers sounded like there was more to it 🙂

      2. jason wright

        pointy. human feet are not that shape. i knew it.

    2. jason wright

      a DDG investor should wear these

  4. Andrew Wong

    Loved it. AVC is truly making an international impact.

  5. jason wright

    i wonder how that interview might have gone 25 years ago? times sure change.

  6. William Mougayar

    Re: The last part about getting excited if the entrepreneur is building something that will become mainstream in 5 years.The challenge is that it will take a long period of continued investment & belief into the company.What does traction look like in the first year for something like that?

    1. Richard

      It’s interesting the most ambitious things we do are said be driven by “animal spirits” and not so much intellectual pragmatism.

  7. William Mougayar

    Your next video interview should be on the streets of New York. Someone should follow you with a camera & do it like this interview :). And it must include shots with the Vespa & a citi bike.

    1. jason wright

      wearing google glass doing a blogolog to a mirror – avc v2 blogging

      1. William Mougayar

        I’m sure some of the GoogleGlass apps being written will include linkages to blogs, twitter, youtube, etc…

        1. jason wright

          why wait?

  8. kirklove


    1. fredwilson

      yeah, that was crazy

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Fred the model

  9. Richard

    The best investments do not anticipate the future, they shape it.

  10. tsella

    Obviously has nothing to do with being brighter, just have different inclinations. Very unfriendly site. I sent you the embed link via email. In a nutshell:1. Fire up Chrome, load up the site.2. Tools > Developer Tools.3. Click the magnifying glass icon to inspect. Hover over the video, see “embed:foobar1”.4. Go to the element and copy. Change the two URLs missing the FQDN for the video site (/media_jwplayer_5.7.swf & /ova-jw.swf — two player related swf).5. Save the file, open in browser.6. Test.7. Embed.

    1. William Mougayar

      Could you make it start at 35:00 with that too?The original link I saw from the blog that referenced it had these parameters at the end, but it didn’t really start at 35:00…

      1. tsella

        The embed I sent Fred plays directly his segment. I never had to skip. You may be opening the whole show instead of the segment?

        1. William Mougayar

          Hmm, I clicked on that link that had the /35 parameter, but it started at the beginning. Thanks.

  11. Just K

    Nice interview, interesting talk. I love the images picked up by the TV channel for the purpose of illustrating “start-ups”. While not being able to understand Slovenian, I found some material on their take there. WAS FUN!

  12. Richard

    That is one good 5 minute capsule. Awesome.



    1. vruz


  14. kenberger

    (thinking aloud to solve my web video consumption issues):all i wanna do is be able to tag this and all the other posted videos i come across, and then at night after dinner, have the queue play on my big screen.boxee used to sort of do this, Plex app sort of does this right now, viewable via google tv and chromecast. The problem is that neither of those bookmarklets recognize the embedded file type on today’s post and many others (works best on youtube content).the only option that i see remaining (other than me coding something myself) is if I get the laptop on my couch and cast a Chrome tab to the chromecast. I could probably change my daily tagging routine to instead use Instapaper and tag all the video containing pages, then use the laptop (tab casting isn’t yet available on android mobile devices). kind of lame. I guess a tiny bit less lame would be to bring up the instapaper feed on an iPad and airplay to appleTV instead. I guess.

  15. sigmaalgebra

    Yesterday happened to find,Wagner, ‘Tannhäuser’, “Pilgrim’s Chorus”, chorus andorchestra,Conductor: Marko Munih Orchestra: Radio SymphonyOrchestra and Choir Ljubljana…It’s famous music, part of Wagner’s opera’Tannhäuser’ (saw it once at Lincoln Center). Thechoral music is essentially the same as at thebeginning of the opera but there for just orchestra.The music starts slowly establishing some nicetonalities. It’s fun to follow the score and seethe details. Soon in some strings there is a quietrhythmic, ‘insistent’, ‘voice’ that rises in pitch andloudness, adds ‘dramatic tension’ by being a littleafter the beat at times, reaches a climax, and then,while the rest of the music continues, has theviolins play descending passages of ‘dramatic’,’cathartic’ descending note pairs. It tries to be’dramatic’ in some respects and can be sointerpreted!Near the end, with clearly distinct female voices,male voices, and orchestra is fun stuff.So, since by mere coincidence today’s thread isabout Slovenia, I’ll mention the YouTube URL of themusic.Yup, Slovenia does well with music!So, maybe they also do well with vitis vinifera?Here is maybe a more ‘official’ performance,Bayreuth Festival orchestra and chorus.…Of Wagner’s music, the Pilgrim’s Chorus and’Parsifal’ are relatively easy to like.It’s fair to say that in some respects Wagner was awacko, nutjob; yes, some people don’t like Wagner(1813 — 1883); and, still, some people like a lotof Wagner’s music.

  16. jason wright

    USV got a subpoena from the DFS? You must be doing something right.

  17. Brian Kurth

    Fred, beyond this being in Slovenia (love that little country), the best part of this interview for me and my team at PivotPlanet (consumer product) and Pivot Enterprise (to-be-named SaaS mentoring platform product for corporations, universities and trade associations) is when you said you invest in companies that not only have strong ROI potential but are also creating a movement. In fact, you said it twice during the interview.Thanks for continuing to take the time to blog for us entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs.