Feature Friday: Mobile Disqus

Sometime this past week Disqus flipped the switch and AVC has been using the beta version of Disqus' mobile embed. I have been using this embed on my Android for a month or so and at first it was hard to get used to clicking into a new tab to comment or read, upvote, and reply to comments, but I came to like that approach a lot better. The mobile embed in its own tab performs a lot better than the embed in the same tab as the main post.

But that's my take. I am interested in what all of you think. If you haven't seen it in action, pull out your iPhone or Android and load this post and go into the comments. You should see a couple comments and a blue button that leads you to a new tab with the new mobile embed in it.

Right now, this is only for phones. I do not believe it works on tablets. There is a question about what the right model for tablets is.

Twenty-two percent of the visits to AVC in the past month were on phones. Another 7.5% were on tablets. So thirty percent of visits are not coming from desktop/laptop web and that's a population that has not been served well by Disqus. They are working hard to fix that and the beta of the mobile disqus embed is their first real attempt to do that. I am curious what you all think.


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  1. Anne Libby

    Love it!Next, if they have a fix for “fat finger”….

    1. ShanaC

      Sorry. I don’t think they can fix genes

      1. Anne Libby

        Integrate voice recognition, then you could edit manually…

      2. jason wright

        if there’s a trade in kidneys (two max per person) then why not slender fingers?

    2. JimHirshfield

      Well, that was a big point in this new user experience: accommodating fingers. That’s why, for instance, when you tap a comment on mobile, you’ll see larger voting and reply buttons.[FYI, I work at Disqus]

      1. Anne Libby

        Thanks, Jim. Fantastic change.”Fat finger” is a mobile issue, not a Disqus issue…

      2. Jesse Ingram

        Awesome feature.I also just had to sign in to post and was not taken through a web of hullabaloo. I was returned right back to my comment in progress.

  2. Ricardo Diz

    Using the new Disqus on my iPhone and first impression is that it’s awesome! Congrats to the team.Not sure about the new tab created for I though. Will definitely use it more and test it out.

  3. jason wright

    “I do not believe it works on tablets.”- this is not helping my plan for November. “There is a question about what the right model for tablets is.”model? i don’t get it. what’s the debate here?

    1. fredwilson

      use the mobile embed on tablets or the standard embed with possibly some tweaks for tablets?

      1. Ricardo Diz

        That’s a tricky question with all the screen sizes out there as well…

        1. fredwilson


      2. kenberger

        Use this for all tablets too. Major improvement.

    2. JimHirshfield

      You have a plan for November?

      1. jason wright

        new hardware Jim. for avc access i was thinking of going mini tablet, but there seems to be a question mark hanging over the disqus mobile experience on tablets.is avc on disqus for mobile working well enough on mini tablets?

        1. JimHirshfield

          This new mobile experience is intended for handhelds (i.e. smart phones) not tablets.

          1. jason wright

            in the last month 7.5% of Fred’s visitors were on tablets. i wonder what their experience is like?

          2. JimHirshfield

            That’s more than 2x the average across sites that use Disqus.

  4. awaldstein

    Initial impression–it works which is a huge step forward. Congrats!Advice to them–make it the very best of the best as the first priority.Owning long form comments on the small screen is a bridge to a future they really need to dominate.

    1. fredwilson

      you and i think alike Arnold

    2. Dave W Baldwin

      You’re right. I’d leave the tablet as is until Disqus is toward 100% with phone ability. The next step would be offering option to tablet.Easy for me to say, since with iPad, I’d stay with current.

      1. Anne Libby

        Current Disqus works well for me on the iPad. (And I stubbornly haven’t upgraded iOS)

        1. Dave W Baldwin

          Stand your ground. πŸ˜‰

          1. Anne Libby


      2. Techman

        I personally think that tablet’s don’t really need the mobile Disqus interface. While it is certainly lighter, tablets have bigger screens and usually have a bit more processing power so the normal embed should load just fine and function just fine.

    3. jason wright

      Arnold, you use a 13″ Mac Air laptop. do you find the lack of a cellular data connection option a limitation when you’re out and about with it?

      1. awaldstein

        Not much for two reasons:-I use my phone consciously for as much as possible. I’m two feet into a small screen future.-WiFi in NYC is everywhere, outdoors as well. Winter will be harder obviously as sitting in the park working won’t be happening.

