Feature Friday: 3D Touch

When we get back from Europe later this month, I’m going to get a new phone. I’ve been on Android since getting back from LA last winter and I think it’s time to try out the latest stuff on iOS, but I’m not 100% there. I do love the tight integration of the google apps into android and miss that on iPhone. So I’m still a bit on the fence.

One thing that might get me there is 3D Touch. I’ve read a number of people saying this additional UI capability is a game changer for them.

So let’s talk about 3D touch today. For those of you who have the new iPhones, how big of a deal is 3D Touch? Game changer or nice feature?


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  1. Dan Bailey

    Describing the current use case as a game changer feels like hyperbole, it’s fun to use but hasn’t fundamentally changed my experience, but I will say it does get frustrating when you can’t use 3D in other apps.The potential is enormous though, there’s a limited extent to what you can do through native apps alone, but once third party developers start using it within their own apps I think it will become a fundamental part of the UX on the iPhone.

    1. fredwilson

      seems to be a consistent theme

  2. Simon Carson

    What is 3D Touch ?

      1. LE

        That’s a nice video that shows what is great about 3dtouch. I had planned to upgrade (from an iphone 6) just for the improved camera, but after watching this I will try to get to the Apple store to do this asap.While the video was helpful, for the life of me I don’t understand why someone would do this video and not have a bug at the bottom or a web address showing (for the entire video) where other content is and who they are. Just “I download blog” at the start (which I quickly forgot I had to roll back to make this part of my comment) and no web address either.

    1. jason wright

      the latest marketing hook by Apple.i’d like to see a stripped down iphone offered just to see what really matters to consumers when they are deciding on a purchase, price or performance.

  3. Douglas Crets

    I don’t have 3D Touch, but I saw three reasons for developing it, short and long term.1. Inevitable changes in the way users interact with the music app in iPhone, which is horrid in some UX. For example, on the home screen when you don’t open the phone, it’s very difficult to move the volume key or slide it once the slider bar gets under the advance button, meaning sometimes fat fingers will slide over a song, instead of the volume. I can see haptic touch being a way to control volume and even select types of rhythms.2. Haptics should end up being the interface for a Tesla-like dashboard in a new type of car. Why take the eyes off the road if all you have to do is slide a hand to the haptic screen, press and then convey through gestures what you are trying to make the car do.3. Teaching tools — babies get it.

  4. abn

    I am the exact opposite spot. I lost my iPhone 6 in NYC in August and was 2 weeks away from my upgrade with AT&T so I bought a ZTE phone at the Best Buy in Union Square for $59.99 and figured I would use it until I could get my hands on the iPhone 6S.Fast forward to today and I am still using this piece of s*it ZTE phone, but only because I am waiting for the next big release (measured by media hype) that runs Android. I am really enjoying the OS, for sure the tight Google integration plays a big part in that but for some reason I feel a lot more free than I ever have on a smartphone. It’s been ages since I ever opened a “Downloads” folder on a phone.I will probably go back to iPhone again, but right now I am enjoying this Android.I used my brother in-laws iPhone 6s, the 3D touch is awesome. It’s like I have a right click on the glass, but the thing that really got me excited was the camera. Wow, it takes really good pictures. For someone like me who loves instagram that is huge.https://instagram.com/anirgu/BTW Fred, you love to talk about phones, I know you are an Android fan but was surprised to see how much more you mentioned the iPhone on AVC.

    1. jason wright

      You lost it? Does Apple have the equivalent of Android Device Manager?

      1. abn

        Find my iPhone? I don’t use iCloud

        1. jason wright

          is that it? i’ve not used an iphone. ADM is good for locating, locking, and wiping an Android phone.

          1. abn

            i lose a lot of phones. don’t keep much on them that i am too worried about someone hacking through my passcode and actually getting anything off it.

          2. jason wright

            i was like that, but more and more i find my phone to be the hub of everything i do on the web. the exception is typing. i need a physical keyboard for writing emails.

