More On The Coin Center

Last September, I blogged about a new policy organization called the Coin Center that had been formed and that USV was supporting financially along with a number of other entrepreneurs and investors. At the time, the Coin Center had only one employee and there wasn’t much information about them on their website.

In the roughly three months since that blog post, the Coin Center has already established itself in Washington DC as a credible and trusted source of information and education on bitcoin and blockchain issues and has also built a real organization that can deliver on all of that.

Today, the Coin Center has launched a fully functioning website that explains in detail what they do, has educational resources on it, introduces the staff and board, and of course, allows anyone to support it.

If you are active in the bitcoin and blockchain space or care about how it evolves and how policy makers and elected officials think about it, you should be aware of the Coin Center and consider supporting it.

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