        1. LE

          Wifi concerns me security wise. Especially in NYC. It would be trivial to trick someone into connecting to a man in the middle wifi posing as a trusted network by broadcasting a stronger signal with the same name.I use wifi obviously but prefer to connect using a ipad mini running Verizon LTE which is superfast if I don’t know the network (home or office) that I am connecting to.Or you could just add tethering to your phone. As long as you aren’t viewing videos usage wise it’s not a problem for email and general browsing.

          1. awaldstein

            You may be right but I”m choosing not to worry about this.

          2. LE

            You may be surprised that I actually take the same attitude with many things as well and I find it reduces stress to not have to worry about everything. (Unfortunately with this stuff I know to much to not worry about it.)One small thing that you could do is on the Mac under “open network preferences” see if you can live with unchecking “remember networks”. And delete all (or most) of the networks you’ve connected to in the past. With you there could be 100 or more.As an example (after checking on my own system prior to writing this) “gogoinflight” doesn’t require a password. So if I wanted to sniff you (and you had used gogo on an airplane) all I’d have to do is broadcast that and you would connect to me (if more powerful) instead of, say, the wifi point that is encrypted that you intended to connect to. (This is more commonly done with linksys routers which by default broadcast linksys).That said the chance is small but I thought I’d point it out just the same.

          3. awaldstein

            Thnx.Choose your worries is my strategy.

          4. Dale Allyn

            LE, sharing your POV here, I’m now exploring Cloak as an option. It’s a VPN service (as you may know). Running my own VPN is okay, but I don’t have the distributed locations nor their resources for optimizing, so for non-critical stuff I’m comfortable with them. I spend time in S.E. Asia, so such things matter to me. It’s nice to have the option onboard when needed.

          5. LE

            Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to check it out. We operate servers so I can already do the same thing with a VPN but I’m interested in seeing how they implement it.

          6. Dale Allyn

            I’d like your feedback as well. I have a few servers as well, but don’t want to build a complex VPN network with access across geographical regions. My stuff is all U.S. based, so prefer to browse via optimized networks when in Asia if possible. And I want to avoid hotel wifi malware at all costs.

          7. LE

            I just installed it and tested. With both letting it choose the server as well as choosing a server in Amsterdam. It did alter the IP address of the connection so I knew it was “working”.I need to look into exactly what system modifications it makes in order to do this (because it isn’t showing up in the control panel).If you operate servers you can also just setup a ssh connection and a proxy instead of having to pay for cloak (and once again it’s not the payment it’s a lack of control or knowing what is going on). Then when you want to operate that way you just ssh to your server and make sure your browser (or email client) is set to connect to the proxy.

          8. Dale Allyn

            “If you operate servers you can also just setup a ssh connection…”Right, and I use Prompt from Panic Software (I like their software) for SSH via iOS. But sometimes I just want a simple and safe(r) way to connect without working too hard. ;)We’ve gone a bit off-topic, so feel free to email me if you’d prefer with any other thoughts on this stuff. My first name dot my last name @gmailEdit: fixed broken link

    4. Brandon Burns

      “it works which is a huge step forward”:-)

  5. ShanaC

    Oh happy day….it works

  6. matthewmclean

    1st comment by phone … Well done. I wish we could breakdown mobile use by age.

    1. JimHirshfield

      Age of device or age of user? πŸ˜‰

  7. Geoffrey Weg

    A few thoughts:(1) The two sample comments feel a bit arbitrary. Maybe it’s the design, the fact there’s only two, or that the two aren’t designated as “best,” “recent,” etc.(2) The View Discussion button and the two sample posts make the footer feel pretty messy. Don’t remember how it previously looked, but by my count it now includes 7 items: TechCircle; Post Footer; Older Post Button; 2 sample comments; View Discussion button; Related Links; Blog Footer. The comments now get a little lost in this.(3) The discussion page URL is a Disqus URL. Not sure if that’s because it’s a beta version, but newbies might wonder where they were just taken. I also think maintaing the AVC url there would look best.(4) Not that this is justified, but from (3) I was left with a slight feeling that Disqus was trying to house comments on their platform and under their brand name.