          3. abn

            i do everything on my phone also. but still wasn’t worried. i even had bitcoin on it. i just have good password managment skills, 2fa etc.. 🙂

          4. jason wright

            i’m using 2FA now. i’m even thinking about upping it and getting an NFC enabled android for the NFC U2F Yubikey.My Twitter account was hacked (of no real concern), and i don’t know how they did it, but it’s got me thinking harder about security generally.

          5. abn

            did you have a weak password? was it english. something like roses45 or was it like fecf2d3b81b1389bb4d6?2FA is awesome. I even use it on my gmail.

          6. jason wright

            it was not weak.everyone should be using 2FA. GitHub is moving to U2F this month.

          7. CJ

            >NFC U2F YubikeyThanks for mentioning that. Looks pretty cool.

          8. jason wright

            very cool. great for razor thin phones and tablets supporting NFC.i expect a C type form factor to come out at some point.

          9. CJ

            I’ll have to investigate if I can use this in combination with a fingerprint.

  5. Aaron Klein

    Game changer, from my perspective.From home screen, 3D-press the phone icon, slide my finger up and it’s dialing my wife. Saved two taps.Or 3D-press the camera icon, slide to video and I’m in the right camera mode.Or 3D-press Twitter, and slide to new tweet. Saved a bunch of taps and navigation.Haven’t used it in email as much as I thought I would. But that requires some retraining. You forget it’s there, so you tap the email when a peek would be great.It’ll be even better when the other third party apps finish implementing it…Live photos are fun too, though not quite a game changer.

    1. David Barnes

      Reading this I wonder why Android hasn’t made better use of long press. It could do similar things: long press an icon to reveal options around the screen, drag the icon to the action you want. Currently the only options are “app info” and “uninstall” but no reason why there couldn’t be more, contextual options.

      1. Aaron Klein

        Long press requires a two second wait. Useful but not as time saving as 3D Touch. Aaron Klein

    2. Bruce Warila

      Went into the Verizon store to swap out my Nexus 6 for an iPhone (the N6 is driving me nuts).. The rep couldn’t think of anything nice to say about 3D-press. I decided to wait another day. Timely post and responses…

      1. LE

        Well if he could sell he wouldn’t be working at the Verizon store. Sounds like he must have as much energy as Jeb Bush and as much ambition as the Pope. [1][1] Who didn’t apparently want to be Pope.

      2. CJ

        Nexus 6P? I’ve got one on pre-order. I’ve used both the iPhone 6 and the Nexus 5 extensively and what I like about the iPhone is great standby life, beautiful camera and the lack of bugs. What I like about an Android device…EVERYTHING else.Curious, why are you leaving the Nexus?

        1. Bruce Warila

          My last two phones were a Note 3 and now the Nexus. I am done with big phones. As for the Nexus, it’s too fidgety. It does TOO many unexpected things. Tired of the camera always coming on, the volume changes, the emergency dialer launching, restarting, the notification tray getting in the way, etc. And, call management (e.g. call waiting) overlaps with notifications in a way that prevents me from hanging up and/or answering. The camera is less than OK. And, after six months, the battery seems to be losing stamina (I don’t have extra apps running).. Finally, I want the privacy and the ad-blocking that Apple seems to be onboard with. If Apple sold an iPhone mini (smaller than the 5), I think I would buy that.

          1. Alex Murphy

            I miss smaller phones. Miss the Blackberry Pearl.

          2. ddrechsel

            Pearl Flip was the best form factor and keyboard and pointing device I ever had. Needed to be able to read docs though…

          3. CJ

            Gotcha. Sadly, I’ve had all those issues with the proximity sensor so I get where you’re coming from there.Sadly though, I think the world is gradually leaving guys like you behind re:Big Phones. Will probably be a year or two before a killer smaller phone is released again. By then the world will be ready for a change…Again. LOL

          4. Michael Elling

            Looking forward to a future where we have a radio/battery/storage hub no bigger than pack of gum and runs for days between charges. Also costs <$50 to replace, but supports my “n” devices that I use across different contexts.

