FinTech Innovation Lab

I’ve written about this financial services oriented accelerator program run by the Partnership Fund for NYC and Accenture before. It’s a great program. Most of the major banks and brokerages are sponsors of this accelerator. So if your startup is accepted into FinTech Innovation Lab you will have high level access to these banks and brokerages. And there are “sister” programs in London and Hong Kong so you can also access sponsoring financial institutions of the sister programs.

If you are building a company that intends to sell to or otherwise partner with the largest financial services companies in the world, you would be well served to apply to FinTech Innovation Lab. The next program runs from April to June of 2015 and you and several of your colleagues will be required to be in NYC during that time period.

Applications for the 2015 spring program are now open and the application deadline is December 5th. There is an info session next week on November 12th. Details on all of this and how to apply are here.

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