How Big Is The NYC Tech Sector?

A few weeks back, I wrote about a study commissioned by the Bloomberg Administration that said the tech sector was the second biggest industry in NYC and was responsible for 262,000 jobs. The comment thread to that post was full of debunking those numbers, particularly for counting media industry jobs in that 262,000 number. So after seeing all of those comments, I reached out to my friends at the Partnership For NYC, which is the chamber of commerce for NYC, and asked them what the right numbers were.

They did some work and published new numbers on their blog yesterday. The Partnership thinks the number of people in NYC working in positions that require "avanced tech sklls" is 150,000. That feels about right to me too.

In any case, what all of these studies point to is that the tech sector is growing nicely in NYC, at rates well in excess of other industries right now, and will become more and more important to the NYC economy in the coming years.