          5. CJ

            As soon as we develop a high-bandwidth, low power interface to connect them all.

          6. Michael Elling

            Interface = access network? If so, I agree. Working on it. Working on it.

          7. CJ

            More like HYPER LOCAL access network. Think Bluetooth on steroids. Once that is available for all of your devices to communicate with each other and wirelessly charge from a battery pack then it opens a whole lot of doors.

          8. Michael Elling

            Funny thing about BLE and Wifi is that they all coexist nicely and those markets have “seeded” themselves without any centralized service provider support. But paradoxically they’ve need those service providers to scale. So understanding the right economic model in layers 1 and 2 requires an understanding of the interplay between wired and wireless and lots of unintended consequences.My favorite is that most do not understand that had Jobs not forced AT&T’s hand wrt wifi offload for iOS the smartphone revolution would never have been. But having said that, the growth in smartphones stepped up the velocity of network upgrades by the carriers. It’s circular, but often starts with something that few recognize as vital even in hindsight, let alone ex ante.One of the critical issues for scaling hetnet edge access will be developing settlement exchanges that pave the way for sharing and re-purposing of end-points. But this relates back to other discussions on net neutrality on AVC where IP-bigots just don’t understand the benefit of market-driven bilateral settlements vs their settlement-free peering/interconnection mechanisms. Paradoxes abound.

          9. mikenolan99

            I agree – separate the “brains” from the UI – display/input/speaker etc…. brains can stay in my pocket or on my wrist… can use laptop/small display/earbud/glasses/dog… whatever as my IO device… maybe not the dog…

          10. jason wright

            i would like to see a regulation requiring retailers to price their phones by the gram.

        2. Bruce Warila

          yeah, the Nexus is so fidgety and sensitive to random touch events that it borders on being dangerous..

    3. sigmaalgebra

      Gee, and if had a keyboard with 26 keys, no, with SHIFT, CONTROL,ALT, and 12 function keys? That’s4 * 38 = 152or some such, right?Well, in my text editor, there is a file, profile, that is read each time the editor starts, and in that file I have lines such as”define s+f12 ‘macro view'”that defines the keystroke combination SHIFT and F12 to run the macro view I wrote and which grabs the current line in the editor with either a file system tree name or a URL and views it and just how depends on the file type. So, leading file types honored include DAT, DOC, XLS, PDF, HTM, HTML, JPG, GIF, PNG, FLV, DVI, MP3, WAV and for each an appropriate program is run.So, net, one keystroke can do a lot!Gee, do I like keyboards with ~100 keys!Oh, we were talking about phone numbers? Sure: My little editor macro dial grabs the current line of my editor, extracts the first phone number on that line, and dials it, i.e.,sends the FAX modem card the standard command ATDT with the number to be dialed.Ah, UI glories with a full keyboard!Just why people care so much about smartphones is a bit beyond me. For people who work out of a panel truck, I can see it. But maybe for some people it’s really a fashion statement?

  6. Abs Ghosh

    Nice feature for now…I am still getting used to using it. Looking forward to more apps taking advantage of it. For now I see it as a convenient way to access the primary function of the app quickly

  7. Adam Perry

    Game changer for me. I’ve had the phone for 1 day and I’m using it all the time. I can see 3D touch becoming the new hamburger menu, and once third party development includes the feature more and more it will become a UX staple. Great feature

  8. John Pepper

    I bought the 6S for the camera and video quality and actually forgot about 3D Touch for the first week or so. Then this week I read enough about it that i started pressing harder just to see what would happen. Cool at first, but I’m still faster using traditional tap-tap-tap because I don’t have to think about it. (Big exception is holding to highlight words and sentences to copy/paste). In time, I’m sure it’ll just become natural, but for now not a game changer, perhaps better considered an interesting alternative that continues to improve over time and perhaps, eventually becomes the norm.

