Crazy Glue

When people think of Kickstarter, they tend to think of the Pebble Watch, or Veronica Mars, or Double Fine Adventure. These were all huge projects that raised millions and got a ton of press attention. And yet those projects are the minority of what happens on Kickstarter. The heart and soul and center of gravity of Kickstarter are projects that raise $5,000 to do a book, $10,000 to do public art project, or $15,000 to make a film.

I backed such a project this week. It’s called Crazy Glue and its a film project by a friend of our family Raella Rothman. She is doing a visual treatment of the Etgar Keret short story, Crazy Glue.

Raella has hand drawn all of the scenes in the story and actors will play them out in front of the drawings on a green screen. My daughter Jessica is helping Raella by laying out the camera angles.

She needs $6,000 to make this film and already has $3,200. But she’s running out of time. The project closes on Tuesday. The video is below. If you are so inclined, you can back the project here.


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    1. fredwilson

      it looks like Raella is not the only one inspired by that short story!

      1. jason wright

        great minds are inspired alike :-)what’s the time limit for reaching the funding target on a KS project?

        1. fredwilson

          the creator sets it. raella set it at 30 days

          1. lonnylot

            Per the bottom of the right column (below the rewards) she only set the funding period to 14 days.

      2. sigmaalgebra

        Horrible story. Darned good wife. The dirt bag, he didn’t deserve her. What’s wrong with that dirt bag? No telling. Just call up Darwin and ask him.

  1. awaldstein

    +1000 for this sentiment Fred.I’ve done a bunch of raises now on KS for friends and clients, some huge.The one I”m most proud of is helping a friend get the funding to do her book on Jura Wine, a prime example of something that without KS couldn’t exist.This was the project–…I plan on supporting Crazy Glue as well.

    1. fredwilson

      “things that are done for the love of it rather than the money”

  2. tyronerubin

    @fredwilson:disqus would you know when South Africans can get projects funded on Kickstarer.Or if there is any great work around for South Africans.Maybe pairing with a US partner on a project.

    1. fredwilson

      they are working on a new payments solution that will allow them to launch in more international markets and expand around the world more quickly.

      1. tyronerubin

        thanks, I look forward to a lot of South Africans using it to fund some great films and docies!

    2. Rohan

      I would check into other such platforms, Tyrone. Indiegogo, etc.. and perhaps even local crowdfunding platforms that have a south african base.When you are starting out, unless the project is a combination of crazy innovative and somewhat lucky, you depend largely on your network and ability to market it.

  3. awaldstein

    An aside–And KS more than any of the other change agent platforms we have, truly has natural monetization built in. This is not community with monetization bolted on. This is monetization as core to who they are.A rarity when good will, good work, good business come together.

    1. fredwilson


  4. Anne Libby

    This looks lovely!And, I am about to channel my grandma for a marketing tip for Raella: a more straightforward profile photo might more strongly communicate “project completer.”Happy Fathers Day to all the dads.

    1. LE

      From my own sensibilities, the way I was raised at least, I would agree with you. [1]Otoh it is certainly attention grabbing and unusual.Art is expression and you can’t change the gut feel of the artist. And if someone is a true artist (and watching the video Raella is definitely an artist) they shouldn’t be taking “camel is a horse by committee” direction from others.When I create things I don’t want any input from others. (Photography or video or cooking or even programming). Even when I’m negotiating I rarely ever discuss what I am thinking or why. It’s a total creative process that I’ve learned is best left without input or ideas from others. Because you shouldn’t really second guess creativity.[1] Silliness was always frowned upon I’m guessing it was some old world thing that was frowned upon survival of the fittest wise.

  5. Dave Pinsen

    Seems odd that a friend of your family would need kickstarter to raise $6k – unless the real goal of posting the project is to build an audience. In which case, your blog post will probably end up being of greater assistance than kickstarter.

    1. LE

      Seems odd that a friend of your family would need kickstarter to raise $6kWhy? That assumes:a) The friend (the parent) has the money. That is that all of Fred’s friends have money – like “hey what’s $6,000 no big deal”.b) They have money and want to give their children handouts. As opposed to maybe just some help. (I’m guessing this originated as Fred’s idea ie the friend didn’t ask Fred to write a blog post on this).c) They child would even want to accept the money from the parents as opposed to getting validation from others willing to support it. You know, earn it?d) All people who do kickstarter do it because they don’t have the money themselves or another way of getting the money. I’ve never done a kickstarter (and have no plans to) but I would definitely do a kickstarter even though I wouldn’t need to do it to raise $6000.e) Parent might be doing a matching grant “raise 6k and we will give you another 6k”….and so on.

