Feature Friday: Mobile Disqus

Sometime this past week Disqus flipped the switch and AVC has been using the beta version of Disqus' mobile embed. I have been using this embed on my Android for a month or so and at first it was hard to get used to clicking into a new tab to comment or read, upvote, and reply to comments, but I came to like that approach a lot better. The mobile embed in its own tab performs a lot better than the embed in the same tab as the main post.

But that's my take. I am interested in what all of you think. If you haven't seen it in action, pull out your iPhone or Android and load this post and go into the comments. You should see a couple comments and a blue button that leads you to a new tab with the new mobile embed in it.

Right now, this is only for phones. I do not believe it works on tablets. There is a question about what the right model for tablets is.

Twenty-two percent of the visits to AVC in the past month were on phones. Another 7.5% were on tablets. So thirty percent of visits are not coming from desktop/laptop web and that's a population that has not been served well by Disqus. They are working hard to fix that and the beta of the mobile disqus embed is their first real attempt to do that. I am curious what you all think.