  9. Deanna Shen

    I’m a big fan! I have to say the 3D Touch/ new haptic feature was a deciding factor for me to get the new iPhone (and I work for an android only haptic technology company– though my thoughts and comments are my own).From my perspective, the haptics are done really well both from a functionality perspective (notifications, shortcuts, etc.) and most importantly from a tactile perspective. We are so sensitive to touch, especially in ways we may not even realize. The Fitbit has haptics, but they’re awful. The haptic notification for when I hit my 10k steps feels so uncomfortable to the skin that it doesn’t make hitting my goal FEEL good at all. While the tactile designs of the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch actually feel good to the skin.I think this is the beginning of a mass market adoption( like everything apple does) of haptics, even though its an old technology. We’ll see it much more now in our everyday devices from cars to phones to VR. Can’t wait to see how app developers design around these features!

    1. creative group

      Deanna:how has your life changed using fitbit? What did you use before integrating fitbit in your life? Did you not exercise before fitbit? Is fitbit a me too tool? Thanks in advance. Going to the gym without fitbit. Wonder if fitbit will assist in my situps, bar work. and weight lifting. (Sarcasm)

  10. LIAD

    ironic how 3d touch, effectively a contextual menu aka right-click, was feted by apple as one of the 3 main reasons for upgrade to 6s (alongside faster processor and better camera).highlights how we’re not even close yet to making best-UX-use of the sensor-laden supercomputer in our pockets

    1. awaldstein

      right on.every time i struggle when i’m out and focused on doing all my work on the phone I realized we have just scratched the surface.

      1. Jess Bachman

        Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we humans need to be come repositories of the ever expanding UI/UX features. It can be difficult to stay on top of and make use of all the innovation going on with phones. Its a progressive learning for those who already use phones but we shouldn’t just be adding interactions to the stack for a new generation who is learning how to use this stuff.

        1. awaldstein

          Great topic.It’s not the consumers job to stay on top of anything.It’s marketers job to make them want to stay on top of these things.Who does this well? Well, Apple the only real CE brand does this the best.

          1. LE

            What is interesting about Apple (or Porsche, NYT or any top brand) is how they attract the best of class as opposed to the dreamers who want to hit it big with the startup lottery.I am sure that there is some psychological test could prove this out (I don’t need it I just know it) as far as how they are motivated and what floats their boat. In other words working for a quality company (with a great reputation) surrounded by people doing their best at the top of their craft (and enjoying it) vs. trying to hit it big on a less exciting project in order to score either a big payday or fame with a startup. (Not as a founder but as an employee…)

      2. CJ

        Yes, but please don’t scratch your Surface…Book that is. 😀 Sweet piece of kit that is, got it on order. Can’t wait!

    2. LE

      How so? This is planned obsolescence and makes total sense as far as why “not even close”.The idea is to roll out features in a way that gets people to upgrade.Tip for married men. 1 big gift a year is not as good as 4 smaller gifts per year.

    3. CJ

      It’s ironic since Apple was the company that said UX was too complicated…and they just complicated it more.

    4. Michael Elling

      I’ve been working with a hyper-local mobile commerce app that suffers from “button & screen bloat.” When I showed the developers different ways that one screen with 8 buttons could support more than 32 different steps without leaving the screen they scoffed. Then 3D came out, and their response was, “it’s hardware.” Nope, it’s a mindset rejecting possible design principles that people haven’t thought about. Like starting off with: 1) people have limited time and space when mobile; and 2) how can we reduce the number of steps/screens by 30-80%?

