Women Entrepreneurs Festival 2014

The fourth annual Womens Entrepreneur Festival starts this evening and continues all day tomorrow. The Gotham Gal and her friend Nancy Hechinger, who is on the faculty at NYU’s ITP program, are the founders and festival chairs.

The goal of the WE Festival is “to sow the seeds for a community of women entrepreneurs, to expose women who have not yet taken the entrepreneurial leap to women who have.” This year’s theme is “be bold” and we all know that being bold is a requirement for entrepreneurship (and life I would argue).

This year’s event, like the three before it, is sold out and has been for months. But, if you could not get in, can’t make it to NYC, or are just learning about it, you can watch the whole thing live or later on the livestream. The conference opens with a keynote this evening at 6pm eastern by Anne-Marie Slaughter who wrote one of the most talked about pieces on woman and work titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All“. You can watch it live or later here.

Though USV is allergic to sponsoring events, we make an exception for things that can move the needle where the needle needs to be moved and growing the community of women entrepreneurs is certainly in that camp. So USV is proud to be a sponsor of WE4 and the livestream.

I will be at Anne-Marie’s keynote and I will be at the WE Festival all day tomorrow. If you are going, I will see you there.