Fun Friday: Hangover Cures

Once a year we host the leadership of our entire portfolio for a one day CEO Summit at USV’s offices. There is always a fun evening event. Last night we went to The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (the Gotham Gal is an investor there). And then afterwards, in what has become a tradition, I take anyone who wants to go out to a night on the town. It is a lot of fun.

I got home at 2am last night and need to be at the USV offices for another annual event at 8am. I’m up and I’m in pain.

My trusted technique is a lot of water, Advil, a hot shower, and an espresso.

I’m curious to hear some other approaches.

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  1. David Semeria

    In times like these a stiff Bloody Mary is the only cure.Fight fire with fire.

    1. kenberger

      HOTD. Hair of the dog.

  2. Guest

    These are the days I remember to take my multi vitamin. In the afternoon when the heavy sleep kicks in. Grab a piece of gum.

  3. awaldstein

    Hydration is key… I’m prejudiced of course as an investor, but this drink is my morning after beverage with tons of chia–>…Drink natural wines and spirits. No shit added, no sugar boosted alcohol, no poisons on the fruit. And not blanketed with added SO2. Makes a big difference.

    1. LE

      No shit addedInteresting do you think wine labeling will get to the point where I can walk into the local wine store and actually make a buying decision without reading the fine print? Right on the front label the same way other goods in supermarkets are sold?A chef for a major food company once told me that the pasta sauce I should buy is the one with an ingredients paragraph that was like 1 line long (instead of a paragraph). Because it most likely had a nominal amount of ingredients. Having the same thing with wine (or some kind of a branding label “arnold approved”) would go a long way in making some of these brands stand out at point of purchase. I don’t think “natural” is the word for it though. Has to be something else.

      1. awaldstein

        This is a great question with no easy answer.As I now have first hand experience with food certs I can tell you that it is the intersection of compromise and bullshit. A mess.As an example of the House of Cards size web of influence that is there, Whole Foods just dropped the opposition to Monsanto and required disclosure on GMO certs as a full 70% of their food, organic or not, is GMOs. Big dollars are at stake.I think I’ll hold on the wine label talk as I have partially drafted a post entitled, Are Certs Enough that addresses the question for wine.Great topic generally.

    2. Cam MacRae

      Similar to my morning drink, except I make my own: Today’s was 1 cup coconut water, 1 tbs white chia, spinach, celery, cucumber, mint, Thompson grapes, a banana, and a few ice cubes.Just as important as my first espresso!

      1. awaldstein

        Agree. I happen to live with a nutritionist and raw entrepreneur so I get it handed to me in a 16 oz bottle–literally. But then again there is an industrial Vitamix and a Norwalk Press on the counters.Check out her Clease Til Dinner solution. I do this three times or more a week. Every product has a complete list of ingredients so may give you some ideas.

        1. Cam MacRae

          Love it. Will look at doing it when I next go on taper — at the moment I’m running so much that I’m pretty consistently having trouble eating enough.

          1. awaldstein

            Where are you located?Lianna works with a number of trainers and athletes so fine to ask her questions on nutrition and greens.

          2. Cam MacRae

            Melbourne, Oz.Thanks very much.

  4. Tom Labus

    do all that and then get a beer on the way to work

    1. Abdallah Al-Hakim

      Nice. Get over it by having more!

  5. JimHirshfield

    Two to three beers max., the night before. No hard liquor.Feel great the next day. ;-)#moderation

    1. fredwilson

      Well that’s good advice but I did not follow any of it last night

      1. JimHirshfield

        “You’re gettin’ too old for this shit” – Someone’s father

      2. William Mougayar

        What did you have? Mixing drinks is a sure recipe for disaster.

    2. David Semeria

      Party animal

      1. JimHirshfield

        If you only knew.

    3. JamesHRH

      I will spare the details, but I once attempted to thank an NHL officiating crew, at the end of a fun outing, with shots of Jack Daniels. The referee of the group (this was when there was only one) declined & explained:” I drink 200+ nights a year. Simple rule – stick with the beer & the clear (vodka). Litre of water tonight, 2 litres tomorrow AM & I am right as rain when we hit the ice in Dallas tomorrow night. One of those & I am in big trouble.’A pro’s pro on the imbibing front.

      1. JimHirshfield

        Good call by the ref!