    1. fredwilson

      That is all awesome feedback. Thanks so much!

    2. awaldstein

      #4 is really an interesting comment.I’m waiting for someone from Disqus to chime in on that. Intentional–I bet.

      1. JimHirshfield

        There’s no land grab at play here (re #4 above from @geoffreyweg:disqus)[FYI, I work at Disqus]The commenting service we provide resides in an iframe, rendered via java script. I’m not a developer, but the point is, comments have always resided on Disqus’ servers – not because we’re trying to “drink Fred’s milkshake” (that was a meme once, wasn’t it?). But because this is, after all, software as a service.As for the URL of the new tab, again we’re not trying to rig SEO results. Frankly, I have to defer to someone on our Product team to explain that. It could simply be ease of deployment.

        1. awaldstein

          Land grab is your word, not mine Jim.Positioning intent is what I was thinking moreso. That’s not something you can grab but something to aspire and work towards.You brought up SEO. Been a big ongoing concern for many. I think (fuzzy) that Daniel mentioned something. Be great to get it out in public.

          1. LE

            If I understand what you are asking (I may not) nothing in disqus comments is ever indexed by google.If you do a random check of any of the text of any comment (from, say a week ago even) nothing comes up. And this has always been the case I believe.It would be good for the blog owner (as I think you are saying) and for disqus but it might either help or hurt commenting depending on the particular person involved. Personally I wouldn’t like the comments to be indexed for google, I just use gawk.it. Google makes them to accessible and not private enough. (For me that is others have different opinions I’m sure).Attached example. Comment search works with gawk.it but not google.Click to enlarge image. (Disqus needs to add that by the way not everybody knows to do that.)

          2. awaldstein

            It’s pure insanity to not have Disqus comments indexed by Google.Agree–no longer a strategy to build a business as we all did, 100% on the back of natural search.Disagree–It’s totally wacko to have a medium like blogging where amazing, keyword focused context is being created by the hundreds/thousands of pages and not be a traffic driver.As the user, won’t matter IMO.

          3. LE

            Oh I totally agree with you that it is wacko to not index it. Makes no sense.Just personally for me I’d rather not have my words indexed.But make no mistake you have to separate what is good for LE since I said “Personally I wouldn’t like the comments to be indexed for google” and what is good overall where there is as you say ” amazing, keyword focused context is being created by the hundreds/thousands of pages and not be a traffic driver.”.100% agree with that.Curious why disqus doesn’t allow slurping.

          4. awaldstein

            There is something they have done that I simply forgot.This is a big plus for publishers and worth surfacing. I”m sure it will later.

          5. falicon

            +infinity πŸ™‚

          6. Brett Goldberg

            This is not correct. From my testing, comments do get indexed, (and somewhat obvious, but worth mentioning, the number and quality of comments have a profound impact on SEO.)I grabbed completely random text from a comment on one of my blogs: “ELTON concert for dec 3. My seats are in section 109 row 14, seats 1-4.” Test it yourself and see if my blog ranks.

          7. LE

            I only tested this on AVC not any other disqus blog. So when I said “nothing in disqus comments is ever indexed by google” I should have said “nothing in disqus comments is ever indexed by google for AVC.com” Also doesn’t appear to index (from a quick check) gothamgal.com.Just found this in which disqus says “it’s can but might not happen” but points the finger at google. It’s not google almost for sure but some setting. Why wouldn’t google index Avc.com comments?:http://help.disqus.com/cust…So anyone that isn’t getting comments indexed might have something set on their blog to add a tag to prevent comments from being indexed specifically or there could be some other issue.Good that you pointed this out and Disqus might want to examine this more closely and update their faq with reasons why it’s not happening on some blogs.By the way (Arnold) I’m noting that your comments are indexed on your blog. At least by a quick check for one comment.

          8. Mat Mullen

            I’m guessing your blog is using WordPress and the others are not. With the Disqus WordPress plugin, comments are synced locally and thus they are included in the source code of the page, which can be crawled by Google.

          9. awaldstein

            So that is how it works. Thanks.I’m using the plug in so that explains a bit.

          10. Techman

            I know Disqus had a similar thing for Blogger comments, but from what I know something went bad with Blogger’s API and I was able to sync comments anymore, the last time I checked. Can you give me an update on the status of this?