  11. jason wright

    ClearForce by Synaptics is coming very soon to your nearest Android smartphone. The tech is not going to be exclusive to the iphone for very long. How many iOS apps support 3D Touch as of this morning? By the time it has been widely adopted Android phones and apps will be here too.Yandex doesn’t like the tight integration of Google apps, and neither does Russia’s FAS. The EU is also now looking closely at the issue, and maybe the US also.I can see why Alphabet was created. Google’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

  12. Vijay Michalik

    It’s interesting from a strategy perspective. You abstract away some of the internal app interfaces, and stay on Apple’s crafted experience for longer. Puts the focus on the actual functionality of apps, encourages streamlining.More importantly, it paves the way for better AI and Siri interface with apps. Developers create the shortcuts. making specific functions easier to navigate to. That means better Siri and predictive search.

  13. Jason Sharpee

    Samsung Airview in android I’m guessing is fairly similar and inconsistency with that is probabaly why most don’t even realize they have it as an option. Apple being homogenous will probably be the best implementation of it possible. I would think the back button on Android is a far more useful UX feature (Android still had a bit of inconsistency there)Being as deeply rooted in Google drive, calendar and Now, I’m not sure how I could switch to IOS. I’m awaiting delivery of the 6p and looking forward to having a good camera (selfi as well) in a nexus for once.

  14. jason wright

    speaking of phones, the One Plus Two is available to order without an invite for one hour on Monday. stupid selling strategy. no 3D Touch though.

  15. William Mougayar

    Another season, another phone? Just when you thought you were out… Apple pulls you back in. http://m.youtube.com/watch?…

    1. awaldstein

      Yup, when tech became consumer electronics under Apple this is the cycle. And it will never stop.I would have shown the clip from the Sopranos of course taking off the one you showed.

      1. LE

        Last night on Hardball they referenced the above clip when talking about Boehner having to go back to being speaker of the house.

    2. kenberger

      That’s exactly how I feel, but in the opposite direction: I keep looking for reasons to grab an iPhone. And this 6S haptics thing is notable.But the new Android Marshmallow phones (Nexus 6P and 5X) are screaming to me. Good reason to try Google Fi too (altho Fred and others are disappointed with it). But frustrating trying to get one now even with my inside contacts. And I just landed in the US and need a new SIM and plan. So will probably walk in to a store and get an iPhone, reluctantly only because I now really want the Nexus.

      1. William Mougayar

        Does someone (not a carrier) offer a rent plan where you can switch between any model you wish after a few months?

  16. creative group

    Fred:you provided every logical reason why you don’t need to be on the fence and need to continue using the platform of innovation with android. You don’t need to be with the me too crowd.You have already arrived. iOS offers 3D touch wow a real reason to switch. Also the me to factor.Screaming don’t do it. If you do switch to iOS you will return.It’s your decision and money. You are American and are afforded the freedom to do what you desire. What a wonderful country. Enjoy Europe and letus know the countries you arevisiting so we can live vicariously through your trip.Thanks for the entertainment at4:30am (mst.)

  17. Judah

    If 3D Touch takes off and Developers come up with useful interactions, it could pave the way for wider Apple Watch adoption as these minimal interactions will translate nicely to the wrist.

  18. creative group

    3D in iOS is a game changer? Really? Without the support of applications? This is purely a me too reaction. If the developers made functional applications then we could understand after a real evaluation but without the support this is a me too reaction.

    1. Stephen Voris

      Kinda hard to get the support of applications if the capacity doesn’t exist yet, no?

      1. creative group

        Stephen:good point. That is why it is hard to consume the writings invoking game changer, best think since slice Apple pie references. (pun definitely intended)

  19. Anne Libby

    The phone companies and Apple have created such incomprehensible pricing that I’ve kicked the can into the unknown tomorrow. My old phone still works.http://thewirecutter.com/20

    1. Anne Libby


      1. panterosa,

        you’d be even crankier if your kid lost, waterlogged, and had stolen 3 phones in 24 months. instead of the 6s she wants, she’s on dad’s old 4.

        1. LE

          How about “if you lose it we are not going to buy you another one..”.My stepdaughter didn’t do her homework the other night. She was playing mindcraft with her brother. She came down at 10:00pm saying she had to do her homework. I said “send her to school without homework and let her suffer the consequences.”. What did mom say? “Oh she will just get a ‘homework pass'”. What the fuck is that? They now give homework passes? See what the problem is here?