        1. JamesHRH

          I never thought of it, but JD might have gotten me a game misconduct!Same guy also put his hand on my forearm ( as I went to down a glass of beer) on a different occasion.I was hosting him and his crew, post-game. The pitchers of beer were showing up (and disappearing) every 8 to 10 minutes. We were at the 20 minute mark – 3rd pitcher just arriving @ our table of 4 – when he made the move & said ‘nobody keeps up with these two, there is no downside in letting them get ahead and no upside in trying to keep up!’His colleagues that night were 2 of the new generation of big, young linesmen. When you measure in @ 6’7″ / 265 & 6’8″ / 275, while skating for 60 minutes @ a world class level 200+ nights a year, 3 pitchers of beer is like a big jug of Gatorade……Good guy, Dan the ref.

          1. JimHirshfield


    4. karen_e


      1. LE

        If Jim was more of a drinker (and/or addict) he might have ended up like the comedian that he wants to be.

      2. JimHirshfield

        Hahaha, not even close.

    5. LE

      Genetic.Fact is certain people don’t drink because it doesn’t feel good to them. Period.Which is why they naturally avoid drinking to excess.They don’t get the same pleasure from it that others do. (Not that they don’t get any pleasure at all but a combo of what they can tolerate and what they get from doing it don’t carry them to that level).Perhaps they are like me. Who never drank a thing in college. And didn’t even drink socially until I figured out “hey having a drink at the wedding reception makes it easy to tolerate all these people” (so I would have a whiskey sour basically).Only time in my life that I ever got drunk was at Passover dinner when I was somewhere between 12 and 14. I felt like shit while it was happening and never wanted to feel that way again. So I never have. It just doesn’t feel right. Not that I won’t drink. [1] I will go out to dinner and order something but I might not finish the drink if it’s to strong. I don’t like the feeling past a certain point. I have a negative reaction to it. It’s not just lack of a positive.Anyway imagine for a second if I had the same experience at that early age but it felt good instead of bad?Things would have turned out differently. I would have been reinforced instead of repelled.Not coming from this drinking culture though I’m always amazed at how people celebrate and talk so freely about this stuff. And how they think it’s so funny and have all these cute words to describe getting drunk while they attempt indoctrinate others into the same behavior.#moderationProblem is that by my theory having any exposure triggers the response which makes it near impossible to stop. Neither of us has this problem that is why we can be moderate.[1] I feel a fair amount of people that don’t drink at all are like that because they realize that for them it’s a slippery slope (I don’t mean recovering alcoholics either) that they might not be able to pull back from. In other words the mere exposure triggers the brain response that makes it impossible to do the right thing. This is kind of what happened with Fred last night. He knew he had meetings the next day but his brain pleasure muted the consequences. Essentially even the thought of alcohol makes judgement go out the window (Note I said “even the thought”).

      1. JimHirshfield

        You might not be such a prolific commenter if you were a big drinker.Thank you for your sober thoughts. πŸ˜‰

  6. Andrew Cassetti

    Coconut water works great. Tastes a little funky though.

    1. awaldstein

      Chia is the secret to supercharge hydration. With Coconut water, with infused teas, with greens.

  7. Abdallah Al-Hakim

    My plan now is to stop drinking alcohol at 12 am and switch to water until I go home. This seems to make it always better the next day!

    1. fredwilson

      That’s a great move. I wish I had done that last night

      1. Abdallah Al-Hakim

        The hard part is to fight the peer pressure πŸ™‚

        1. JimHirshfield

          Peer pressure is passive bullying. Fuck that.

        2. sbmiller5

          Sparkling water with lime is a good way to hydrate while looking like you’re drinking.

        3. JamesHRH

          The alternate theory espoused by someone I know: learn to drink professionally. Get a little goof on, manage the intake to maintain but not overdo / under buzz.I think Fred is just out of practise.

      2. LE

        As if you’ve gotten to your age and not realized that before.Patient: “Doctor it hurts when I do that”.Doctor: “Then don’t do that”.

      3. Mike Geer (MG)

        Yeah it’s those last two drinks of the night that you always don’t need, but you desperately want, that kill you.I do your cure, but take two Advil (reduce swelling during the night) at night and then substitute an Aleve (better for pain) into your routine in the morning. All fully scientific, I assure you.

      4. Elia Freedman

        The key is hydration. Drink a lot of water before going to bed and take two Advil, too. You’ll wake up better than if you hadn’t.

    2. muratcannoyan

      Isn’t that just when things get cooking?!

    3. panterosa,

      drink water before you go out – half the first drinks are thirst.

