Feature Friday: Recognizing Wine Labels

My son turned me onto a wine app called Delectable Wine. I am waiting for the Android version so I can use it too. But I’ve used it a bit on his iPhone and its a really nice and useful application.

Think of Delectable Wine as Instagram for wine. People post the wines they are drinking, their reactions, tasting notes, etc. You follow your friends and experts (likeArnold) and you see what they are drinking. You can tag where you had the wine and what you thought about it. There’s a really nice searchable archive so you can go back and see what the wine was that you had at Perla that night with your friends that was so good.

But all of this is possible because of a very cool feature that my son calls Shazam for Wine Labels. When you want to add a wine to Delectable, you take a photo of the wine label and Delectable figures out what wine it is, what vintage it is, etc, etc. All of that important metadata comes in automatically just because you took a photo of the wine label.

I don’t think Delectable would work nearly as well without this feature. It enables so much of the discovery and data that makes the app so great. The first time I saw it in action, I said “wow”. I see a lot of technology demo’d every day. I don’t saw “wow” that often. But I did when I saw Delectable in action.

If you are into wine and have an iPhone, try it out. I think you’ll like it.