The AVC Funnel

I did some digging on Monday as I was thinking about ten years of AVC. Here are some of the more interesting numbers I came across:

– The AVC community has donated $203,939 to DonorsChoose campaigns over the years. 1,322 folks from the AVC community have supported campaigns reaching 53,486 students.

– There were 6,232 posts on AVC in the first ten years. You will notice that is well north of 1 post per day. In the early days, AVC was like a tumblog, with short posts from me multiple times a day. That changed when Tumblr came along and I moved those kinds of posts to

– There have been 154,490 comments on AVC. 22,490 of them were on the TypePad comment system in the first four years (~5,500 per year) and 132,000 of them have been on disqus in the following six years (~22,000 per year).

– 8,916 people have left a comment on AVC via Disqus

– AVC has been visited 22,392,487 times in its first ten years according to TypePad.

– I put Google Analytics on AVC on or about Nov 10, 2005. In almost eight years that GA has been on AVC, there have been 16,965,651 visits by 9,481,697 unique visitors.

So here is the AVC funnel:

10mm people have stopped by, 10,000 leave a comment, and 1,300 contribute to DonorsChoose

That works for me. Thanks for stopping by everyone.