          1. panterosa,

            She’s prepared to pay for it and work for it. The last one was stolen, which was not her fault (I was there).As to homework, my beef is wrecking Sundays because Friday and some Saturday is with Dad, and no work gets done. I want to go out, with her and see art or whatever.

  20. Gregg Freishtat

    Game changer (long term). The few supported app’s demonstrate that concepts like “opening” or “closing” an app may be going away. Curious to see how the app development community leverages this tech and would not be surprise to see many unanticipated use cases. It will change mobile gaming for sure….

    1. Joe Cardillo

      Agree (though unsure of which integration or execution will make it take off). I remember reading a Virtual Worlds report from Cisco in ’08 and thinking, yeah, there is a lot of stuff that we do on devices right now that will be erased. And to your + @aaronklein:disqus’s point some of that is navigation / time spent getting to the actual thing you want to access.

  21. DanielDaniels

    I like 3D Touch. Don’t think it’s absolutely amazing, but definitely a “nice to have.” And I’m sure I haven’t used it as I optimally could. I bought the 6S and held on to my 5S for the past 2 weeks since even though I’ve had it for 2 years, it works perfectly. When I bought the 6S, I thought I might want to return it and wait another year until the iphone 7 comes out. Today is my last day I can return the 6S, but I will not. I went back to my 5S yesterday and spent an hour with it. Overall, the 6S is incredibly superior in terms of speed, form and function. I also have the Nexus which I use for business. I know there are lots of android lovers out there. I’m not one of them. Within the next year, give or take, Apple will have sold about 1 billion iphones. Unless they screw up big time somehow, they will have built an amazing ecosystem that will last for many years to come. Google (or should I say Alphabet) and Apple will keep each other on their toes and the devices will only get better.

  22. Matt A. Myers

    I wonder how this will impact flows engagement for apps where it’s important (or valuable) to having someone load an app to the home/starting screen – instead of directly jumping a specific action. Perhaps that reduction in friction will become a new requirement if competitors are doing it also.

  23. Joel Natividad

    Love it! Looking forward to 3D Touch getting contextual awareness too much the same way IOS Search does now… e.g. When at the gym, 3D touching music will show workout playlist it noticed I always play when I’m at that location. With the phone, changing the top 3 contacts based on location. With Maps, not always showing drive home as the first option, but based on calendar appointments.

  24. Joel Natividad

    Wow. Just noticed that Maps does have some contextual awareness. Right now, the first option is Drive to Work! Imagine, if app developers start using this for behavioral nudging – 3D Touch att app and it starts suggesting Pay Bill a few days before it’s due… Or what about making it a form of app peeking… On banking app, show balance, on Netflix, start paused movie and show latest unwatched episode count of subscribed shows. Or what about the Tesla app looking at your calendar and preloading directions to next appt…

  25. Salt Shaker

    The tides are shifting. There’s a crack in the dam, and it has nothing to do w/ El Niño or climate change. It’s still a bit subtle, but I think Fred is turning into an Apple fanboy. He may not yet be aware, or perhaps he is but is loathe to admit it.

  26. Steven Kuyan

    3D Touch made me switch from Outlook to Mail on my phone, same from Google Maps to Apple Maps. Lead Time on the integration is helping Apple get people back on their bundled apps.

  27. bfeld

    The rose gold iPhone (which is the one I got) is lovely.I think I’ve used 3D touch twice – once in email to see if I cared and once when I was trying to move an app icon around.I haven’t noticed any value from it yet.

    1. Daman Bahner

      I agree. I’ve played with the apps that work with it, but there’s not a lot of utility for me until it supports gmail and other non-apple apps I use regularly.