    4. pasmith13

      Agree … based on need hydration.In any event and particularly if you don’t stop at midnight drink as much water as possible when you get home.It’s much better to have the water before you go to bed then in the morning when you wake up

  8. Barry Nolan

    Hair of the dog. #ifyourbraveenough

  9. thebigmix

    rehydrant, pain killer, sleep, all help. If it is extreme/urgent, then an intravenous drip (saline solution) is perfect. Helps if you know med students/doctors πŸ™‚

  10. Vasya Pupkin

    Hangover is your body going through an alcohol withdrawal. You just need to give it a bit of alcohol. Have half a cold beer, it will cure your hangover instantaneously.

  11. Bruce Warila

    morning sex

    1. David Semeria

      Morning, Bruce!

      1. Guest

        is your name not bruce?


          That’s a good one indeed. To sweat it out especially. Anything with codeine in it does a great job as well. And a hard-boiled egg.

    2. pointsnfigures

      Hangover hornies.

  12. LIAD

    Only surefire way not to get a hangover is not to stop drinking.

    1. markslater


    2. Guest

      Retox to Detox!

  13. William Mougayar

    The dehydration needs to be fought prior to drinking. It’s too late now, but drinking lots of water throughout the day prior to drinking helps, and if you had hard liquors, drink some water in-between.As for now, you’ll remember all day that you’re not 25 anymore πŸ™‚

  14. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Fatty foods help break down the breakdown products of alcohol. So have some bacon πŸ™‚ The vitamin B in bacon helps metabolize the toxins, too.Get a serious dose of antioxidants. Hit the juice bar for a wheatgrass juice (mixed in something else if you’ve never had it).Hopefully, you walked to work. (Anything to speed up metabolism.)If you’re queasy, get your hands on good ol’ Alka Seltzer.Prevention: one glass of water for every alcoholic drink has served me well for years.Sorry you’re hurtin’ πŸ™ Hangovers suck.

    1. awaldstein

      Ahhh—this is why I always ate breakfast at dawn at Lucky Strike after playing all night.Now I get up at dawn and work!

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        I was a Round The Clock girl.

    2. JamesHRH

      This was the route we always took – Double 1/4LBers with cheese & large fries from that merchant of Death, Ronald the Clown.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Ya, for me it had to and has to be diner food. Or a deli run by Hell’s Angels.

    3. Anne Libby

      At a Mexican wedding, after the band left, we were served chilaquiles before we went home…

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Mmmmmm. With eggs? That makes me hungry πŸ™‚

        1. Anne Libby

          And the next day was a breeze…

    4. Aidan McGinley

      Actually fatty foods are only good as a preventative measure. They line the stomach well which slows the absorption of alcohol. Doesn’t stop me craving a fry up when hungover though

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Oh, now see, what I read said specifically it was for the by-products of alcohol breakdown. It’s kind of funny how voodoo hangover ‘science’ is, ha!

  15. William Mougayar

    Here’s a trick that a dentist told me for fighting extreme pain. Mix 2 different pain killers together, i.e. 1 Advil + 1 Tylenol. They each work on a different part of the brain, but combined they are more potent.

    1. Anne Libby

      Tylenol and alcohol are dangerous when combined. Better to stay clear of it.

      1. William Mougayar

        That prescription was for the morning after, not during πŸ™‚

        1. Rob Underwood

          My understanding is that basically if you drink alcohol pretty much ever you should never take Tylenol.

        2. Anne Libby

          Depends on how much you had to drink, and how long you’ve had for it to clear your system:

      2. ShanaC

        tylenol you should avoid – it is easy to od

    2. sbmiller5

      That’s actually a good idea for anything – muscle pain, fevers, etc. That’s the first thing my MD of a spouse gives me after complaining about not feeling well. Then she tells me to stop complaining πŸ˜‰

    3. Brenda

      Advil is metabolized in the stomach; Tylenol is metabolized in the liver. Alcohol + Tylenol is a double hit on the liver and can be very damaging. Alcohol + Advil in large quantities can contribute to peptic ulcers. Pick your lesser evil, not both!

      1. William Mougayar

        Again, clarifying- that was for the morning AFTER, not during drinking!

  16. Anne Libby

    Water. Coffee. Toast.

  17. LIAD

    I’ve heard injecting heroin can mitigate the after affects of alcohol.

    1. David Semeria

      Well that’s a practical solution, Liad.

      1. LIAD

        I didn’t see ‘practical’ in the brief.

    2. fredwilson

      Oh shit!

  18. Richard

    Go back to your Roots, such as “Burdock Root”

  19. sgleahy

    My hangovers’ kryptonite is multi-vitamins, coffee, Gatorade & Sausage Egg and cheese sandwich. Gets me right back to faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      I’ll have what he’s having.

