Several people suggested I do some photoblogging on my vacation. So here’s my first attempt. If it goes well there will be more.

We woke up to this


And then did this


Then this


That took all of twenty seconds on my phone. Very efficient. Now back to vacation.

#Blogging On The Road

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  1. JimHirshfield


  2. Michael R. Pratt

    Fabulous! Took a bit of time for the photos to load, but definitely worth the wait.

  3. William Mougayar

    +10 for efficiency, but isn’t this a bit similar to what you’re already posting on Tumblr and Foursquare? And note that these images are huge 2.6MB each and it’s taking a long time for that page to load.That said, I love the Mediterranean, being a native Mediterranean. It is said to be the bluest of all seas. In his famous song En Mediterranee, French singer (RIP) Georges Moustaki says of it:- it touches 3 continents- has centuries of history- saw prophets and messiahs- and the refrain of the song: it has a beautiful summer that doesn’t fear the fall…

    1. chhhris

      +1 it may have taken 20 secs to post but it’s taken 20x that (and counting…) for the images to load!Not sure if android let’s you resize photos, but one workaround is to take a screenshot of the photo 😉

    2. vruz


      1. William Mougayar

        nooo.. Moustaki 🙂

        1. vruz


    3. LE

      And note that these images are huge 2.6MBEarly PC Compatible’s (I had an Eagle) had a 10mb hard drive total.

  4. vruz

    Lovely scenery, and the pictures look great. Unfortunately they weigh a tonne and are hard to consume on certain mobile networks.

  5. Guest

    I just downloaded them and resized them and exported for the web + emailed them to Fred.Let’s hope he swaps them. William Mougayar, send me an email amin at amintorres dot com in case you want to get to them before Fred does.

    1. William Mougayar

      Thanks Amin, but I don’t have access to Fred’s WordPress. We only manage the admin for Disqus comments.Wordpress also has resizing options during import.

      1. Guest

        ah, that makes sense.

      2. LE

        I checked the photos I was curious if there was any meta data showing location and time etc.. There wasn’t. So WP strips that out.Seems from a quick check of one image that disqus may do the same.

  6. jason wright

    no graffiti?the sun lounger area looks well thought out. i particularly like the way that little orange boat is poised at the top of the ramp ready to slide in to rescue guests.

    1. LE

      Nice catch. My favorite is there are umbrellas for every table and chair it seems.

      1. jason wright

        yeah, it looks swanky.i’d like a photo of Fred and his gal being towed around the cove on the green crocodile.

  7. Richard

    Fred, give the “replayapp” a try. It seamlessly turns any number of photos into a video.

  8. sigmaalgebra

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    1. LE

      But for the OJ, that’s the tiny size! I prefer the medium size, 12 ounce can of frozen concentrate plus three cans of water for 48 ounces.Wow how lucky are you. No gerd. No nexium. No prilosec.I remember growing up and getting orange juice fresh squeezed in hotels was a big deal. We then bought a juicer so we’d get the pulp. This was before they sold it that way in supermarkets.

      1. sigmaalgebra

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        1. LE

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          1. sigmaalgebra

            > I didn’t have the right toolsGee, I thought that a “real man” would have all the right tools for nearly anything and otherwise jump to the local hardware store, Brookstone, or some more specialized sources, e.g., for jigs and diamond tools for knife sharpening, and get the new tools! Gee, full set of blade, Phillips, and Torx screwdrivers, full sets of both English and metric open end, box end, and socket wrenches, drill bits, sharpening jig for drill bits, taps and dies, …!Besides, if you fix her bicycle, then she will smile at you, and as you know, as she wraps you around her little finger and you can never say “No” to her, you could give up food and water and live just on her smiles!

          2. LE

            Tools are at the office (if they were at home they would disappear) and I do have a boatload of tools actually. (Everything you mentioned above and more. And I’m going to by a boroscope actually because it seems it would come in handier than a mirror on a handle). Jumping to the hardware store would take time. If I needed something I would order it from Amazon.My dad, growing up, would sort of make fun of “the doctor who needed to hire someone to fix a light switch” ignoring conveniently the fact that “the doctor” made enough money and that it didn’t matter if he needed to hire someone.

  9. daryn

    Love seeing the pics, but I’d suggest more “native” photoblogging on instagram and/or tumblr.Hope you’re having a blast!

  10. LE

    With the photo download speed there is more than meets the eye here than the file size.According to my quick test.For example I’m pulling a close to a 20Mbps on my office net connection. A single image is taking me about 25 seconds to download with that connection.But if I then take that downloaded image and then upload it (where I have only 4Mbps or less speed) I can shove it somewhere in about 6 seconds. Tried to one colo server and also to one shared vps. Same quick result.wpid-wp-1409404024536.jpg 100% 2566KB 427.6KB/s 00:06Also on LTE I get quick speeds but not with even a single 2.6mb image.In theory these images should be being served by Cloudflare and not coming from Fred’s hosting.So something (once again from a few quick tests) doesn’t seem right here. Skunk in the barnyard.If I had more time I would try to download the uploaded image etc.

  11. Russell

    We have a limited time on this planet and need to find the balance between making a legacy and enjoying what we have. Thought you’d like this Guru tribute from Talib….

  12. OurielOhayon

    Love cote d azur 🙂

    1. Carl Rahn Griffith

      One of my favourite films 🙂

  13. Gail Davis Silberman

    Love the pics.. Your room is much nicer then ours was ( your secret’s safe with me).. Enjoy !!

    1. fredwilson

      Room 14. i left a Foursquare tip about that

      1. Drew Meyers

        Wasn’t specifics down to the individual room # Room77’s original focus?

  14. Carl Rahn Griffith

    I hate it ;-)Enjoy 🙂

  15. ShanaC

    I want to move the Mediterranean… *sigh*

    1. Carl Rahn Griffith

      Bit like NYC – perfect all year round – just avoid in August 😉

  16. Ken Greenwood

    Looks very similar to Les Roches in Le Lavandou…no doubt the same fine time. Enjoy!

  17. Barry Nolan

    Ah the pelliC. A leisurely boozy lunch is mandatory. Excellent people watching.

  18. JamesHRH

    I was wrong.The mercury just shot right out of the top of the Jealousy meter – Day One.:D

  19. pointsnfigures

    consuming lots of liquids. the fermented kind are very nice in that part of the world!

  20. JosephJameson2

    You should do that more often! As in, photo blog, as well as the things pictured in them! What kind of phone took them?