          11. Techman

            Gotta love @falicon:disqus for making such a great service.

        2. Cam MacRae

          As regards the URI It should be technically feasible to allow the blogger to configure a CNAME i.e. disqus.usv.com and point it to your servers. Then it’s just something you’d have to implement.PS. I think the new disqus mobile is pretty great!

          1. JimHirshfield


    3. Brett Goldberg

      1. I thought the two comments were clean and intuitive (although I would agree three would be better). With that said, timing might be a factor. The two comments I saw: 1. A comment upvoted three times and 2. Fred’s comment. As time went on I saw Fred’s comment got replaced by another comment with the same amount of upvotes but was more recent.2. I agree that there’s a lot going on, but when you look at the disqus comments portion by itself, it’s actually pretty clean. The “older post” should be moved lower which would make the comments slightly more prominient. Most of the other elements are up to the blogger to include or not, for example I removed the “Around the Web” recommendations on my own blog because I thought it created a lot of noise (plus the benefit I received for displaying it was not worth the amount of traffic I received from Disqus).3-4. My concern here is strictly for SEO. The blog comments are crucial in helping organic search traffic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this has a negative impact (as is).Note, maybe Disqus is trying to encourage short comments, but I can only see three lines of text as I write this. My experience while writing this on IOS 7 has not been a good one. With that said I find the overall design and layout conducive for mobile discussions.Correction: when I went to edit this comment, I was able to see my entire post, I guess I experienced a small bug.

      1. simpsoka

        The issue with only seeing three lines when you’re composing a comment or response is something we’re actively looking into, so yes… you did find one of our bugs. πŸ™‚ We’re not trying to encourage short comments, though I imagine we’ll see shorter ones via mobile than desktop. The larger issue with this bug is the inability to re-read a comment, which is a common mobile use case (checking for auto-correct errors, typos, spelling, etc.) Thanks for your feedback, Brett!

    4. Tyler Hayes

      Re #4 I’m not at Disqus anymore so I can’t speak for them but I can point out something that may help here: the URL you’re talking about is the same URL loaded when using a desktop browser. If you were to open up the network inspector in your browser when viewing this page, say in Chrome, you’d see the Disqus embed is loaded from disqus.com/embed/comments. So really there’s nothing new here.

      1. awaldstein

        Tyler–just a hello to you.Was a pleasure interacting with you in the early days.Strange sort of that ex Disqus people, not Disqus itself, are following this thread and answering the queries.

        1. Tyler Hayes

          πŸ™‚ Likewise

        2. obscurelyfamous

          Tyler is Disqus for life and knows that answer better than most. πŸ™‚

          1. awaldstein

            Tyler rocks!But glad to see you here of course.Comment below I was trying to remember what you told me RE: SEO. Good place to let the many publishers here know what you’ve done or recommend on this.

      2. Geoffrey Weg

        While that technically might be the case, some mobile browsers will show the URL/brand relatively prominently. In my comment, I was getting to the perception that that creates.

      3. Techman

        You no longer work for Disqus? Lolwat?!

    5. tdw

      I have a complaint about the Zemanta TechCircle placement on mobile. It is way too close to the comment link. When I want to click on comments I usually inadvertently fat finger TechCircle and am directed there instead. The link should be moved.

    6. Techman

      On points 3 and 4, the new Disqus (Disqus 2012) has always been loaded from an iframe with the URL that @tyler:disqus was talking about. The comments are hosted on the disqus.com domain, which carries a few benefits and some drawbacks. Really though unless you load the URL directly (like in Disqus mobile), most users don’t even notice this.With the old Disqus (the classic Disqus), the embed was rendered directly onto the page and there wasn’t an iframe. The mobile theme was also rendered directly onto the page.

    7. kidmercury

      Def trying to take the audience. Thus is the problem with disqus’ strategy and we’ve had numerous discussions on this. The SEO implications are also sub-optimal (for the publisher, that is…..perhaps not so much for disqus).

  8. JamesHRH

    Seemed odd the first time it happened earlier this week, but I found it got natural quickly.

    1. LE

      James – I forgot to reply to a comment where you needed my help with something (I just realized) you can contact me at the email in my profile).

