Time Change

The Gotham Gal and I are doing our annual winter in the west and we flew to the mountains of Utah with some of our family yesterday. We are in Utah, Los Angeles, and the bay area regularly for the next couple months. We return to NYC when it’s spring.

Look for this blog to post daily between 8am and 10am eastern time for the next couple months.

We found that being out west last winter allowed us to spend more time with our friends and colleagues and investments out west and we are hoping to do more of that this winter.

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  1. JamesHRH

    no more getting up @ 5 to be the first comment!

    1. Joe Cardillo

      +1 (not that I was ever good at that=)

  2. awaldstein

    Enjoy!I’ll be sort of shadowing you for a week.LA then my annual Bday climb to the top of Highland Bowl and taking the big plunge down.Safe travels!

  3. jason wright

    nesh 🙂

  4. Salt Shaker

    “Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange.”A great showman, provocateur and artist.RIP David Bowie

    1. creative group

      A great play on blog entry title.R.I.P. David Bowie.Favorite DB performance.Young AmericansEnjoy:https://youtu.be/xFudBQcplj4

    2. LE

      Amazingly if you go to youtube no Bowie videos on home page not even under trending.Here is probably my favorite:https://www.youtube.com/wat

      1. Joe Cardillo

        That’s a great one

    3. Kirsten Lambertsen

      My favorite artist playing my favorite artist. Both so important to me.https://flavorwire.files.wo…Bowie as Warhol in “Basquiat.”https://open.spotify.com/tr…

      1. Salt Shaker

        My neighbor in NYC trades in Romare Bearden, an artist particularly favored by Bowie. One day he comes home and this is on his answering machine, “Hello Seth, David Bowie here…Can you give me a call back when you have a moment,” and precedes to leave his number. Hope he still has the message.Ziggy Stardust makes my Top 10 greatest LP list.

        1. LE

          Hope he still has the message.It’s interesting how “postnet” things like that are more important. The reason is the because of the ability to share something like that with many people. Back prenet the enjoyment from sharing something so trivial and simple wouldn’t go that far as in “hi let me play you a recording of Bowie on my answering machine..” ok now let’s eat dinner what’s new with you.

        2. Kirsten Lambertsen

          Wow, I hope he does too!Albert shared a great video of Bowie singing at the Concert for America after 9/11. (More crying for me!)http://continuations.com/po…

          1. Richard

            Something to make you smile

      2. Richard

        Best hair in rock and roll (and that’s quite an accomplishment).

          1. Lawrence Brass

            I wonder if we will have stars like these again.

    4. Richard

      “We live for just these twenty yearsDo we have to die for the fifty more?”David Bowie’s 70 years on earth.

    5. jason wright

      he was pure talent, and wonderfully weird.hopefully he’s just taking a break, and will one day return in a new guise.

    6. Henry Yates

      What a legend. Emotional day here is the UK. He could do comedy as well. Love this David Brent extras sketch:http://www.dailymotion.com/

      1. Salt Shaker

        Hadn’t seen that video w/ Bowie and Gervais for quite a while. It’s awesome!

    7. fredwilson

      i thought about writing about David Bowie today. but did not have much to say. so i tweeted insteadhttps://twitter.com/fredwil…

      1. Richard

        Could have have been a VC (was a financier bowiebonds)https://www.youtube.com/emb…His comments on the Internet in 2000 were a head of most.

  5. Tom Labus


  6. Zain Abiddin

    Are you doing any speaking in the bay area?

  7. Brandon G. Donnelly

    any chance you’re in park city?i’ll be out there at the end of this month to check out the new park city + canyons.also, really interesting real estate story there. park city was subject to a land lease (at an absurdly low price) and the operator (powdr corp) forgot to exercise their renewal option. so landlord took them out and forced a sale of their assets to vail resorts.

