Fads and Phases

Alyson Shontell quoted me in a BI story yesterday. The quote was exactly what I said:

I think a lot of what we’re seeing is a reaction to Facebook and how Facebook was so dominant as a social platform for the past 5-10 years. The things that Facebook forced you to do — to use your real name, to post something publicly that everybody could see…these are things that people ultimately had a bad reaction to. I think all of this might just be a phase we’re going through…I think the public mood shifts, I think that a lot of it was the Facebook model was the dominant model for a long time and I think a lot of people are now interested in these other models. I like to think [trends like anonymous apps] will have their run and then there’ll be something else.

I guess its up to interpretation whether I called this a “phase” or a “fad” but I most certainly don’t think these anonymous apps are a fad. Chat Roulette was a fad. Facebook was a phase. These anonymous apps are more likely a phase than a fad.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, I can go to yoga.

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