Podcasts I Like

Living in LA this winter has been a boon to my podcast listening and discovery. I get in the car, fire up SoundCloud on my phone, and start listening. This past weekend I listened to three new podcasts that I thought I’d share with all of you.

Unlisted With Brad Inman

Brad Inman‘s Inman News has been covering the real estate industry for as long as I’ve been interested in the real estate industry. Brad’s relationships and insight into the world of real estate are unmatched. Unlisted With Brad Inman is Brad’s weekly podcast. In this episode he talks with an economist at StreetEasy about the NYC residential real estate market. If you own real estate in NYC or are thinking of buying or renting in NYC, you should listen to it. The “hot, medium, cold” thing at the end of this podcast is really great.


The VinePair Podcast

VinePair is a website about beer, wine, and spirits. Their podcast is about the business side of the industry and this episode is about the rise and fall and rise again of Irish Whiskey. It’s really well done.


Studio 1.0

Studio 1.0 is Emily Chang‘s podcast on Bloomberg Business. In this episode she talks with Showtime’s CEO David Nevins about the TV business and all the changes that are going on. If you watch a lot of Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, etc, you will enjoy this interview.

The amazing thing is the diversity and quality of podcasts you can listen to these days. If you want to get into podcasts, get the SoundCloud app and start following these podcasts and others and they will just show up in your feed each week and you can listen when you are behind the wheel, in the gym, on the subway, etc.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. andyswan

    Ours is tremendous :)Here it is with AVC reg Aaron Kleinhttps://soundcloud.com/swan…Subscribe if u like!Ps nice list Fred

    1. awaldstein

      I like humble people and I like Aaron so this is cued up!

      1. David Semeria

        Humble? Andy Swan? Pour me another Arnoldo 😉

    2. William Mougayar

      Line me up in April !

      1. andyswan

        Book that! Email me for details

        1. Karmen Drake

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    3. Ana Milicevic

      I’ll say this again: whoever designed that cover deserves an EGOT and a case of Pappy.

    4. fredwilson


    5. pointsnfigures

      I have been to Jeff Ruby’s with Andy. Pretty damn good steakhouse. (and I know steakhouses) Listening to this Andy sounds like he is adopting some “Trump”. Youge

    6. Jess Bachman

      Nice, only 2.5 hours.

    7. Salt Shaker

      Great story of Aaron’s perseverance (although I admittedly didn’t persevere through the entire podcast.) The beauty of Riskalyze is in its simplicity. Investing decisions can be daunting and too many advisors and fin service companies don’t simplify the process. I’m a self-directed investor and out of curiosity I met last week w/ a relatively new Schwab advisor assigned to my portfolio. The initial experience didn’t exactly engender confidence, although I’ll reserve judgment when (and if) I hear his follow-up. An advisor is only as good as the tools at his or her’s disposal, combined w/ a thorough appreciation of an investor’s risk tolerance.

    8. ShanaC

      One day, as long as you don’t make fun of the fact that I am high pitched (or I think I am high pitched.)

  2. awaldstein

    Good share.Didn’t know VinePair but I’ll listen and check it out. Craft beer as an industry are amongst the best marketers out there.I’ve been listening to ThisAmericanLife weekly since as long as I can remember. Still do.http://www.thisamericanlife

    1. Sebastien Latapie

      ThisAmericanLife has been a staple of my weekend commutes! Always interesting stories

        1. Sebastien Latapie

          What an incredible read, that is incredibly well written!

    2. David C. Baker

      “Craft beer as an industry are amongst the best marketers out there.”Indeed. Our son is one of three original partners in the third largest craft beer maker in the southeast, MondayNightBrewing.com, and he’s in charge of all their marketing. It’s above my sophistication level. The craft beer movement is really interesting and part of what re-spawned the maker movement. (Disclosure: we’re an investor in MNB.)We also have the Jack Daniels distillery just down the road from Nashville. I’ve taken the tour three times because it’s so interesting.Frank, I’ve taken to SoundCloud to just read a blog post after writing it and then posting the blog like always, but with a link to the SoundCloud audio version of it. The response has been great. It only makes sense for longer blogs, but you might think about using your longer drives as an opportunity for the reverse of that process. Sennheiser makes an elegant solution for this, the MKE 2 digital mic that plugs into your iPhone.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        I love that you record a spoken version of your blog posts. I keep thinking there must be a DuoLingo model for voiced blog posts (and news articles).