  9. JamesHRH

    As a complete aside on a Friday, does anyone know why David Karp spent yesterday hanging out in NYC with Cmdr. Chris Hadfield, while dressed as a strip of bacon? – http://colchrishadfield.tum

  10. isfan

    I’m one of the mobile users (iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2) and appreciate the direction. A few thoughts:1) the first two comments are very hard to read … Not a great way to entice me.2) choice of the first two postsIs there a way to reward your best commmmenters for those coveted spots?3) there is a bugWhen writing this comment on my iPhone, I can only see three lines of text (I can send screenshots)4) email tie in for comments I get your blog by email and have always thought it unfortunate that comments are not included in some way. I understand that the email is sent as soon the post is done and before comments, but it might not be a bad idea to have a delay feature that allows the insertion of the first several comments.There is so much gold in te comments .. They are really part of the post IMO.Well done and looking forward to more mobile features.

    1. JimHirshfield

      Thanks!Screenshots and other bugs to [email protected] please!!! Many thanks.

      1. isfan

        screenshot sent … you guys rocks

    2. Farhan Abbasi

      My feedback word for word.One good thing is my draft comment was still there after i pressed “x” to get back to reading a comment. When i hit reply i thought i would have had to re write what i started but i didnt have to. Great job on that Disqus.

  11. Shaun Dakin

    Testing. First observation is that I could not find the link to comment and almost gave up (android using dolphin)Then when I did find it it is not normal behavior to go off to another url not associated with the website you were on (avc)Then when you tried to comment it did not work at first.Update : hard to figure out you need to highlight a comment to upvote. Rather than click on a arrow.

    1. JimHirshfield

      Dolphin looks like a cool browser – I was unfamiliar with it.Are you experiencing the same issues with the native browser on your Android? That would help us narrow down the issues.Thanks[FYI, I work at Disqus]

  12. Nas Hashmi

    I want to try out the new comment system because i struggled with the old version in mobile. U have to say there’s not much improvement because when trying to move the cursor around for editing, u can barely do that without using a special keyboard.Also, since I’m here, I will add this:I know your bullish on mobile with mobile first campaign, but I’m both skeptical and in disagreement. Mobile is like a pinky: nice to have it and you don’t really need it. Strange to be without it, and no difference having it there. It plays well in assisting you with your most routine activity but for things that are new and strange, it requires patience and persistence.It is mostly useful in time wasting activities or activities that are routine. For me that is reading.

    1. Anne Libby

      Much of the world is mobile only, and this will only increase. Those of us with 3-4 screens are a rare slice of the ultimate user base.Anyone out there have real numbers for this? @jimhirshfield:disqus?

      1. Nas Hashmi

        That is inarguable, but your implied argument is to serve the customers of the greater number. And that too is inarguable.But my argument/complaint is that mobile, as widespread as it may be, is used for either gadgetry (like camera, bluetooth, etc.) or a routine/familiar activity normally done on a desktop, that might make sense to be “extended” to a mobile device. To learn and perform a new activity is a chore requiring persistence and patience, not something befitting a mobile experience.

      2. brianfrumberg

        Here are the stats:(1) mobile as a % of total internet traffic was at 15% this may and growing at 1.5x/yr(2) # of users accessing Internet via mobile is greater than those accessing via PCs in many countries, including China and S. Korea. *Mary Meeker 2013Re: the new Discuss, I’ll echo some points above…(1) not being able to see the comment you’re replying to is a huge issue. (2) being directed back to the first comment after replying to one 30 comments down is a huge pain in the ass. It will demotivated me from commenting as often as I otherwise would, so I can avoid the 40 thumbswipes to get back to where I was.

        1. Anne Libby

          Thanks, Brian. I saw Katrin Verclas talk (in 2010?) about how mobile was being used in health care in Africa, where some had phones, and fewer had computers.

  13. leapy

    Definitely an improvement on previous experience. I can now comment :-)There is a clear change of environment when clicking through to the new tab. It will be hard for blogs to retain their styling, I should think.My main usability issue – for me a biggy – is the inability to re-read a comment when replying to it.It would be useful to keep a comment visible when creating my response.

    1. Geoffrey Weg

      Agreed re. the inability to re-read a comment when replying to it. It would also be helpful to have the main post readily accessible.

