Email Newsletters

Getting information via email is so old hat in the age of social and mobile media. But I can tell you that many folks get AVC via email and they like getting it that way very much.

I just subscribed to Benedict Evans' email newsletter. He sends it out on Sundays and it talks about the week that was. I like the sound of that although I will probably read it on the web via my Nexus7. But at least the email is a reminder to go read it.

I use a service called Feedblitz to power my email service. If you want to subscribe to it, you can do that here. At this time, I have 4,433 email subscribers to AVC and the open rate hovers around 40%.

For comparison, 29,029 people have subscribed to my RSS feed. But only 4,724 read it on a daily basis in their RSS reader. And I get, on average, about 7,000 visits a day via web and mobile.

So this is the daily readership of AVC (approximately):

Web/Mobile Web: 7,000

RSS 4,700

Email 1,800

Total 13,500

Email is roughly 15% of my daily readership. And if I didn't hide the email subscribe button, I bet it would be a lot bigger!

Another email newsletter I highly recommend is Charlie O'Donnell's weekly NY Tech events newsletter. If you are new to town and want to get connected to the tech industry in NYC, you can't beat this resource.

I am sure there are other email newsletters out there that are worth subscribing to. And I am sure we will hear about them in the comments. Because email is old hat but it's still an important channel for content publishers that should not be overlooked.