      1. Dave Pinsen

        People generally socialize with those of a similar class, and adult children of the wealthy typically get allowances.

        1. awaldstein

          Not a big believer in this ‘class’ idea.The magic of life rests in it’s diversity. I love NY because it allows me to be friends with artists, restaurant owners, somms, writers and the like.I’m not naive that I don’t understand the power of wealth but friendship, a different story.To me at least.

          1. Dave Pinsen

            I wasn’t suggesting any invidious discrimination at work, just the circles people travel in. Rothman apparently went to the same private high school in Manhattan as Fred’s daughter.

  6. GayleHByrd

    Raella has hand drawn all of the scenes in the story and actors will play them out in front of the drawings on a green screen. My daughter Jessica is helping Raella by laying out the camera angles.

  7. William Mougayar

    Nice video. Just backed it.

  8. Richard

    Fred, any idea of KS name recognition in the US? Can you tell us more about its users (on the funding side) Their demographic makeup? I for one think KS should open an office in downtown LA. I’ve only been here for 6 months, but not a week goes by that I don’t see independent film makers shooting a scene on the streets. Moreover, the mayor is really interested in both tech and film. Look him up.

    1. awaldstein

      Lots of crossover between the tech and film world in LA I believe.Tech in film has a long history and when I worked there in it 7 years ago, the bridges were already being built.

      1. Richard

        I don’t mean so much as the film industry itself, rather it’s the independent budding talent. From what i hear about the state of LA in 2007, You won’t recognize downtown. And from what I read about the REIT money committed to future projects, this would be a perfect time for KS to be the first “unicorn” to set up shop downtown.

        1. awaldstein

          Got it….I was back in town last week on the west side and honestly, different place.New client will have me in town more frequently and looking forward to it.Some startup innovation in the wellness and healthcare chain happening there which interests me a great deal

  9. kirklove

    Looks cool. Hope they make it.As an aside (and as you know a pet peeve of mine) would be nice if she had back a few film projects herself on Kickstarter. Always amazed when people go on there and ask for help and haven’t done that themselves. To her credit she quickly backed a few. Still…

  10. LE

    Supported it.( Additionally if you give Raella my email address I will get her the obviousdomain for this project which can she can point to the kickstarter and then the film).

    1. DhannaReaderaci

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  11. sigmaalgebra

    Fund her project? NOT a chance! I’d feel guilty for life!HER movie project? She’s GOTTA be kidding!Let’s see: Her project looks cute, novel, and creative. Her ability to do well with the project looks good. Her insight into the art side of her project looks quite good.Now let’s look at some of the rest: Rings on her fingers? Nope! Teeth? Look perfect. Nose? Really cute. Skin? Perfect. Face shape? Right up there! Figure? She’d make a dress from a plastic 55 gallon drum liner, a feed sack, a roll of brown kraft paper and some duct tape, or a barrel look good! From the old psychology class experiment, she definitely looks like the “cloth mother” — her kids would stick to her like glue and smile all the time! Personality? She’s bright, articulate, thoughtful, alive, animated, cute, and a LOT of fun. She just needs her Mrs. degree!There’s GOTTA be a long line of really good catches for her that would set her up with an Mrs. degree, a nice house, a high end SUV, a well endowed credit card, lots of theater, concert, and opera tickets, a spare bedroom packed with clothes racks with clothes, AND plenty of funding for her movie. In terms of one old movie, she’s “digging in the wrong place”!

    1. Dave Pinsen

      If she were Mormon, she’d probably already be a wife and a mother. Of course, as a Mormon mom she wouldn’t be able to do cool, creative stuff.

      1. sigmaalgebra

        My post is just joking or teasing based on admiration for her having so much going for her! I don’t know anything about the Mormons!For a man, one of the greatest parts of life is seeing a human female happy, and much better if she has as much going for her as Ms. Rothman does. Again I’m just teasing based on admiration and am not actually trying to suggest what she should do. Big reason: There is nothing I could suggest that would have any chance of making her happier than she is doing what she’s doing now! Maybe teasing her out of admiration for her having so much might make her smile a little! Her movie project looks like great fun for her and her audience!There is a dark side to her project: For me, as in her story, the idea that a man would cheat on his wife, especially one as caring, determined, devoted, and resourceful as that man’s wife, is repugnant plus a lot of synonyms. It’s totally beyond me why a man would cheat on such a wife. Yet again, I didn’t create this place, am just passing through, can’t fix it, and can’t really understand the motivations of whomever did create it.

  12. ShanaC

    Anyone know where I can get the short story in hebrew? Mine is going to hell, and reading something would help