  20. howardlindzon

    I send my Chinese lookalike doppleganger on day 2 as a sub. easy. rookie mistakes fred.

  21. Mroberhozer

    This seems more like a post for the “Fun Thursday, Miserable Friday” blog series, but maybe that’s just me ;)Coconut water is where it’s at for me…natural electrolytes

  22. JLM

    .Coconut water with Crystal Light Energy powder — no sugar.Dry toast to sop up the alcohol. No butter.As much water as you can stand to dilute it and flush it out.Quiet rooms, no talking and sunglasses.Next time drink ice tea posing as whiskey or a Pimms Cup. Nobody has ever gotten drunk on a Pimms Cup and all that cucumber is good for you.JLM.

    1. markslater

      then you are not making Pimms the right way matey!Its one of life’s lesser known treasures….

      1. JLM

        .I agree as to the treasure. But really? Getting drunk on a Pimms Cup?JLM.

        1. markslater

          near impossible!I’m known for bringing the pimms at summer get togethers in these parts!

          1. pointsnfigures

            Can only drink Pimm’s wearing tennis whites or linen.

          2. markslater

            reminds of the scene in trading places at the tennis club….

    2. mikenolan99

      Oh you evil man… I have a bottle of Pimms at home. Now my garage project will be put off another week, as sitting on my deck and drinking Pimms is now at the top of my weekend list.Damn you….

      1. JLM

        .Cucumbers, remember the cucumbers.No power tools while drinking, Lefty.JLM.

  23. Twain Twain

    Lots of soy milk mixed with apple juice.

  24. michael

    guy to guy to good men we like you to heppy

  25. Guest

    I drink a bottle of water before bed and wakeup feeling fine!

  26. Fernando Gutierrez

    1. Lots of water before going to bed.2. Lots of water when waking up during the night because of 13. More water and greasy food in the morning. Not sure why it works, but I always get a burger during the morning and I feel great

    1. pointsnfigures


  27. Chris Phenner

    One edit to Fred’s recipe of a ‘hot shower’ in his post above…Try this the next time you’re in pain from Last Night and are in the shower.While under the faucet, turn the dial to COLD — as cold as you can and for as long as you can — it’s like a self-inflicted Polar Bear Plunge. Hold the temperature there for as long as you can stand it, and at some point (I promise), your hand will ‘go back to Hot’ (water).I view a hangover as a period where all your nerves (and focus) are turned internally on yourself. The pain, the regret, the self-loathing — you’re a bundle of vulnerabilities.When you self-inflict a Polar Bear Plunge, all those nerves turn to focus on defending your body from the onslaught of the cold water you’ve just unleashed.I wish I could say that I only had a small number of data points to defend the above πŸ™‚

  28. pointsnfigures

    Bacon. Grease helps ease the pain and braces the stomach for the continual rounds of Advil. Just enough coffee, not too much. A banana-to replace potassium that you lost. Then Gatorade the rest of the morning.I can tell you that I had a few late nights when I was a trader-and had to be in the pit and ready to rip at 7:20am the next day, with an hour or so of prep before.

  29. Blane Cordes

    The NJ cure is Pork Roll & Cheese along with a jump in the ocean. Not too feasible right now

  30. btrautsc

    Now here is a topic I can contribute on:A. If possible, full glass of water pre pass-out. B. *Executive Workout* first thing – Two forms: if you’re poor like me, you super steam your full hot shower for 10-30 minutes, while drinking more water. If you have the means, you actually head to a gym with a proper steam room, and relax for 10-20, also while hydratingC. Real shower, transition from hot to warm to finish cold (truly wake up). D. Eat something hearty but not heavy (you’ll be back in bed if you go overboard).This method is proven. It’s also key but often forgotten that you need to get a decent sweat in before going about your day after a serious night out… your 8am meetings will be able to smell the alcohol if you don’t…

    1. LE

      full glass of water pre pass-outAbsolutely amazing that people drink like this. And continue to do so. Until they pass out.

      1. btrautsc

        “pre pass-out” not in terms of literally just passing out somewhere.As in, before you go to bed – drink a full glass of water. Then sleep.

  31. Guest

    5-hour energy during the night out. Hypothesis is the large dose of vitamin-B, but regardless, it works. Well spaced water throughout the night. When I was 20 it was 1 water to 4 beers, that ratio has changed to ~1-to-1.Next morning, a healthy dose of vitamin-G (grease), preferred headache-reducing tablet and coffee, and I’m generally at 90%.