  8. DJL

    Safe travels.We can all be heroes – just for one day.RIP Ziggy

  9. JimHirshfield

    Sa….weeeeeet. Enjoy. And let me know if you need me to look after your Manhattan pad while you’re away ;-)http://s2.quickmeme.com/img…

  10. creative group

    FRED:with Gotham Gal and your extensive travels you overlooked Scottsdale, Arizona as a parking space during the winter? Mind boggling.Snowbirds always see Arizona as the best landing spot. And there is the National College Football Championship tonight in Glendale, Arizona featuring Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crisom Tide.In 2017 Arizona Will feature the final four in Phoenix, AZ.Just hosted the Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ.Just saying.

  11. JLM

    .Days like this — when Fred leaves us with no taco in the wrapper — make me sad and lonely. It is cruel. It is clearly a micro-aggression and I will be retreating to my safe place.OK, enough of that bullshit! I can’t stay mad for very long anyway.It’s GO TIME, y’all!http://themusingsofthebigre…Have a safe and joyous time, Fred. Live large and don’t forget to write. We’ll be waiting on you.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. JLM

        .Haha, good one. I’m not really mad. It is not a useful emotion.I guess that video explains the royalty checks that are rolling in?Be well.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      2. LE

        Guy who runs that also runs this:http://connectedcomedy.com/(I didn’t know this until I forked after going to the site.. and tracedback the owner..)

        1. panterosa,


    1. BillMcNeely

      Looks like the community has taken over and discussing David Bowie

    2. Lawrence Brass

      Who’s the deputy bartender? Need a pint, singin’ Major Tom with the lads.

      1. JLM

        .Yeah, well, you and me both, mate. Luckily, we have college football, no? Oh shit, it’s over.What is a chap to do?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  12. William Mougayar

    From Utah to LA, it is just downhill.

  13. Elia Freedman

    If you swing through the NW, Portland in particular, would love to see you, Fred and family.

  14. pointsnfigures

    Have fun. Make sure you have an umbrella. It looks like the left coast is going to resemble London this year with El Nino.

  15. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Well, that didn’t help take my mind off Bowie at all.

  16. Richard

    Bring a warm jacket, El Niño is here. The city of angels is hibernating.

  17. ErikSchwartz

    Enjoy the sun (or not if we’re really El Nino this year). If you find yourself in the Bay Area I’d love to catch you up on some of the regulatory/political work we’re doing on FCC policy.

  18. Richard

    David Bowie: A Maker. Will make one good biographical Movie.

  19. Dennis Mykytyn

    Speaking of Time Change, when I am Emperor of the US, my first decree will be to eliminate Daylight Savings Time, a horrible idea that is no longer needed, if it ever was. Arizona and Hawaii don’t have it, and they seem to do just fine. Changing clocks is so stupid and leads to a statistically significant increase in traffic deaths in the spring when tired drivers with 1 hours less sleep have more car accidents driving to work.

  20. JLM

    .Yeah, well, Roll Tide! Sorry.Crimson Tide beats Clemson like a rented mule. Rented mules everywhere say, “Ouch, that’s got to hurt.”Tide wins by 21 in an easy contest.Nick Satan smiles. Goes to Satanland. Signs six recruits tonight.Move along. Nothing to see here.Roll Tide Roll!Sorry.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  21. Pete Griffiths

    ‘Winter’ ??Living in LA that word has a strange archaic ring to it.

  22. ShanaC

    enjoy being less cold and head back east soon!

  23. JJ Donovan

    Thank you for sharing your location. I can only dream what that is like and I am thankful that you will share the thoughts and energy from the West Coast that I left behind. I look forward to this blog every day and now it has an extra special meaning as you bring the west coast narrative. JJD – Missing out…

  24. Lawrence Brass

    I know this is stupid, but can’t wipe this image in my head of a Tesla car towing an UHaul cart along route 66.Last year interview with Mark Suster was cool, I hope you both can make version 2 happen.https://www.youtube.com/wat

  25. daryn

    You’re 2/3s of the way here… Let me know if either of you decide to make a trip to the NW this winter.

  26. Donna Brewington White

    Safe travels — Welcome back!I have a feeling I will run into you one of these days. 🙂

  27. rskane

    Fred, sorry for the late post, catching up on reading!How do you make this work with your kids and school?

  28. awaldstein

    Yup…actually going a week early as I need to be somewhere else.