Apple Watch Survey Results

Yesterday we did another Apple Watch followup survey.

The results are in and the numbers continue to be impressive but the trend is not in the right direction.

May 21, 2015 August 5, 2015 Change
Total Responses 760 688
Wear It Every Day 81% 70% -13.6%
Changed Life Materially 46% 37% -19.6%
Love It More Now Than Time Of Purchase 71% 59% -16.9%
Recommend To Others 67% 55% -17.9%

The most impressive number to me is that 59% of respondents say they love it more now than they did at time of purchase. Clearly this device is working for many of the people who bought it.

But the trend is universally down. Less people wearing it every day, less people recommending it to others.

The picture that is emerging to me is a niche device that a small group of people have purchased and an even smaller group of people get value out of.

This is something to build on for Apple, but I remain on the fence on the question of whether the watch is the next big thing in mobile.