        1. fredwilson

          i used to have a voice talent do that for me. didn’t get a lot of listening so i nixed it

          1. Kirsten Lambertsen

            Yeah, I can see that. It’s all about the conversation here. Maybe reading news articles would be more popular (but maybe not legal?).

          2. David C. Baker

            I think it’s more about people wanting to hear YOUR voice and not a voice talent. But you’re out and about enough that it’s pretty easy to get access to you that way. I’ve enjoyed seeing videos of you speaking on stage, which accomplishes the same thing.

        2. Vasudev Ram

          There was a service called Odiogo that did text-to-speech conversion for blogs, etc. I used it on my blog, jugad2.blopspot.com, for some time.I think they shut down later.You could sign up for an Odiogo account, add a snippet of their HTML/JS code to your blog template (once), and it would then automatically convert each new post to audio. You could then either stream the audio from a small box above the post, or download the MP3 of it. Speech quality was somewhat okay too, though probably would be better nowadays with advances in speech synthesis.

      2. Vasudev Ram

        >The craft beer movement is really interesting and part of what re-spawned the maker movement.Sure is interesting. What was the connection between the two? Both being home-based to start with. maybe?

        1. David C. Baker

          I think the connection is two fold: 1) craft brewers are reacting against the hyper consolidation at the top by creating (they hope) something that is more authentic); 2) craft brewing is very accessible in that anyone can do it in their own garage, it draws neighbors together, it takes patience, etc.

          1. Vasudev Ram

            Good points. Being able to do stuff at home or in your neighborhood is great. It’s good that the maker movement is on. Done some of the kind of stuff myself earlier, and hope to again, too.

      3. ShanaC

        your son would love my fiance. Award winning home brewer, may start a craft brewery on top of data science work.

  3. Ben Green

    Are you seeing any interesting startups in the podcasting space? Aside from podcasts themselves =]

  4. Sebastien Latapie

    Podcasts are definitely back on my radar – I’ve opted to walk home instead of taking the T on numerous occasions just so I could listen through to an entire episode! Really enjoying the a16z ones at the moment.

  5. William Mougayar

    Bricks, Drinks and Flicks. Good combo!

  6. jason wright

    where are NYC property transactions registered?

      1. jason wright

        if it had an API Alan Lightfield might be redundant – real time heat map.

        1. Dan Moore

          There is an open data set, but it is only updated monthly: https://nycopendata.socrata…I spent some time in the re industry. The issue with public records/deed recording is always speed. If the market is moving, sales data from 6 weeks is not as helpful as data from 2 weeks ago.

  7. kenberger

    Now that I’m living in Berlin (soundcloud’s home), I’m in love with this DriveNow service, car sharing of nice BMW’s and Minis. That, and long S-Bahn and U-Bahn rides with great mobile coverage lends well to the boon that you mention.Sold- I’ll start to trade Spotify time for podcast time.

    1. William Mougayar

      What’s that DriveNow service? I have 2 upcoming trips to Germany,- Berlin and Frankfurt.

      1. kenberger

        Like zipcar, but way better because you can just park the car in any legal parking spot, plus better cars, plus pay by the minutes actually used rather than monthly or annual fees.Let me know re your Berlin dates and we’ll meet up if I’m here (Berlin is also a fantastic base for quick trips to London, Paris, Estonia, etc etc…)

        1. Ana Milicevic

          The biggest plus, of course, being the Autobahn 🙂

          1. kenberger

            That’s best done with a friend’s Porsche (and I have). Less so with a zipcar !

          2. LE

            Many car makers have discounts for European delivery where essentially you save enough money to get a free trip. Unfortunately Porsche is not one of them.

          3. Salt Shaker

            Are there deals still to be had? Somehow was under the impression this went away, perhaps, in part, do to poor exchange rates.

          4. JLM

            .Built by Hitler to be able to move troops east and west quickly. In addition, every ten miles, it has a stretch that could double as a runway for planes.Eisenhower modeled the Interstate Highway system in the US on this concept. Even the runway locations which used to be “Secret.”Sometimes, when you are driving the IH you can tell where the runway is because there are no poles or obstructions for a couple of miles. A great runway is only 12,000′ long.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          5. ShanaC

            wait, there are runaway sections on the interstate

          6. markslater

            Yes they are. Einserhower.

  8. pointsnfigures

    Jerry Colonna’s podcast series is very good, as is Nick Moran’s The Full Ratchet

    1. fredwilson

      yup. but sometimes reboot (jerry’s) gets “too real” for me.

