The Follower Hockey Stick

A week or so ago, I happened to notice that my Twitter follower count had gone up by 75,000 in the span of several weeks. Since then, it’s gone up by another 15,000.

Here’s the chart from Twitter’s analytics service:

twitter follower count twitter follower count

I’ve learned over the years to be highly suspect of anything that looks like a hockey stick and so I looked at the list of recent followers to see if anything was awry.

I was expecting to see a bunch of spam accounts and maybe that’s what is going on. But a lot of the recent followers look reasonably legit.

It’s not clear to me what is going on. It’s like once I crossed 400k followers my “who to follow” score went way up.

In any case, I’m happy to have so many new followers. Sadly I’ve not been tweeting much lately since I stopped tweeting out the AVC posts every day.

Maybe this will be an impetus to tweet more often. We will see.