Feature Friday: usv.com daily email blast

For those of you who have made a habit of visiting usv.com regularly to see what the usv community is reading and discussing, we now have a way of getting that via email.

Here is how

  1. go to usv.com
  2. on the upper right, click “Log in with Twitter”. If you don’t see that option you are already logged in and can go on to the next step.
  3. once you are logged in, click “Settings” in more or less the same place on the page
  4. under Settings, make sure we have your correct email addres, then look for Daily Email and check that box
  5. hit Update

You will now get a daily email with the top stories/links on usv.com.

On that settings page, you can also make sure we have you properly auth’d with Disqus.

You will also notice tabs on that page to see all the links you have shared, the bumps you have handed out, and the places you have been mentioned by others on the site.

#VC & Technology