Video of the Week: LeWeb 2008

I am in Paris this weekend and I always love being here. I am reminded of attending LeWeb back in 2008 and having dinner with Jeff Clavier and Reid Hoffman and our wives.

And I remember meeting with Alex and Eric from SoundCloud at LeWeb that year. We didn't invest then, nor the first time Alex pitched me, but a little more than a year later Alex sold me on the third pitch and we are very happy that he did. I mention an entrepreneur pitching me about 22 minutes into this video. That was Alex (and Eric).

I've been going back and forth with Loic about coming back to Le Web this year. I would very much like to do that, schedule permitting, and hope that it happens.

So in the spirit of all that, here's a video of a panel I sat on at LeWeb 2008, moderated by AVC community member, Ouriel Ohayon.

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