  28. Joe Beninato

    I think it is nice, but not a game changer. Incremental. What is a game changer on the new iPhone 6S is the speed of the device. As compared to the iPhone 6, the combination of processor speed and more RAM is amazing. I wouldn’t have said the 6 was slow previously, but you can feel it. Sadly, the battery life seems worse on the 6S, but I hear this isn’t as much an issue on the 6S Plus.

  29. Lucas Dailey

    I’m skeptical of the input method. There are a lot of keyboard-mashers, or people in a hurry, that may now have to focus more on their device to insure they use the right press type.That might be worth it, but as a UX principle: New features shouldn’t require more of my concentration to accomplish the same thing.I hope they nail it, and it matches user intent 99% of the time. We need more input methods.

  30. kenberger

    I’ve predicted here that by late this year, I’d have a Chinese brand high-end Android in my pocket as my lead phone.And here we are with the Nexus 6P. Have high hopes for this one. The battery save function in Marshmallow sounds killer. And the adaptation of 3D-touch Android-equivalent stuff is or will soon be better supported than with iPhone, as jasonpwright also predicts.But Nexus has terrible historical availability schedules, maybe it’s ready for Fred by time he’s back. I’ll be back in Europe by the time it ships.https://store.google.com/pr…I’d predict that Fred (and I) will be happier with the Nexus than with the iPhone 6S; I’ll be (sometime soon) carrying both.

    1. CJ

      They’ve taken the availability into account this time and while there is a month between announcement and release, pre-orders seem to have gone really smoothly this time around.

      1. kenberger

        good to know, if true.It seriously felt like they really just didn’t want to sell too many Nexus 6’s, for at least 6 months of that phone’s existence.

        1. CJ

          I think the month lead-time is so they gauge demand better and make enough without committing too many resources if it’s a flop.

  31. muratcannoyan

    A few things from my experience with a 6S. 1. Sliding your finger on glass is not always easy. Depends on the humidity. Sure you don’t have to slide but it feels like a natural way to use the new functionality. 2. The apps that use a pressing action to bring up a window and have not been optimized for the new touch screen have a hard time registering the press. Specifically Calendar5. 3. The added weight makes it easier to handle.4. iOS 9 has still not handled bugs with the standard keyboard (the keyboard overlapping new messages). Very disappointing. 5. I prefer to use Swiftkey and the constant auto switching back and forth between keyboards and not being able to use voice dictation on Swiftkey is frustrating.

    1. Daman Bahner

      I am loving Swiftkey as well, but cannot understand why there’s no voice dictation. That one feature would make it perfect. I’m sure it will be updated with this soon.

  32. vishal k gupta

    I decided to hold off for at least 6 months, possibly until iPhone 7. I’m assuming once developers really start integrating this it’ll be a game changer. Until then it’s just too limited.I think live photos will be bigger than people think it’ll be. Given the amount of live photos that will be created, I expect to see them everywhere.

  33. Scott Reyes

    3D touch is incredible for quickly getting to the task you are trying to perform. I use it all the time to bypass my email inbox and go straight to composing a message.

  34. ErikSchwartz

    I’m not sure how adding more modality to existing user interface elements is simplification.

    1. SubstrateUndertow

      Maybe because it is a visceral drill down on a single interface action as a posed to a extra discrete interface behaviour ?

      1. ErikSchwartz

        If it was really intuitive maybe it would not have taken a $20M?, $50M? ad campaign to teach everyone how to use it.

        1. SubstrateUndertow

          I don’t think the key goal of the ads is education it is sales ?

  35. Matt Zagaja

    I think 3D Touch is definitely the signature feature of the 6S. I love it. Especially great to use it where you can turn the keyboard into a trackpad for the cursor. The improved TouchID sensor is great as well. Also @LE was right about the larger screen. The phone is way more useful than my 5S.

  36. Tom Hart

    Anyone know why “3D Touch” on my MBP makes it feel EXACTLY like I am pressing a physical button in, but that same effect doesn’t seem to be present on the 6s? I was hoping they could do some really cool stuff with advancing that tactile feedback, but it seems maybe it’s just a fancy long press?