  32. jason wright


  33. @Holger

    Coconut Water, lots of it.

  34. reece

    this will sound insane, but @spinosa and i swear by this…drink a 5 Hour Energy when you start your drinking… something about the B vitamins, caffeine, et al that helps your body avoid that malnourishment that comes from a night of drinkinghave done this ~8/9pm and still been asleep by 1 or 2. combined with some water later in the night and maybe a bite of a bagel/pizza and you’re golden

    1. William Mougayar

      But your age is a factor in recovery πŸ™‚

      1. reece

        age is a state of mind (said the younger man)honestly though, i do think it’s more about training the body in one way or another. there’s no magical formula. if your body’s used to a certain lifestyle and/or able to process certain traumas, then yes, it’ll recover better… if not, then it won’t

        1. LE

          That makes sense for sports and exercise for sure.As far as things like alcohol or other damaging food or drink you don’t improve, or not create future side effects, you just become less likely to suffer the current side effects.That said I can fully understand how it could be a value to have one type of lifestyle which in total leads to a better lifestyle later on.For example let’s say you are the type that enjoys the fraternity life. So you join a fraternity. You drink and do all sorts of shit. But you also end up having your fraternity brothers who end up turning you on to something either after college or later in life. A valuable connection. So that lifestyle lead to a benefit. I would argue that it would be impossible to be a member of that fraternity without participating in the fraternity lifestyle or being part of the crowd. Drinking in particular. Red solo cup.So it isn’t really what you do but that you have considered the pros and the cons and made smart decisions all along the way.That’s one of the problems I have with any advice on the internet. It doesn’t take into account a whole host of things that happen as a result of a particular behavior. The thing that leads to the thing (which swings both ways).You played sports. Not something that was encouraged in my family (or that I could do for that matter). And playing sports it seems, from what I know about you, lead to you doing what you do now even though it wasn’t your original idea for your startup.

  35. Andrew Kennedy

    Pickle juice/brine. It does wonders. There is also a set of “hangover pills” that can be purchased at the counter at any Duane Reade in NYC. I’ve heard that the pill “Blowfish” works.

  36. Brandon Burns

    If phone battery is dead, do not charge. Stay in bed until at least noon. Have a slow shower and a good breakfast. If you’ve missed any meetings, bring treats for anyone you’ve left hanging. When you finally arrive to work or wherever you need to be, do it incredibly fashionably late. And, most importantly, have a good story to share.

  37. BillMcNeely

    Gatorade and Advil. Eat something as well

  38. karen_e

    I am truly amazed that there isn’t more talk here about eggs and bacon. I thought it was universal!

    1. LE

      Not a hangover cure (I don’t know about that) but I can say that lox and bagel (with tomato) gives me a tremendous kick and makes my work day great. I think it has something to do with the combination of fatty oils and protein.Along those lines I can see how eggs and bacon might fall into the same category.

      1. pointsnfigures

        Bacon, is there anything it can’t do?

  39. Brandon G. Donnelly

    Redoxon + poutine

  40. JamesHRH

    Not many times that this pic is appropriate………

    1. JLM

      .That is so freakin’ funny.Well played.JLM.

  41. sigmaalgebra

    Sorry, can’t help; have no experience or knowledge;never had a hangover. For the wines I like,can’t afford to drink enough to cause a hangover!Beer? Mostly just with Chinese carryout, andwhen I’m done eating, say, rolling up Moo ShuPork in pancakes, didn’t drink enough beerfor a hangover!

  42. Donna Brewington White

    Yet another Fun Friday. I now have a headache just reading this. More like After-fun Friday. :)Anyway, two Advil or aspirin BEFORE you go to bed with a tall glass of water.

  43. panterosa,

    If you see me before noon eating a whole bagel w/ c.cheese and a can of coke It was a rough night. Otherwise I find coke disgusting. It always works.Or on a plane putting vodka in the bloody mary mix at 9am. +1 for leaving New Orleans.Mimosas are the chicest way to solve this – if there’s any champagne left over…. which implies you were the host ( or stayed over with the host).

  44. kidmercury

    antioxidants, water, protein, magnesium, potassium. a smoothie with goji berries, nuts, spinach, and bananas, and then some dark chocolate, might be sufficiently fun and is a hindrance, though as a sucker for the coffee ritual i sympathize and will do it too.

  45. Evan D. Gotlib

    Three advil, a 20 oz. red gatorade and two bananas.

  46. Zach Stevens

    I drink the mini pedialyte bottles for kids and it seems to help with dehydration and hangovers!

