The Product Hunt Podcast

I listen to tons of podcasts on SoundCloud. I follow them and they just come into my feed every day and I can listen on my phone in the SoundCloud app. It’s a great experience.

One of the podcasts I like is the Product Hunt Podcast. This weekend I listened to this podcast with Patrick Collison, CEO and co-founder of Stripe.

I enjoyed it and because I’ve been on a call since 5am this morning and don’t have time to write today, I am using this opportunity to post something useful on AVC today.


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  1. JimHirshfield

    Phone it in, that’s cool. I gotta get back to executing the strategy anyway.

  2. LE

    Podcasts are not good Monday morning activities during a work week.

    1. awaldstein

      I listened to one at 5.15 in the gym this morning and it was a perfect way to start.

      1. LE

        Other than stretching and push ups, I exercise after work (in the basement) and always watch both the NBC Network news and Hardball on MSNBC. Even though there is actually a kickass medical center gym literally next to my office (with a big lap pool no less) time wise it’s most efficient to exercise at my house. I was looking at getting one of these also:

        1. awaldstein

          Just different lifestyles and different exercise needs.What works for the individual is what works.

  3. Mario Cantin

    I really like “The Twenty Minute VC” as well. I make a point to never miss an episode. http://www.thetwentyminutev

  4. William Mougayar

    Product Hunt has been on a roll, adding one service after another, like a ticking clock. Books, Podcasts, Stories, Live Chats, Games, Collections, Live events, etc…Their execution has been A+.

    1. Richard

      Though their new UX/UI was a wrong turn.

      1. Ryan Hoover

        You might like what we’re working on, Rich. 🙂

        1. Richard

          Let me put a little meat on the comment. Im a long time user of PH and it is on my “what I read first thing in the morning at Starbucks”. What I liked about your old UX/UI is the ability to take in the PH day in one /two screens on my 6+. I’ve hacked around the new UI going to your sub domain. It might be just me, but I get a brain freeze when looking at the one hunt per screen of the new UI. (I do however understand your motivations).

    2. Ryan Hoover

      Thanks, William. 🙂

  5. jason wright

    5am? – i think it’s now stopped snowing in New York.if i had the choice i’d be waking up at a healthy time of the morning in a cold climate than before 5am in a warm one, but that’s just me.

  6. awaldstein

    I’ve fallen hard for podcasts this year.Now i have a new one to cue up.Thanks

  7. Sam

    Apologies for this somewhat sideways comment, but I have an app sign up problem, and I think this community might be able to help me out.I respect Fred’s opinion a great deal and even with his understandable and above-board bias toward SoundCloud, I want to hear this podcast — along with the Bloomberg one he either posted or tweeted earlier. I have become an increasingly voracious consumer of podcasts through the iOS podcast app, and this looks like good stuff.But today now I have twice gone into SoundCloud and twice abandoned the sign up process. First time (for the Bloomberg podcast) I couldn’t remember if I signed up with my “junk email account” that I use solely for sign ups. Turns out I hadn’t. But then I bailed because it wasn’t worth the hassle to go through another dedicated new account sign up process just for SoundCloud and just this one podcast (now two) that Fred has pointed me to.Second time (for Product Hunt / Stripe) I clicked on the option to do a Facebook sign in. But then I see that Facebook is going to send my public FB info along with the email address of my “personal but becoming increasingly cluttered” email account, and honestly I’m not sure I want to trust SoundCloud now and in the future with that account. And this against a backdrop of the increasing clutter in my Inbox likely related to the increasing number of these sign ups I have been doing.Sucks because the intent to use SoundCloud isn’t the issue. The ramifications of the signup process are. Anyone have any silver bullets for how to resolve that?

    1. LE

      Your valid frustration is byproduct of several forces:a) Free stuff comes with no customer serviceb) Internet growth mean companies are less likely to give a shitabout the details (until they are forced to by competition or lack of growth) [1]c) Leaders are insulated from this type of aggravation that you are having. Likewise many of them don’t know anything other than Internet business no old school values (and “a” of course above)d) General techie no empathy “it’s easy for me what’s the big deal”. e) Lack of observation of normals and how they operate.Ebay tried to lure me back this AM and I thought “actually I do have a few things to sell”. But I bailed was to many things to think about and not worth my time. (Otoh commenting here is easy to do!)Of course this happens with large companies and paid products as well. Took HP years to get the toner refill cartridge number in a findable place on the laser printer, something that was obvious to anyone who actually used the product in an office.[1] So many potential customers that you can actually afford to have many leaks before you notice the ship is sinking.

    2. ShanaC

      AhThe Bacn problemI know I should be using One of its primary purposes is to kill off/hide ethoseemails. I also just signed up for another service that’s been helping significantly with this issue called Throttle. Finally, I’d suggest moving your Facebook primary email to your junk/bcn account rather than your primary

  8. Stephen Palmer

    This was a good podcast. As someone who is learning about the industry, I was shocked to learn how difficult it still is to make good software. Makes me think that developer tools remains a good place to invest.

  9. LE

    I enjoyed it and because I’ve been on a call since 5am this morningI am actually tempted now to buy some twtr …