10 Minutes Charge Time

Apparently SOFTBANK is offering a phone in Japan that can produce a full day's charge in 10 minutes of charge time. This is something I've been wanting for a long time. When I talk to friends and family about it, I call it a turbocharge.

The fact is that no smartphone I've used since Blackberry has been able to get me through a day without running out of battery. I used to use smartphones where you could access the battery and I would carry a spare one with me during the day. I stopped that a few phones ago and now I just look for charges everywhere I go. I've gotten good at asking bartenders, receptionists, and baristas for charges.

If a ten minute charge could take my battery from almost dead to completely charged, I could get through the day with one ten minute charge and that would be a godsend for me.

I know I can use a Mophie or some other form of external battery. I've tried them as well. But I prefer the "find a charge during the day" approach. I just wish it was a turbocharge. Maybe it will be soon.