– areas of interest

I spent some time analyzing the top tags used to post stories on Here is the tag cloud:


There are some redundant terms in the tag cloud (ie startups/startup), so I put the tags into a spreadsheet and cleaned it up a bit.

startups 172 interest areas: companies:
bitcoin 166 bitcoin google
mobile 117 mobile apple
vc/venture capital 92 privacy/surveillance twitter
privacy/surveillance/nsa 90 education facebook
marketing/growth 65 cloud amazon
google 49 health
funding/pitch 47 security
education 46 crowfunding
technology 45
entrepreneurship 36
android 34
apple 34
twitter 34
facebook 29
cloud 27
health 27
design 26
amazon 25
media 25
security 24
crowdfunding 22

This data is not what is most interesting and relevant to USV, although it includes USV as a subset. This is what is most interesting and relevant to the community of people who are using I suppose our areas of interest and focus impact that quite a bit, but it’s worth noting that this is a larger sample size than just the USV team.

Clearly, things like startups, venture capital, growth, and funding are going to be at the top of the list. That is our business and the business of the entrepreneurs who largely make up the USV community.

But what is more interesting is what interest areas are top of mind. Those are bitcoin, mobile, privacy/surveillance, education, cloud, health, security, and crowdfunding. We think of mobile and cloud as the important enabling technologies of the moment we are in. The rest are markets that we are talking about and thinking a lot about right now.

So is a good mirror reflection of what is interesting and relevent to USV right now. That’s a good thing.