Startup Physics

I have used the word “physics” to describe a few things here at AVC over the years. I am tempted to write a “textbook” on this topic as I have observed many “formulas” over the years that seem to repeat themselves again and again.

A few examples are this post on the relationship between monthly actives, daily actives, and concurrent users, or this one on the elasticity of paid vs free services. I also wrote one about the numeric relationship between creators, curators, and consumers on a platform but I’m having trouble finding it and linking to it right now.

Yesterday I suggested another to William Mougayar via Kik when he observed to me that valuation mania has emerged in the blockchain for financial institution space.

I told him that when you are looking at financial manias, the amplitude of the mania is inversely correlated to its duration.

I like to think of these manias as waveforms. When they build slowly they last longer. When they develop overnight, they dissipate quickly as well.

This rule also works pretty well for consumer internet services.

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