Feature Friday: 3D Touch

I recently made my annual traverse from Android to iOS. One of the new things I found when I arrived on iOS is 3D Touch, which is a way to access certain features in apps without having to open the app. It’s neat, but I haven’t yet developed the muscle memory to use it frequently.

The other thing about 3D Touch is that it is not universally supported yet. I tweeted this out last week:

I suspect that number will rise over the six months that I will be on iOS before heading back to Android.

I got a bunch of replies to that tweet, but this was the best one:

When I see a really smart use of 3D Touch, I get excited by the potential of this UI feature. But the truth is most of the uses of 3D Touch are not particularly inspired. I suspect that will also change over time.

If you are on iOS, what do you think of 3D Touch?