  47. Grace Schroeder

    Coconut Water

  48. Chaitenya Razdan

    Always have Gatorade before falling asleep…does wonders for you in the morning

  49. peter orlowsky

    Greasy Egg Sandwich

  50. Michael Ferrari

    I typically pop a couple 1,000 MG of Vitamin C throughout the night and that seems to help. Here’s some good info from Dave Asprey, BulletProof Coffee dude. http://www.bulletproofexec….

  51. Steve

    16oz of gatorade before bed!

  52. Tracey Jackson

    To avoid it – one glass of water for every drink. Then as the evening progresses two to one. Then go home, take three Aleve before bed. Though I ‘m trying Arnold’s recipe next week.

  53. dan_malven

    Gatorade in the morning, or Propel (Gatorade water) at night. Funny thing about Propel….if I drink Gatorade or water right before going to bed, I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Especially with water…goes right through me. If I drink same amount of Propel right before bed, I don’t have to pee at all, sometimes not even much in the morning. Something about Propel that the body absorbs all of it and doesn’t pass through me. I swear by Propel on any night where I’m feeling dehydrated (not just drinking nights).

  54. Patrick Kershaw

    Ahhhh Fred, first time I have felt I have something of value to add… Real simple cure.. 60mg Codiene, 60mg Pseudoephedrine, 500mg Paracetamol… hangoverover as we used to call it

  55. Tiffany Stone


  56. joewaltman

    At the risk of sounding masochistic, I usually choose to absorb all of the pain that comes with a hangover…and use it as a motivation not to over-imbibe in the future.If you do feel like treating the symptoms, a friend has told me that marijuana can help with the nausea.

  57. Henry Glover

    The best part of a hangover is you know you are already feeling your worst and the day can only get better.

  58. Oz Nathan

    A technique I discovered in Greece, where there is more wine than water: put a large water bottle next to my bed before you go out. Before being the key. Then drink a lot when I come back and drink more everytime I wake up during the night. Got my through two weeks of >1L of wine a day with no hangovers.

  59. James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Doctors conscensus is something like this :(Contributors remain nameless)l:Night before going to bed – hydrate (H20 not some “hydration thing” due to osmosis distilled water penetrates fastest – osmosis draws water towards soluble concentrates)Next morning – Energy, Painkillers, Anti-inflammatory, Carbs, Oxygen (Placebo effect), TLC Exercise1) Flat coca-cola or pespi (with calories) – half a litre (about 10oz ) overcomes low blood sugars very fast is near isotonic ( flat will not cause bloat )2) Advil or other ibubrofen source NOT Paracetemol (bad for livers and kidneys that are stressed)3) Aspirin (if needed beware stomach irritation)4) Pure oxygen – this is a placebo but knowing that does not stop it working !!!5) Light exercise (circulation = benefits), outside (colder air stimulates circulation to skin)Lots of TLC – If all else fails – Bloody Mary until insensate

  60. Henry Chalian

    Stick it out … ‘human up’! Isn’t the saying: nothing is free in life ? so think of it as pay back for all of the pleasures one has when one indulges! reverse ‘no pain no gain’ ‘gain fun and pay with pain afterwards ….

  61. LE

    I’m up and I’m in pain.Lay back on the couch and let’s explore that more deeply.You have a behavior that you know will result in pain later and in fact have obligations the next day that will be impacted by the behavior.Yet you still continue (at this age) to engage in the behavior.Why is that?What goes through your brain when making the decision to engage in the behavior with these consequences?The answer is the same thing that causes anyone to do something where they know of the negative outcome which comes at a future time. It’s the muting by the pleasure sensors [1] (sometimes triggered by mere thought and not even action) of the consequence of the future event. [2] The future negative event does not feel like the threat that it really is. It feels manageable and much less. You contain it in your brain quite well.In a sense I guess this is evolutionary and was actually needed behavior for society to get to this point. Men need to have a brain response to lessen the fear of war and fighting or risk (and women after all they go through childbirth which is really a reverse of the principle) that makes them oblivious to consequences of some dangerous or painful action.[1] Men cheating also comes to mind. As if Bill Clinton didn’t know he might have a problem with a young girl telling a secret. See how powerful this brain response is? Or look what happened to Spitzer.[2] Other than a gross obligation (like you had a meeting with Potus or Scotus or Angela Merkel the next day) my guess is that you would have a hard time not engaging in that behavior.

  62. pointsnfigures

    For detox, A bag of sliders with brakes.

