Fun Friday: The Missing Plane

While this is not exactly a “fun” topic, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity for a comment driven day at AVC. Last night at dinner, our friend Ben asked me if I had an opinion on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane (#MH370 on Twitter).

I told him I thought it was a hijacking and after that I had no idea. He went on to explain to me that the flight had continued for four or five hours after the communications systems were turned off. To me that suggests even more that this was an act of foul play and that the plane may have been landed somewhere with all the passengers now hostages. Of course, that’s just speculation on my part. What is shocking is given all the satellites and other systems designed to track things such as this, we don’t yet have any public information on the whereabouts of the plane.

So with that, let’s go to the comments and see what you all think. What happened to MH370 and where is it now?

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