Forevery - An iOS App For Searching Your Photo Library

Our portfolio company Clarifai, which offers a visual recognition API to developers so they can understand the images and videos on their service, has released an iOS app called Forevery which allows you to search your iPhone photo library.

If you’ve ever found yourself swiping down and down and down on your iPhone trying to find a photo to show to your friend, then Forevery is for you. It is one of those things when you first see it in action you think its magic.

Here’s the screen you get when you open the app:

2015-12-09 06.37.32

When you type the into the search field, you get this:

2015-12-09 06.38.02

I typed sushi and got these results:

2015-12-09 06.41.54

I was looking for a sunset photo of the Flatiron building from my office so I typed “sunset building” and got theseĀ results. The photo I was searching for is the third one.

2015-12-09 06.43.16

But maybe the most amazing thing about Forevery is you can train it to recognize people and things. I’ve trained it to recognize these people in my photos:

2015-12-09 06.44.09

So that’s a quick run through of Forevery. If you want to get it on your iPhone, you can download it here.

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