  63. iggyfanlo

    Drip drop (new product) or the oldie but goodie.Two large glasses of water, all a seltzer and a bacon cheese morning burrito

  64. NicholeSmaglick

    There are some great African soups that knock out hangovers (or at least make you perk up as your body is dealing with it all). Common ingredient is animal protein cooked way down. My guess it is the boiled cartilage in the Supu.

  65. Mitchell Mom

    I find that Pedialyte and carbs (sometimes in the form of leftover pizza, but hopefully a bagel) are really helpful. Wear headphones and don’t play any music so no one bothers you too much until it goes away!

  66. Marc Brodeur

    It’s all about hydration. I use these electrolyte tablets (It’s my company, fyi)

  67. George Zeng

    there are a group of drinks in asia that are reputed to be great at getting rid of hangovers (review link below). think you can buy some of them on amazon, but haven’t tried many of them myself…

  68. Ken G.

    Drink 8+oz of water before bed. Bathroom time comes sooner, though! Also have heard with aspirin, but I have not needed.

  69. ph ph ph ph phi unit

    I just heard the other day that pedialyte is the end all be all for hangover cures

  70. Selby

    Egg and bacon sandwich with a huge ice green tea.

  71. Peter Andruszkiewicz

    A friend of a friend gave me this technique: After a long night of drinking alcohol, leave a large container of water (2 liters) on your nightstand. In the morning, stand up, chug the water and then lay as still as possible for 20 minutes. The water will worsen your condition at first but with a little time you will feel much better. I don’t know the science behind it but it seems to work!

  72. Gennady Shenker

    When you need a legal advice do you go to an associate at $300/h or the best expert you can find at $1000+? When comes to drinking who’s a match to Russians? Well, yea, Irish is close-second and may suffice ;). There are a few Russian techniques that work wonders, but I wonder if your risk profile would allow you :):1. Liquid that’s left after farmer’s cheese is made/drained – by far the best option. (Should I start a business making this? πŸ˜‰ ) 2. Russian style yogurts: Kefir3. Liquids from anything “pickled.”4. Another drinkAspirin with lots of water is good too.

  73. Desiree Vargas Wrigley

    Chug coconut water and some Exedrine Migraine πŸ™‚

  74. Matt A. Myers

    Just water can make things worse – you need electrolytes with that. Look for Emergen-C packets – they’re good for before or after hot yoga classes (like the ones where you sweat out 3-4 Lbs of water weight).

  75. Joseph Zaccardi

    Pho. Hands Down.

  76. Matt A. Myers

    Woody Harrelson says headstands are the best hangover cure; Any inversion would help I imagine.

  77. Aidan McGinley

    Eggs contain cysteine which breaks down acetaldehyde one of the causes of hangovers. The potassium in bananas is also great. Lots of water is good too the hangover headache is caused by your brain swelling from dehydration.I always go for a big plate of scrambled egg and a large ass smoothie usually banana and strawberry. Its my weapon of choice in the hangover battle.I once tried a banana omellete it tastes horrendous but it did a magnificent job of allowing me to function after a long drinking session.

  78. the_rhino_cap

    Multi-vitamins and gatorade before you go to bed, and there will be no hangover.

  79. DCTech

    Avoid mixers with sugar..tonic usually has 30g…hydrate late in night…take milk thistle supplement when you go to bed helps liver process alcohol…2 Advil πŸ™‚

  80. ShanaC

    just listening….

  81. MikeSchinkel

    Fred sorry to say, but the best hangover cure past 50 is… abstention. πŸ˜‰

  82. Michael Dempsey

    Ramen or Pho in the morning helps an upset stomach like you wouldn’t believe.

  83. Scarlett Sieber

    Pedialyte, pedialyte, pedialyte. It sounds weird and tastes a little weird but it definitely works.

    1. JamesHRH

      a variation on Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade.

  84. LukeG

    A tablespoon of olive oil before you start drinking (heavily). Coats the stomach…

  85. mikenolan99

    Brings back memories of China… doing my MBA with a study tour in Shanghai – with 35 Australians and me, the lone American. Tail end of a month abroad.Drank way too much… back in the hotel at 2am. Continued to drink way to much. (remember singing Beatles songs at the top of our lungs…)All of a sudden it is 10am, and I am listening to a DRY lecture on economics or the plight of the wild panda, or something… I need band aids on my eyes they are so bloodshot.At break, we stumble outside.. and find… a McDonalds.20 nuggets, a Big Mac, Large Fry and a Coke.Nothing has ever tasted so good…

  86. RichardF

    1 banana, 1 full cooked english breakfast, make sure eggs and black pudding are included, one cup of tea with two sugars. Works 99% of the time unless copious quantities of whisky was involved the night before in which case there is no cure! (Patent pending on method)

  87. Jeremylinquist

    there is no substitute for Dr. Awesome’s Hangover formula. Created by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine this stuff rocks. Typically you take 3 before drinking and then 3 before bed but in a pinch you can take all 6 when you wake up feeling like crap. It’s hands down the best and most effective hangover cure on the market.

