DrawQuest for iPhone

I blogged about DrawQuest for iPad earlier this year. DrawQuest is the creation of our portfolio company Canvas. Since it launched DrawQuest has been featured several times in the iPad app store and has developed a large community of people who draw the daily quests. The quality and creativity of the drawings is really incredible. Here's a feed of the drawings that have made their way to twitter.

So here's the big news. DrawQuest is now available on iPhone. You can now participate in the DrawQuest community via tablet or phone (and iPod touch). And DrawQuest now includes the ability for a user to create a new quest. Until now, all the quests came from the company and they came once a day. There will still be a quest of the day but users can now publish quests as well to their friends. So there's more to draw and more to do.

The new DrawQuest was designed from the ground up for iOS7 and looks and feels great in your hand. So if you like to draw or want to draw more, please download DrawQuest and start drawing and engaging in the community.