Happy Mothers Day

One of the many things that got my attention last week was the speech Kevin Durant gave accepting his MVP award. His remarks about his mom were very touching. He said “when something good happens to you, I tend to look back to what brought me here.” And, of course, at the top of the list of “what brought me here” is our mothers.

Like most of us, I have two Mothers in my life.

My Mother, Peg Wilson, who gave me birth and put up with all the crap that I dished out as a kid. I was a difficult child. I always wanted things my way and drove most of the people around me crazy. At the top of the list of people I drove crazy was my Mom.

The other Mother in my life is the Gotham Gal. Not only has she been an incredible mother to our three children, she took over from my Mom around the year we met and finished off the job of shaping who I am. The Gotham Gal is my harshest critic and always has been. There is nobody who can put me in my place quite like her. I don’t appreciate that in the moment, but I appreciate it after the fact.

I guess that is the ultimate thing about Moms. They shape who we are. They are demanding, loving, and giving. Thank god I have two mothers in my life. I love both of them very much.

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