Android Tap & Go

I have not moved from one android phone to another in a few years. I’ve been going back and forth between the latest iPhone and the latest Android. I recently went through a period where I was carrying both.

But about a month ago, I went back to my Nexus 6 with a TMo sim as my sole phone. I really missed TMo’s wifi calling (and Google Fi’s wifi calling) so I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a TMo Android, the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge.

So while I watched the Mets Nationals game yesterday (a super fun game with a happy outcome for Mets fans), I transferred over my content and apps from the Nexus 6 to the Galaxy 6 Edge. I was prepared for a lengthy go of it.

But to my amazement, the whole thing took almost no time because of a newish android feature called Tap & Go. As you go through the setup of your new android phone, you are asked if you want to restore from another device. If you say yes, you are asked to tap the two devices together, you hear a beep, and the new device copies everything over from the old device.

Well almost everything. You still need to manually launch and sign into each and every app. For me that’s a time consuming process because I use unique strong passwords. I imagine its a security hole to allow tap & go to restore logins as well. Convenience is the enemy of security.

But in any case, this Tap & Go is a really nice feature. It makes moving android phones a lot less painful. Which means I may do it more frequently. If Apple announces anything game changing on the iPhone tomorrow, I may move back to iOS for a bit. But if not, I am going to stick with android and possibly start trying out all sorts of different devices. Tap & G0 makes it super easy to do that.