    2. leapy

      I also could not see the whole of my comment during writing.I have a large screen (galaxy S4) but only see three lines. There doesn’t appear to be a way to navigate up to earlier lines. Will send screen grab.

    3. LE

      Definitely an improvement on previous experience. I can now comment :-)Interesting I wonder how many people will now comment by mobile as a result?In order to encourage more mobile commenting it might be an idea for disqus to note somehow that a comment that was made by mobile.Mobile comments are much harder to make (and edit) and as a result typos and the like are more understandable. (I don’t comment by mobile but by the concept of social proof if I knew that many people comment this way it might actually make a difference in my decision. (A small chance.))

  14. Anthony Serina

    It is definitely an improvement on mobile than in the past but, I am not in love with it. Having a separate tab elongates the process of getting to the comments which still take a long time to load.On a completely separate product note – is it possible for Disqus to be available when corporations block it. Before I left corporate america it was so frustrating that the comments were always blocked. Probably a separate startup idea all together.

  15. William Mougayar

    This is a great improvement from before. I have a few comments. – curious as to how they see this solution vs. a whole mobile App? Why not go mobile app instead of this? The 30% may be low because users didn’t enjoy the previous mobile experience, so that number might jump. – A bug? text disappears from above when typing. I can only see 3 lines at a time (iPhone 4 w iOS7)- I’d like to see the threads better delineated, maybe like Twitter does it with that straight vertical line across users- I thought this could be an opportunity to enhance the functionality for eg by adding another pull down on top: Replies to you. That’s one of the tabs in the current Disqus Dashboard.Most importantly, it provides a better writing experience, and that’s the main take-away from it.

  16. Farhan Abbasi

    Hate having to click View Discussion. Half the reason I open your blog page is to read the comments. It should load up like it did in the earlier version. I responded to the solicited feedback when i got on.

  17. Cynthia Schames

    First impression: I hate that it has to open a new tab BUT here I am commenting on mobile, so I love that. I read AVC every day on my commute but rarely comment anymore because I’m reading on mobile. Even a slightly wonky solution makes me v happy.But…The 3 line thing is very odd and definitely -feels- like a bug, even if it’s not. And when I’m navigating around inside my own comment, it’s easy to get lost or think words have disappeared.Overall: yay for some sort of mobile solution. Is this available to all Disqus-using blogs now?Keep moving forward πŸ™‚

  18. Chris Moyer

    Not a fan, mainly because it’s broken in my newsreader app (newsblur). Clicking the view comments button results in losing the article and loading about:blank. I assume this is because it’s in a webview. I wonder if other apps will exhibit this or if the newsblur app is buggy.Edit. Nope, just clicked and avc link in the twitter app and view discussion link resulted in a blank page. (iOS 7.0.2)

  19. WA

    I am not a developer. I am not a techie. I tech enabled. I am a user. I am part of (Disqus) your market. This is an excellent evolution. It is clean and solves many issues in posting versus doing it the old way here in AVC. Bravo from the bleachers.

  20. Matt Candler

    Biggest bonus for me, is the ability to quickly comment using voice to text. This feature makes it feel more intimate, human.

  21. James Ferguson @kWIQly

    If I had to drink beer in a thimble I would drink spirits !To me mobile (in general) is a necessary evil. Useful for quick telephone calls – arranging meetings, finding places, and filtering email.But if I plan a meeting I plan it in an environment I control – not on a train that has tunnels or in public where there are uncontrolled noise sources.So for me AVC (and other blogs) are something I do with a big screen.At AVC I drink in the content, consume enjoy and type on a keyboard the width of my shoulders.Because great things in life are to be cherished not fumbled !PS – who reads a book on a screen smaller than a cigarette packet – nobody – small form-factors are transitional.

    1. awaldstein

      Comments and conversations on the go are going to happen.Disqus to me is the best of the best. If I wanted to disrupt the commenting space, I wouldn’t go after them I would go after the small screen conversation.I’d like Disqus to own that. Someone will.