  88. Linda Chung

    Pedialyte or Ultima electrolytes or Lyteshow-to help with the dehydration and a sausage,egg and cheese sandwich works as well to ease the pain and provide comfort. I haven’t had a hangover in years!

  89. Matt McCormick

    You wouldn’t have had time for this this morning and it’s an incredibly painful 45 minutes but…Get up, drink some water, go for at least a 3 mile jog, come home, take a long shower, drink more water, and take an hour long nap.You wake up feeling great and the rest of the day can actually be productive and fun.Of course, this might be one if those cases where the cure is worse than the disease.

  90. T Lynk

    Like my dad always says, “shotgun 2 V8s and sprint 2 miles”

  91. sreewastav

    I watch the movie Hangover to remind me of what could have gone wrong. πŸ™‚

  92. Chris Mottes

    just add bacon and eggs….and Marmite of course πŸ˜‰

  93. Yalim K. Gerger

    Not that I condone using drugs of any kind but this scene from the movie The Flight in which Denzel Washington recovers from the worst hangover of all time, is epic.

  94. laurie kalmanson

    across the midway from my grad school dorm in hyde park was a diner; oxtail stew, cornbread and greens for breakfast worked great after being out all night; sauna; gym; crash — preceded by deep dish pizza.internet says it’s still there.

  95. KINA

    My best cure has been a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel paired with a Gatorade or Pedialyte.

  96. Peter Van Dijck

    Same here. Additionally, drink the water *before* going to sleep (2 glasses at least) – helps the dehydration.

  97. brendangbaker

    Should the Fun in Fun Friday:… been in quotes today?

  98. Adam

    Pretty simple. All of the drinks and potty breaks cause you to get dehydrated, similar to working out. Eat a banana and drink a glass of orange juice before bed to restore potassium and vitamins. I’ve tried everything under the sun, including the shot of olive oil. This is the best and simplest.Another option: Goody’s Powder is an urban legend here in the south. Basically, it’s multiple varieties of pain killer plus caffeine:

  99. GarrettR

    There are hundreds of different ways people claim to cure or prevent a hangover, however if there was a truly successful method hangovers would be a thing of the past. There are ways of diminishing the severity though and lowering the chances of them happening.1.) Hydration — Clearly the most obvious, yet rarely followed. Whenever you have any alcoholic drink, you should follow it up with a glass of water. It’s a pain to do, and you’ll be making bathroom trips fairly frequently, yet it’s effective and necessary.2.) Diet — A multivitamin, Omega 3 and B-complex vitamins should be a staple in your diet. Milk thistle is also an excellent herb for liver health the morning after a night of heavy drinking. I currently consult as a neurochemist for a neurotech startup called truBrain and while their product is not intended for hangover relief, it works remarkably well at getting you back in the game. With one of their ingredients (piracetam) working to actually repair brain cell damage actually caused by alcohol.…3.) Exercise — As crazy as it sounds, going for a swim or a “light” jog no matter how painful it may be can get you out of that morning daze. It will also ensure that you get more out of that morning cup of coffee.

  100. marioyang

    1 hour of Yoga. 100% serious.

  101. Sahil Parikh

    Try a cold shower instead.

  102. Frank Fumarola

    I’ll either run 2-3 miles or take a 5-10 mile bike ride. I’ve been called a freak of nature for this. But what can I say? I like to sweat the hangover out!

  103. Michael Kopelman

    Exercise. As I have gotten older, sweating it out is the only thing that that really works for me. So I usually go for a quick run, of course followed by a nice greasy breakfast like so many others recommended.

  104. awaldstein

    hell yes and I have pictures with shoulder length hair and beard to prove it!

  105. reece

    we swear by it. especially for stuff like weddings (in which case it gives you extra energy to dance, and thus burn calories, sweat out the bad stuff)

  106. ShanaC

    because it isn’t regulated.

  107. awaldstein

    The most regulated are as well as abused.What does organic mean?Damn I know cause i’m going through certs.