  9. Jess Bachman

    Does the Soundcloud app download the podcast or stream it? I’d rather not stream podcasts when I’m not on wifi.

    1. fredwilson

      Stream for now. Stay tuned

  10. Matt Zagaja

    I have to plug the Berkman podcast here:https://soundcloud.com/radi…I’m also a big fan of NPR Planet Money, The Talk Show with John Gruber, and StartUp from Gimlet Media.

    1. Richard

      Different strokes…This NPR style podcast, music in background, podcaster with a lisp and cohost with a scratchy voice is definitely not for me.

  11. Richard

    Does anyone have (others) explanations for declining prices for luxury properties ?

  12. Joshua Dorkin

    Hey Fred – Good list. Brad Inman definitely knows his stuff. I’m not sure if you’ve come across our show focused on real estate investing, but I think you may appreciate our BiggerPockets Podcast (the top rated RE show on iTunes). I figured as a fan of the industry, you might have some interest.

  13. Drew Meyers

    Cool to see mr Brad Inman’s podcast here.. I’ve been in the real estate industry awhile (2005 when I was fortunate to land a job at Zillow after college), know Brad, but didn’t realize he was doing fairly regular podcasts. Good stuff.

  14. Ryan Connolly

    Enjoyed them all. Thanks!Will also use this opportunity to continue my evangelism for Men in Blazers: https://soundcloud.com/meni…. Soccer, America’s Sport of the Future, as it has been since 1972. Great stuff from the crap part of Soho.

  15. BillMcNeely

    Hey thanks for the post, Looking to expand past This Week In Startups and A16Z @fredwilson:disqus

  16. Salt Shaker

    Alec Baldwin’s WNYC produced “Here’s The Thing” is a pretty good podcast. He interviews some pretty interesting guests from entertainment, the arts, etc.http://www.wnyc.org/shows/h

  17. creative group

    For many of us studying in college in the 80’s and 90’s incorporated a heavy rotation of Hip Hop and the group ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest) with the Funky Diabetic Fife Dawg leading off.Malik Isaac Taylor (Fife Dawg) has passed at the young age of 45. (Health related)https://en.m.wikipedia.org/…ATCQ- https://youtu.be/9d6M-mHTFU8What was your favorite ATCQ with Fife Dawg. The entire Midnight Mauraders album for us. (Read our blog entries we highlight musicians from the majority of music genre who have passed away.)Steve Bikohttps://youtu.be/ZItLBiHG9gc

    1. fredwilson

      A sad day for hip hop fans.

  18. JamesHRH

    The issue with podcasts is that they are all inside baseball.Not sure any podcast has mainstream / breakout / crossover appeal/Format is likely the reason.Great resource, just not mass mass market friendly, IMO.

    1. Matt McCormick

      I think that’s changing. For example, Serial was a massive success.In addition, technology is making this easier and easier. My parents now have a bluetooth speaker/radio in their kitchen and can now easily stream voice from their phones (okay, to be honest, my dad is not technologically advanced enough to stream anything that doesn’t actually involve running water but my mom can do it).Cars are starting to come internet capable.Big time investors like Chris Sacca are investing in Podcast companies (Gimlet Media).As the medium gets more popular you’ll see people fixing some of the current issues – like easily being able to share a clip from a podcast with friends.

  19. leigh

    I”m super obsessed with podcasts – favs – pop culture happy hour & culture gabfest (culture), Sodajerker on songwriting, Nerdette, the JV Club, Startup, You must remember this (about hollywood), Grownups read things they wrote as kids, – Scriptnotes, the Writers panel and the Q & A w/ Jeff Goldsmith (all writers podcasts), Serial (of course), This American Life (also of course) …and on and on.

    1. ShanaC

      what is nerdette about?

  20. creative group

    A thought regarding a sector being targeted that has unlimited potential for exponential growth. The Insurance industry targeting millennials.We realize there are several current startups already engaged. ( Lemonade, PolicyGenius, Next Insurance and Slice Labs) What are the thoughts of our entrepreneurs, disruptors and investors on the topic?

  21. Matt McCormick

    A podcast every software developer (or anyone that spends significant time sitting at a desk) should listen to. It’s by Marco Arment (maker of the Overcast app) and David Smith.30 minutes that could save you a lot of pain and suffering.https://www.relay.fm/radar/3After listening to this, I immediately lifted the monitor on my desk and ordered the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard they mention. Up next, finding a good chair…