      1. James Ferguson @kWIQly

        Arnold – I agree 100% – I am just talking about personal preference, and that someday someone will figure out how to provide a ubiquitous uncramped UI.The UX for small screen estate will be beaten by voice, projection or gestures or some form of flexible or holographic screen HUD interpretreting brain waves or whatever. Meanwhile with slowly deteriorating eyesight and fat fingers I stick to interfaces that work for me and otherwise I struggle.So I look forward to that day (and I certainly am not alone) – meanwhile I try to avoid what I do not enjoy (I fully accept that this is opting out of one incarnation of connectivity, but I think offline time, real face to face conversation (uninterrupted by omnipresent devices has a place in my life too. )And yes – if anyone wins that space disqus should – I am a huge fan !

        1. awaldstein

          I agree…I’ve been on a mission to not enjoy what I do but to step into mobile and see what you have to do to make the size of the screen not a limitation.Context is the direction for this to happen although how, is still behind the curtain for anything to do with community.

          1. James Ferguson @kWIQly

            Great – Sometimes accepting a constraint is a great way to drive creativity (Necessity mother invention etc).I have often thought about arm extension as a metaphor for zoom (think magnifying glass) and lateral / vertical panning movement for virtual screen translation scrolling (why ? because my mother expects a result from that intuitively – if I give her a smart phone – she sees the internet as a vast desk of pages with bookmarks being simply a row*column definition and she extends her arm when she wants a broader context and leans in to magniify !

  22. Brandon Burns

    Congrats, Disqus, on making such a huge leap forward in the usability of your service.I’ve given the Disqus team a bit of grief here on AVC, a lot of it via @JimHirshfield:disqus (sorry, Jim!), which is probably unfair, considering I use the product everyday and it’s incredibly useful to me. And now it’ll be even more so. Kudos.

    1. JimHirshfield

      I value the grief, if that’s what you want to call it. Discourse (Disquorse?) is what it’s all about here in the AVC threads. Thanks for your kind words Brandon.

  23. Cynthia Schames

    Oh bleergh, when I reply to someone else’s comment, it goes through, but then I’m dumped right back at the top of the comment stream again.On most blogs this won’t matter a whit, but on AVC, with 100+ comments on every post, it’s a giant pain in the ass.

  24. pointsnfigures

    It’s my idiocy. My Apple iPhone won’t let me sign in. Whenever I use Disqus or Twitter to sign in, for some reason it doesn’t register. So, I never comment of a mobile device on a blog with a Disqus platform. Since I generally prefer commenting off my laptop, I don’t make it a priority to try and fix my phone.

  25. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Tried it on iOS 5.1. In general I think it’s a solid, easy-to-use experience.I agree with some folks here that it would be better to keep the comments within the blog post.I wish the two sample comments (and, related, the Zemanta stuff) within the post were displayed in a larger font. I hate reading tiny font, ever. And tiny fonts on phones always feel behind the times to me. I’ll scroll all day for a bigger font πŸ˜‰

    1. LE

      I agree with some folks here that it would be better to keep the comments within the blog post.Personally I think it works much better as a separate page.Under ios it opens as a new page so if you want to view the original post you can go back to that. If it’s on the same page it would create some issues with the type size possibly and ruin the experience of reading the comments.

      1. ryanv12

        Yeah, this is correct. If the site is responsive or mobile-formatted it would look great in the same window. If not you’d be zooming in a lot and scrolling from side-to-side.The disadvantage is that there’s a lot of scenarios where Disqus is loaded where new windows aren’t accepted, like native app web views.

        1. Kirsten Lambertsen

          Ah, yes. The challenge of existing inside someone else’s environment πŸ™‚

    2. pointsnfigures

      what browser are you using.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Safari (but I can’t figure out where to view which version on this iPhone – I’m new to it)

  26. kenberger

    The site looks great on the Galaxy Gear watch ! (kidding, no browser)My quick review for the curious: http://www.youtube.com/watc

  27. andyidsinga

    Using it on android 4.3 CyanogenMod 10.2 with chrome browser.Big improvement, like it.There are some minor issues with the input text area only allowing a couple lines for editing & viewing text, while displaying what appears to be a much larger text area.

  28. Tracey Jackson

    I never comment on from my phone. I tried this am to see if I would like it better. I was directed to two different spots. Did not love that. I had to sign in to Disqus which I never have to do on my computer. Maybe I was half asleep I missed the finger. Maybe I am just tech-tarded. I guess since I never liked commenting from my phone before and I still don’t it’s all the same to me.

