Podcasts I Like

Living in LA this winter has been a boon to my podcast listening and discovery. I get in the car, fire up SoundCloud¬†on my phone, and start listening. This past weekend I listened to three new podcasts that I thought I’d share with all of you.

Unlisted With Brad Inman

Brad Inman‘s Inman News has been covering the real estate industry for as long as I’ve been interested in the real estate industry. Brad’s relationships and insight into the world of real estate are unmatched. Unlisted With Brad Inman is Brad’s weekly podcast. In this episode he talks with an economist at StreetEasy about the NYC residential real estate market. If you own real estate in NYC or are thinking of buying or renting in NYC, you should listen to it. The “hot, medium, cold” thing at the end of this podcast is really great.


The VinePair Podcast

VinePair is a website about beer, wine, and spirits. Their podcast is about the business side of the industry and this episode is about the rise and fall and rise again of Irish Whiskey. It’s really well done.


Studio 1.0

Studio 1.0 is Emily Chang‘s podcast on Bloomberg Business. In this episode she talks with Showtime’s CEO David Nevins about the TV business and all the changes that are going on. If you watch a lot of Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, etc, you will enjoy this interview.

The amazing thing is the diversity and quality of podcasts you can listen to these days. If you want to get into podcasts, get the SoundCloud app and start following these podcasts and others and they will just show up in your feed each week and you can listen when you are behind the wheel, in the gym, on the subway, etc.

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