  37. Ryan

    I think 3D touch will become a bigger game changer once more developers add it. For now, I do not believe there are many apps that have it. My two cents.I’ll stick with the tight integration with Gapps on my One Plus for now 🙂

  38. Simon Carson

    Nonsense. This is no t a feature of 6s … rather a software feature. Technically this one should have rolled out to all the iPhones. Instead Apple used it as a product rollout

  39. fredwilson

    which one?

  40. awaldstein

    My first job in tech was running the Atari bbs for enthusiasts.Community at its most primal! Loved it.

  41. John McGrath

    Totally agree–if it extra protection always has to be added, it should have been built-in in the first place.Zagg tempered glass screen protectors take away from the aesthetics a bit, but they work. My phone has survived a few drops I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have otherwise.

  42. LE

    Why should we have to add a case?You can only be as honest as your competition. Do others add a case? By not having a case Apple gets to publish a lower weight. Plus you get to add your own case to your liking. The case I have (Tech 21 Impactology) is like butter. Heaven. I would hate to use some case provided by the mfg or have to go on top of that. Also Apple gains by allowing third parties to do this in other ways. They enhance an eco system and (in the spirit of the mafia) “spread the cheer”. You of all people should think that is great.600k in the county and T-mobile can’t cover the highway to Philly?Wow. If Rodney Dangerfield was still alive he’s use Lancaster in his shtick.

  43. LE

    Funny how us guys remember things like that, eh. We are such pigs. [1][1] paulaabdul.gif. Remember it to this day.

  44. CJ

    Christie Brinkley. 😀 Gif viewer included with the gifs. 🙂

  45. CJ

    Ha! My previous comment is under moderation because I mentioned nude! Nice!

  46. sigmaalgebra

    Yes, yes, yes, I know. It’s really easy just to say something like that! But, where’s the evidence? Ah, talk is cheap! Are you just talking or do you really have the real thing? Are you going to show us????I bet Arnold would look — bet he saw a lot when he was running a BBS. And Charlie, he wants a BBS back, too!15? So what? “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!”. Then, Arnold would be watching with a coke and now with Romanee Conti, but the pictures are still just the same! And Charlie, he’d be chewing, furiously, on some organic bread sandwich with a vegeburger and home ground, whole grain, organic mustard! Still, the pictures are just the same!Too old to want to look? Not me! Besides, that’s one of the first things to go, a really sad, bad sign!We could all post and then vote! Have some crowd funding for a prize for the winner with the best post? Call it “Hot or Not”! Could become a big thing?Ah, to heck with AVC and back to my collection of downloads from 4chan!

  47. LE

    Interesting I’ve actually never seen that happen that I can recall.

  48. sigmaalgebra

    Okay, time’s up:If none of you wusses — ah, maybe too much organic food — will post any good material, I will.So, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame there’s Esmeralda as played by Maureen O’Hara:http://usercontent1.hubimg….and with some music to go with it, that is, Quasimodo (Charles Laughton), “communication, interpretation of human experience, emotion,” lusting after her as inhttps://vimeo.com/80715492written by Franz Schmidt, cello player for Gustav Mahler, Conductor, Vienna State Opera.Maureen O’Hara — long really tough to improve on!

  49. LE

    It does work. [1] Like politics, and product design, engineering is the art of compromise. Has to do with tradeoffs and choices. Not to mention that you are talking about something that obviously works quite well and contributes to the majority of Apple profits. Hate to play that card but I will. Why blame someone else? Just be careful. I’ve owned every iphone since 2007. Never dropped my phone in a way that it broke. Came close. Tried to be more careful next time.[1] Are you expecting your car to be impact resistant to dents in parking lots? Or should you simply try to park (like I do) so you don’t get dents. Thanks for giving me my 2nd opportunity to post this picture….

  50. CJ

    I still have the HDD from that PC. Don’t tempt me to go diving. 😀