    1. LE

      If I had to guess I’d say that since you are a creative type [1] the nuance of what you say is very important and the tools that you use are also very important.Just because a musician can play on a small keyboard selling for $140 in Walmart doesn’t mean that they would prefer that over a full size Steinway. Just because I can type on even a mini notebook doesn’t mean I don’t prefer to use a full size keyboard and even have certain keyboards that I prefer.[1] I’m projecting my own reasons for not using mobile comments on you of course. Same reason I don’t really use twitter.

      1. Tracey Jackson

        I like that you understand that about me. I do like doing some things on my mobile. But not heavy textual things. The other thing is I am always in front of a keyboard. Life is just easier that way.I hate writing on an iPad. I am constantly yelling at my writing partner for writing chapters of a book on the yellow tablet on an iPad. Yeah, OK, it’s easier, but it makes life really difficult.

  29. LE

    I immediately noticed this (when in line at Starbucks on the day it came out) and I thought it was much better as a separate page.Size wise (once clicking over) it’s easier to read.The only thing I would alter possibly is to make the “view discussion” a bit more prominent and get rid of (on mobile) the links that appear under “view discussion” currently. (I think that’s more of a desktop feature that isn’t needed on mobile).

  30. matthughes

    It’s a bit odd that it opens in a new window but readbility is far better.It turns out I wasn’t logged in as I went to write this comment so yet another window had to be opened so that I could login.It’s also tricky to scroll back to the top of my comment to review before I hit ‘post’ – which seems to be some kind of bug.I know this: I’ll use Disqus a lot more as its mobile capability improves.

  31. obscurelyfamous

    Thanks for the thoughts friends. This version is running on less than a third (probably closer to 20%) of our network.There are things to consider and make better as we continue the rollout. Some of you have already pointed some of this out.Some of you have asked if this is “Disqus Mobile” — the answer is that thjs is the same Disqus, working better for more computer types. Mobile devices are one of the main ways people use Disqus and that’s what we are addressing.It’s one of the things we are doing to show how we build products for mobile.

    1. Techman

      Hey Daniel – can you switch on Disqus mobile for all of my users on my site as well? I know that previously you had to have a cookie of some sorts.Also, maybe you guys can add an option to the admin panel to enable/disable the mobile theme? I know that on some sites it can be useful for consistency. I don’t personally don’t think you guys would do that though because it probably doesn’t fit in with the “agenda”.

    2. TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      By the way, can you update “Disqus” so that it allows users to see who down-voted any comments?:)

      1. TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  32. Scott Barnett

    This embed is MUCH better than the previous mobile version. Well done. I can read and reply from mobile…. finally!

  33. Rui Delgado

    I don’t know… I need some time to adjust. And then I’ll know if I love it or hate it. It sounds reasonable though.

  34. Techman

    Test comment from Disqus Mobile.Edits:Okay I have some feedback. I think you guys can should work a little more on Android 2.3 devices that use Dolphin Browser. The voting buttons are not positioned as they should be, because I looked at Disqus mobile via Chrome with a user agent spoofer just to make sure.

  35. DarkUFO

    This is probably a silly question.Why can’t the new embed be displayed on the same page for mobile? I assume there is some technical reason.Overall I love the mobile comments, needs a little tweaking, that I am sure will come as more sites and users provide feedback.I’m just not, yet,, 100% convinced loading a 2nd tab/window is the best user experience.

  36. Aaron Klein

    I’d write a long comment to tell you what I think, but Disqus crashes my iPad browser almost every time so I can’t.

  37. Donna Brewington White

    Late to the party –been traveling and only glancing at my favorite community here. Saw the new mobile version on my phone but just now seeing the post.Bravo to Disqus for this attempt. I am increasingly using mobile to visit AVC and the mobile interface does sometimes inhibit my interaction. For me the ju

  38. LE

    Shouldn’t show the two comments– just a count and button.I thought that was a good idea. I just thought the “view discussion” should be more prominent and maybe should say “view more comments”.–missing feature: search for comments by name.Agree. That is always a problem even on desktop actually.

  39. Techman

    Amen on the voting. I wish you didn’t have to bring up that bottom menu just to vote up (or down) a comment.