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Three years ago, I co-founded the nonprofit organization CSNYC to address the extreme scarcity of computer science education in the NYC public schools. I am proud to say that we are now reaching nearly 10% of the city’s schools and more than 12,000 students. But our mission is to reach every school and every student.

In September 2015, Mayor de Blasio and I announced Computer Science For All (CS4All), a 10-year, $81 million plan to bring computer science education to every student in New York City public schools. The costs of CS4All will be shared equally between the city and private philanthropy, and CSNYC and Robin Hood have each committed $5 million to get the initiative off the ground.

As leaders in the local technology community, we collectively have the potential to support what will be the largest scaling of access to computer science education in the country. Early, meaningful access to computer science can change students’ educational lives and create pathways to future educational and career opportunities. These students are our future employees.

I am reaching out to NYC tech companies to help fund CSNYC’s ongoing efforts by committing to an annual membership of between $5,000 and $25,000. As a CSNYC Founding Partner, you will support our work in the schools and enable us to connect your company to employee engagement opportunities, internship programs, and more.

csnycpartnersPlease consider joining this distinguished group of companies:, AppNexus, Bitly, Clarifai, Contour Ventures, Etsy, Facebook, HyperScience, Insight Venture Partners, Justworks, Kickstarter, MongoDB, Nestio, Postlight, Resy, Return Path, Simulmedia, Tapad, Techstars, Tusk Ventures, Warby Parker, and Yext. I am hopeful that we can add your company to this list.  

If you are interested in joining as a CSNYC Founding Partner email us and we will follow up with you directly, or you can simply fill out our online membership form.

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  1. Donna Brewington White

    Just happened to be in TweetDeck and saw this come through on @AVC. (Before the Feedblitz email.)I love it when a plan comes together.

  2. Donna Brewington White

    These students are our future employees.And future founders!Is there a cutoff date for membership or is it a rolling membership signup?

    1. fredwilson

      Rolling. I agree that the word founding is a bit confusing

  3. William Mougayar

    It is fitting that I’m in NYC today and actually in a cab not too far from CSNYC. Software Engineering is the new Math.

  4. Chris Phenner

    Chicago applauds NYC’s efforts < golf clap! >…Yeah, still pissed about The Mets over The Cubs.

    1. pointsnfigures

      Not this year. Cubbies are loaded.

  5. Jaikant Kumaran

    Inspired by all your work at NYC. I am doing my small bit in Bangalore.

  6. sigmaalgebra

    Astounding promoting. Amazing.Broadly, closer connections between academics and practice are just crucial. E.g., a B-school should be professional and clinical, more like law and medicine and less like current social science. Engineering schools should be in part closer to practice and farther from pure research in science and math, e.g., should have as many seminars by people in business with problems looking for solutions as academics with solutions looking for problems.But I have two concerns:(1) Computer Science.Even if we believe that computing has a bright future, and I do, I am solidly convinced that anything like current computer science is, for that future, no more than trivial. E.g., not much has changed since SQL, Multics, CP67/CMS, Algol, Lisp, and D. Knuth’s TACP. Fundamentally, the computer science community doesn’t have the right research approaches and prerequisites, doesn’t have the right stuff, to make significant contributions to the future of computing.(2) Career CounselingI am uneasy seeing NYC high school students accepting strongly presented advice from businesses on education and career counseling. Instead, NYC has a huge, highly professional effort in K-12, college, graduate, research, and professional education, including with career counseling, and maybe mostly the business community should not try to do or replace much of that work. I fear that some students could be misled, become discouraged, and be left less well off.Sure, good things are important, and good things nearly always need attention, but not nearly everything that can get attention is good.I am sure that at least some good, maybe a lot of good, will come from what Fred is pushing. Maybe I’d be totally pleased if we could have good attention to the standard caution of medicine, “First, do no harm.”. Otherwise some students could get hurt. Likely many of the students are naive and vulnerable; hence, somewhere there need to be some defenses against mistakes.

  7. jason wright

    is it the weekend already?

    1. Simone

      fun Friday first

      1. jason wright


        1. Simone

          worse, cancelled 🙂

  8. conorop

    Fred – I’m curious if have any founding documents and strategies available for those of us curious about replicating this initiative in our own states?

  9. Brandon G. Donnelly

    why so few comments today? 😐

    1. jason wright

      geographic focus

  10. Richard

    What does “reaching” 12k student mean. How much was spent to teach these students? what was the result of reaching these students?

  11. Dave Pinsen

    Bloomberg isn’t a partner?

  12. kristina1

    Can individuals become founders, too?

  13. Drew Seath

    I think this is great! I’m going to write my check!